Re: Orgonite In Tanzania

Our mission here played a greater support to these inhabitant of both Mwanza and Musoma area. People here were very much positive they warmly welcome us.We found that the effort that both Dancan among other colleagues have done by introducing the orgonite to these fishermen and farmers have done a remarkable thing to these people. We managed to conduct several workshops where we continue creating a n awareness to farmers and the fishermen in these areas and i hope our mission will yield a good fruits.

We met some of our friends as Eliud Jotham and Gregory,they were very much happy with our presence for they got an opportunity to have us at a close range and through that they lean a lot from us.We now plan to proceed to Mt . Kilimanjaro where previously both Chris and Nicholas went .


Nancy, I was happy to learn that Bibi ya Odondi (Mrs O) was bringing you along with her to Tanzania, this time and thanks very much for your good report. Tanzania seems to be an important place for this effort to expand and when Eliud had the opportunity to spend some time in Kisumu in December with the founders it no doubt enabled him to know that he is ‘one of us.’ Wewe ni wetu, Eliud.

Eliud and I have been corresponding (he’s one of my wonderful walimu wa lugha–language instructors) and this ‘next phase’ of the work in Tanzania has commenced, I see. This dynamic and diverse association among African nations and tribes is already exhibiting a powerful example of positive transformation on that continent. It’s astonishing that this is the only website where this watershed, historic process is being discussed, for now, but it’s also an honor for us, at least [Image Can Not Be Found] but Africans do talk to each other and are eager to share habari wmema (good news and information). I’m struggling to learn Kiswahili so that when more and more East Africans look for this information online they will be pleased to find a Westerner who has committed to helping them all feel welcome.

I also want to keep drawing attention to the wonderful way that Kiswahili has been used for centuries (millenia?) in so many countries to enable everyone to understand each other. We really do need a secondary global language, right now. I hope for everyone else’s sake that it won’t be English because this language is a little bit crazy. Maybe Esperanto would work–I understand it’s close to Spanish.

I’m learning a lot by observing how the spontaneous nature of this growth and consolidation process is being nurtured by our wadugu (kindred) and Bibi ya O is at the center of it all. I don’t think that most of our readers have noticed this but if not for her wisdom, compassion and resourcefulness I wonder if the African effort would have gotten this far. She’s too humble to draw this sort of attention to herself but I think it’s appropriate to pay my respects to her, this way. My dear paternal grandmother, Lena Croft, was that way and everyone whose life was touched by her was forever blessed. Fortunately, Bibi ya O will probably be around for many more years than I will.

While Nicholas is still recovering from what our psychics perceive to be a murder attempt (Chris has gotten him some crutches, so at least he’s now mobile) Chris has taken Nancy’s brother, Isaac, to a new gifting area in their new mashua (boat): the 50 square mile, lovely Mfangano Island off the northeastern corner shore of Lake Victoria. There are lots of farmers and fishermen there, also some fishing-based tourism. Chris has reported about that. I read that there is no motor traffic on that island; only footpaths between the villages and some terrific beaches.

David Ochieng, who was the first orgonite-maker and gifter in East Africa, was Nancy’s and Isaac’s older brother. His original reports on EW were lost during the subsequent destruction of this website by the NSA but they’re preserved in my journal reports between 2001 and 2006:
Nancy’s and Isaac’s involvement with this kazi (work) is a fine, living tribute to David’s groundbreaking contributions. Very soon afer he got started I got an enuiry from Mrs O and in a short time they were working together, though they lived some distance apart. This international network grew from both of those communities: Kisumu and Migori.

Nisalimie Bibi ya O na Watanzania wetu wambia, (greet Mrs O and our Tanzanian partners for me, please),

Tanzania Mission
In fact we are doing well in this out mission, we wanted to go to Moshi the land of Mt. Kilimanjaro but due to the work load we could not manage. The seminar that we had today took a long time for many were very much interested in getting the adequate information and the orgonite that we had. In Mwanza and Mushoma where Dancan and his team had earlier taken the orgonite really appreciated our effort in visiting them and mostly at the appropriate time.
The fishermen in Mwanza where orgonite had been applied were very happy for the orgonite had really purified the water and at the same time fish had multiply in a greater number and thus fishing industry have actually increase and they really thanks us a lot Eliud also had taught them on the impact of the orgonite and he is still training them .We hope we are going to succeed.
Mrs. O

Nancy, thanks for posting this progress report from Tanzania. I want to tell, for the record, that Mrs O had attempted to post this but her access to EW was hacked by the sewer rats.

I advise all the EW contributors that whenever this happens it ought to be reported and for several good reasons:

  1. It shows evidence that the various sewer rat agencies are afraid of relevant new information and reports from reaching the public record and inspiring our readers.

  2. It’s an unwitting endorsement from the sewer rats for whomever they’re afflicting, this way–in this case it’s Mrs Odondi.

  3. Reporting transgressions by the corporate order’s own felons exposes them

  4. Any exposure at all of the corporate order’s censorship tactics causes people to look more objectively at the very strange way that humanity allow ourselves to be governed by parasites. In order to solve a problem one has to first clearly identify the problem, after all.


So good to re-explore the region of Mt. Kilimanjaro where both Chris and Nicholas had earlier taken the orgonite.Really the place is now very healthy the rain is raining quite steadily.Farmers are now enjoying their produce .In general the climate of the place is completely changed. All the people around there we gave them zapper for we came to learn that all those who live around there the dominant disease there is malaria so we gave them zappers and Nancy taught them how to use them.

In Mwanza, all the places where Eliud had earlier put the orgonite all the waters which had been very dirty has now become so distilled such that people are now enjoying for their domestic use. In Mwanza the demand of the orgonite was at a higher rate such that all that we had could not be enough and is why we managed to come with Eliud so that he may take them some more orgonite as he return back home.

In Tanzania most people wanted to know more about zapper and the orgonite and we told them that they don’t start just in Kenya we told them that both zapper and the orgonite started in the USA then proceeded to Britain a song other nations.
Thanks a lot for re-assessing for me that account now i can post.Even the zappers that you send i m going to give some to Eliud to take them to Tanzania for cater for the hing demand.
Mrs O

Our mission in Tanzania was very good,all the people whom we met across really applauded us and highly pleaded with us to continie gifting a midst them.We gifted in Lake Victoria especially in Mwanza and Mushoma.Our friend Eliud also help us much.Since when we reached at Moshi there are some tribes who cannot understand Kiswahili neither do hey understand English so it forces Eliud to help by translation
We also trained some farmers on the impact of the product and they warmly accepted us till they welcome us back at any time that we may feel like going back a gain.The people in Moshi especially the Wachaga who dominate the Northern side of Mt. Kilimanjaro were very happy with the way that we do visit them frequently,till they even promised us that one time they may send us some volunteer group to come to Kenya for training on their own expenses.Really the mission was very good and i hope we will catch the attention of many people in that region.