Re: Radionics For O Bomber And Witches In The White House

Don Croft
06 Dec 2008 10:49
Subject: Re: Radionics For O Bomber And Witches In The White House
Manfred, you’re right on target. The world order began pirating these earth energy lines perhaps several thousand years ago. The Romans built fortresses throughout Europe, North Africa and part of Central Asia on old sacred sites, which are usually the high ground, then the Christian potentates built castles on those fortresses. I was stationed in Friedberg, Germany, in 1970/1 in the US Army and that brief period was my rude occult awakening. Part of that process was to sneak into the old Friedberg castle in the middle of the night to experience the ‘ambience,’ which is probably to say that I was connecting with a lot of spirits, there. It was spooky and interesting.

John Michel was a beer salesman in England, some time ago (1920s?) and once when he was on a hilltop he noticed that there were long lines marked out in the countryside by standing stones and that the steeples of churches all fell in these lines. He was so inspired that this became his life passion and he compiled a vast amount of information about the ‘ley lines,’ in England, then in France then in history. I mentioned him becuase he was hte first to make a study of it but therre have been others who have expanded on it. I forgot the name of the author of the following but he saw the connection between the Rennes le Chateaux information/traditions and the ley system and discovered a configuration of a pentagram, joined to a hexagram and these two figures occupy most of France, marked out by natural features and human structures. The author is a surveyor and discovered the geometrical shapes with the help of satellite imaging, which is to say that whoever laid it out had that view, untold millenia ago.

Some folks feel inclined to speculate about the origins or to take a psychic’s word for it but I’m more in favor of keeping a ‘wait and see’ attitude about this stuff and about anyone’s cosmology, since all of the ‘authoritative’ cosmologies that individuals offer conflict with each other. Some folks take the bait if the book is big enough and enough people insist that it’s true–Urantia is one example of that, maybe the Book of Mormon is another. The raw data about the global ley system is sure fascinating enough and is sufficient to conduct more grounded enquiries.

John Scudamore thoroughly gifted Stonehenge’s environs in what seems to me to be an inspired way. Others have gifted other sacred sites in the British Isles and The French, German, Swiss, Austrian, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian and other European gifters are making inroads changing those pirated energy points (castles, cathedrals, churches, satanic sites, etc.) on the ley line system into life force generating engines with intelligent gifting. The horrors of European aristocracy started fading out several generations ago when these people lost their earthly power to rising general human awareness, I think, and have had to resort to secret rituals and corporate conspiracies to keep exploiting humanity and the earth’s energy.

We spend time just about every weekend assisting and helping to awaken the imprisoned guardian entities of these old sacred sites and it might be that the ley system is nothing more or less than the planet’s ch’i meridians, so why not take all that back from the corporate world order, finally? A lot has already been done, which is why the atmospherre looks so good in so many places by now.

I got a kick out of seeing Aquino’s photo, thx, John. He used to be a field grade Army Intelligence officer, stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco and he was or still is an outspoken proponent of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. Of course, in North America, any organization with the word ‘satan,’ ‘lucifer,’ etc., in it is just another CIA asset, as are many or most of the ‘non-denominational,’ charismatic fundamentalist Christian churches, many of which double as satanic temples on Saturday nights throughout the American South. There’s an awful lot of documentation and testimony about that if anyone’s interested in looking for it. This is an area that doesn’t involve many disinformants because, of course, the CIA doesn’t want to draw attention to itself this way Cool

Gorbachev was given extensive offices at the Presidio after Russia was turned into a fascist state and had no use for commie commisars any more Wink , so The Presidio still carries on some of the creepier traditions.

The British version of satanism is Theosophy, of course, and the Brit aristocracy are more urbane than their American cousins about devil worship. When Alice Bailey was told to set up the publishing house for the United Nations in 1939 she named it ‘Lucifer Trust,’ for instance, rather than ‘Satan Publishing.’ By 1948 some folks at the UN had apparently gotten shy about their association with the alleged devil, so they changed the name to ‘Lucis Trust.’ If you check out some of their literature you can see some of the techniques that the UN has tried and failed to apply toward genocide over the decades. Their author roster is a Who’s Who of bloodlusters. That enquiry is great fun for anyone who has a taste for the surreal. The desire for genocide is the interface between Theosophists and bornagain chumps, of course and the Zionists hold hands with these two. If these two ideologies disappeared today, we’d have world peace tomorrow. I don’t think the Zionists could last a day without financial support from the other two groups (ultimately MI6 and CIA–the global dope trade).

I was reading Webster Tarpley’s terrific book about the 9/11 myth (the government’s ‘conspiracy theory’) and noticed, with a little dismay, that he had nothing but good things to say about Clinton, perhaps because Clinton pardoned Tarpley’s mentor, LaRouche, on his way out of the Oval Office. The shred of humanity that Clinton exhibited–wanting everyone to love him–has eclipsed for some, like Tarpley, the fact that he waged several wars on small nations, gave everything away to Peking and signed a bunch of fiats (created fake, tyranniical laws with a few penstrokes). I extrapolated from Clinton to imagine who the much more heinous, present fake president might pardon as he slinks away from the White House and I had to conclude that Charles Manson is the only logical choice in this emerging era of enforced honesty.


Don Croft
06 Dec 2008 11:12
Subject: Re: Radionics For O Bomber And Witches In The White House
Carol and I are visiting Dooney and STevo this weekend. Last night, we looked at Manfred’s posted image of the Hungarian witch and I was hoping the old dead gal was the Vryal witch that the psychics had been encountering in teh chat sessions but no such luck. I supposed that there were a steady parade of murderous aristocrats since Roman times in Europe and that Lucretia Borgia was probably a lot worse than this Hungarian gal, since the Borgias turned the Vatican itself into a brothel and satanic temple during their sojourn there. I think one of the Borgia popes had that Egyptian obelisk moved over to St Peter’s Basilica. I should have kept the book that told about all that Cool

That book neglected to mention any of the few nice popes, like Gregory I, who moved the Vatican over to Southern France so he could learn some useful stuff from the Muslims in Spain. John 23 also did some good things and there were others. I don’t want to bash Catholicism becuase there are still some very fine Catholics in spite of the jerkier popes.


Manfred Hotwagner
06 Dec 2008 12:18
Subject: Re: Radionics For O Bomber And Witches In The White House
Thanks for all the information, Don.
As I see it, the Worl Odor surely is connected to the spirits of the most nasty persons in history. Too bad, that we have only a few hundred years of written history.
From very old times there are only remainig some legends, as for example the legend of a children killing witch on an mountain near my hometown. It was a place of human sacrifice, who knows how many thousand years ago. But the energy was still bad there, after thousands of years…. until orgonite came along.

So E. Bathory is just one element of the World Odors network of nasty spirits. I had the same feeling of nastyness when I saw her pic on the internet as I had when dreaming of the white house witch. Anyway, hope she is one more stepstone to find out about all the others.

Noticeable eneough…… I was preparing a gifting trip to her Hungarian castle for tomorrow and have to face now some sudden problems with my car electronics. Winkers, lights and controll lamps inside are going crazy……if the problem remains I cannot drive it.
Could really need a good boost for the planned trip.

Don Croft
06 Dec 2008 12:35
Subject: Re: Radionics For O Bomber And Witches In The White House
I think we can assume that you’re attention to Lizzie Bathory was a prompting for you to go gift her castle, Manfred, and the car trouble is perhaps a very fine confirmation for your timing! Sure, we’ll boost you and thanks for asking.

Your dream of the white house witch was also apparently timely becuase when we went to work on that we got a lot of good targets and also apparently prevented yet another falks flag attack on a US city. I think the corporate felons understand that the shortcut to World War Three is for them to blow up a US City and blame the Muslims but they’ve been failing at this for the past seven years.

Keep up the good work! There’s a lot of power and empowerment in speaking our minds to others ‘in time,’ which is to say, spontaneously and from the heart.

Consultation is the best weapon for defeating tyranny.

For instance, what if a million people in one week posted or emailed the sentiment, ‘I’m tired of being governed by felons!’ It could be said in any number of ways but that would generate a groundswell that would sweep away the occult, corporate world order more effectively and humanely than if all of them were lined up in front of firing squads Cool

Consider how much of the world order’s infrastructure, personnel and programming are designed to prevent us all from speaking to each other about things that matter. The time when charismatic individuals were required to lead these charges is past; the present trend favors grassroot activism, rather, and the internet is clearly the medium.


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