Re: The Fakers

My name is ****** from ********* and the spraying of chemtrails is so thick here in central ny state, i’m going to attempt to make a cloudbuster. Do you sell cloudbusters? and if so how much are they? and where do you know of to get good crystals at fair prices? I have found http://www.arkansascrystalwork……ivid01.htm and what do you think? [good sources for xtals. ~Don]

Several people I know are sick with flu/pnuemonia symptoms/respiritory distress symptoms, and the doctors have no idea what it is making them sick. all they do is experiment with prescriptions not knowing what will work. (which leads me to believe that big pharma has alot to do with it)maybe I should buy one from you first and then make one when I can see how its done. thanks for any info Don, and I bought 3 zappers from you and I couldn’t live without them.(I lost one)….but have 2 left.
thanks again Don….love your stuff!


*****, if you’ll watch patiently you’ll notice that the seeded clouds formed by chemtrails drift across the sky horizontally, then dissipate, like any other clouds do. Years ago, when chemtrails were still sickening people, the chemtrails came straight down to the ground and the hospitals filled up constantly with cases of respiratory distress.

That stopped by the middle of 2002 after many thousands of orgonite cloudbusters had been spontaneously home built. You’re no doubt within range of several of them, now. The range of a single orgonite cloudbuster for disabling chemtrails is a couple hundred miles, at least. The range for preventing tornados and floods is 20-30 miles. A CB works primarily in the atmosphere above the level of the lower cumulus clouds.

It didn’t stop the spraying, of course, but the evidence that the chemtrails do no harm (are not breathed in) is that they no longer come to the ground. Since 2002, the corporate $#!+birds found other ways to poison the population, probably through water supplies and processed (corporate) food supplies. The difference is that the hospitals don’t fill to overflowing with respiratory distress cases, as they had done between 1998 and the middle of 2002.

Having a cloudbsuter might make the stuff disappear a little quicker but if you go out and rather disable all the death towers and weather weapons in your area they’ll disappear a lot faster and you’ll probably start seeing sylphs in your sky after that.

Reading disinformation websites pretty much guarantees that one won’t break free of their hypnotic effects, which are designed to keep people in fear and powerlessness. One of their curious effects is a sort of hypochondria that happens when one of their subcribers spots chemtrails. Nearly all of these folks failed to see chemtrails back when they were actually harming people, so they don’t have a basis for visual comparison between then and now. Many of the people who noticed chemtrails in those earlier years simpyl built orgonite cloudbusters when the free instructions became available online.
Free instructions for disabling the death towers and weather weaponry and plenty of reports about that from ordinary folks like us about how this is done are on . Most of the other sites/forums in English that feature orgonite are fakers, sometimes exceedingly clever and sometimes simply brutal. The orgonite sites and vendors that we’re confident in are listed on the right margin of and I’m aware that there are probably some legitimate ones that we simply don’t know about.

Affiliated legitimate English language forums are and



ok, thanks don for your reply. I purchased several(24) tower busters from ******* and have them all over my property and my house. hers look just like yours on your website and they were very reasonable in price. I would build my own cloudbuster but thinking I would do it wrong the first time I’m going to buy one of yours. very reasonable for the kit you have on etheric warriors, I must say. So thanks again for steering me in thre right direction and keep up the great work you and carol do for mankind, you are an inspiration to say the least. You guys give me hope in an otherwise very bleak world that constantly tries to wear you down. bye for now.


Is ******** still telling folks that my wife and I are devils? She told me, years ago, that ‘Bible code says that Don Croft is a Prophet!’ and offered to ‘partner’ with me. I very politely declined, then she started telling folks that my wife and I are evil [Image Can Not Be Found]

If her orgonite is metal and resin with a little crystal in it, it’s fine. The resin should be filled or nearly filled with the metal content and 3oz by volume is enough to bust an ordinary death tower, assuming it has any sort of little crystal in it, otherwise it takes 5oz by volume of just metal and resin.

The vendors around the world whom we personally have confidence in (we know they’re not going to rip anyone off or misrepresent this effort) are listed on the right margin of the homepage of There are LOTS of fakers out there and the search engines favor them over us.

The best approach is to make your own if you intend to do more than just the towers you can see in your locality.



I don’t know Don, I never saw anything on her website about you or Carol, thats’ too bad….huh? [The fakers now, mostly, avoid mentioning us. ~Don] Nobody needs that crap…we need to all work together instead of causing friction amongst one another…I’m sure you agree. anyway I found several videos on you tube on how to make orgone devices and cloudbusters. One guy *** seems to know what he’s doing here at*** [yet another faker–so far, only Andy’s video tutorials on YouTube are clean, as far as I know. ~Don] on YouTube. Check it out maybe he got his stuff from you no doubt [That fellow had featured ‘’ before I posted about it, then the site disappeared pretty quick. He’s in the business of misleading/debilitating unwitting newcomers with behavior modification protocols in his forum. ~Don]. I think you guys are the innovators it seems to me. ok Don, thanks again for taking the time to chat w/me!


****, I suppose she retracted that after awhile. Probably made her look foolish.

********* had been featuring ‘’ but he retracted that, too, after I posted about it as an example of disinformation.

The assumption that this needs to be an organized effort shackles some folks. The fakers certainly want to give the impression that ‘we’re a family’ but in my view, making and tossing orgonite is more generic and we are free to pick our associates. That’s not the case with ‘family’ and most folks have no healthy family experiences, so why assume that it would be any better in this case, with strangers? I think that if someone irrationally craves ‘family’ he can just go to a Rainbow Gathering [Image Can Not Be Found] Maybe people who have happy memories of childhood don’t need any external family dynamics. I don’t know anyone like that, though.

I hope you’ll consider relying mostly on your own discernment and intuiitive promptings after this, rather than seek authority in others.

The sponsored disinformants are very clever and they outnumber us pretty heavily. The search engines favor them. It takes some persistence for anyone to find which is the only English-language gifting-forum site where you can get usable, empowering information about what to do with orgonite–at least for now. is the ‘companion’ site for knowing how to toss energy effectively adn productively. is a forum that will no doubt produce hard science evidence about what orgonite and related tech can do.

The faker forums keep a few legitimate, productive but unwitting posters ‘unmolested’ in order to give themselves some credibility but their main function is to subtly disempower people who visit there. The behavior modification techniques they use probably originated at Tavistock Institute, so reading material about Tavistock can probably help one get clear of those fakers pretty fast. John has some good literature about this on



I’m sticking with you guys, thats for sure. Its’ not hard to see you guys are the innovators and the rest are copying your work and critisizing you at the same time. Its too bad….I never knew there was so much hate and discontent in the orgone field of dreams…on their part I mean….not yours. I must say Don, its easy to see your work is head and shoulders above the rest and they can only copy you and throw stones, while they live in glass houses themselves. thanks again for setting me straight Don…ttyl.