Re:The New Plan In Migingo

After realizing that the main target and the major focus of both the Kenya government and the Ugandan government is really upon the fishing industry in the twine Island due to the orgonites that we have thoroughly gifted there.As an intelligent person i have to decide upon an immediate alternative so that life may continue in both of the twine Islands. [Image Can Not Be Found]
After discovering that the rocky there is quite acidic that according to our researcher reveals that their reaction with the orgonite may bring a positive change. I have to change the tune and straight a way see away of how these people can straight a way adopt to farming in away that even if fishing industry still face a moment of crisis ,they could still survive.
I will consult with Mrs O if we could some more funds to enable the project to sail through for even yesterday i was there with Nicholas and all that i witness there needs an immediate concern.
Now its my prayer that soon and very soon something new will take root till the place become a life support center i will make sure that we bought for them crops that can do well in that type of the rocky region and take to them together with a plenty of the orgonites so that real life may continue.

Hi our readers
Right now after gifting in a lot in the twine Island of Migingo and Ugingo that ended up changing the face of the two Island in terms of creating peace, boosting their fish production plus anew vision in farming activities.I just want to back there specifically to hold a seminar to lecture those who are interesting in farming to teach them on how they can go about in that rocky but good place for farming
On that my new development i will still carry them some more orgonites to continue gifting in the areas for we need the Islands to enjoy a lasting stability in all important areas.
All the reports that i have got from there area good and encouraging and thus really motivated me a lot i heard that the life there is now very good especially to the people whom we gave the zappers .Those zappers have really helped them a lot.And from all these i realized that all that we deed never ended up in vain but did cause a change