Recent Expedition and visitors from Malawi

Dr. Chipangula, the president of the International Traditional Healers Council of Malawi was visiting us and another friend together with his colleague Dr. Nyerenda for some 10 days. They left yesterday morning.

Dr. Chipangula, who immediately felt the positive influence of Orgonite when we visited him in July and brought 3 CBs and tons of other orgonite, has since distributed the CBs and other orgonite all over the country of Malawi, except the far north and is very enthusiastic about the results.

Malawi is a relatively small country of some 118 000 km2 and a North-South stretch of somewhat more than 500km.

It borders on Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania and one of it’s dominat features is the long and deep Lake Nyassa, also known as Lake Malawi.

This formidable lake is part of the great Rift Valley System, a fault line that traverses the African continental plate in N-S direction and is seen by many as the energetic spine of Africa. Gifting this lake has been a priority foir a while together with Lake Tanganyika, that was thankfully done by Doc Kayiwa.

We spent a day together with the 2 healers to show them how we make the orgonite and then went on to do a little busting excursion into some still untreated corners of the Kalahari. It was a somewhat strenuous drive, including some 300 km on dirt roads, rattling the bones of the passengers as well as the vehicle, but well worth the while, as they could both observe what massive and rapid changes can be achieved with massive and quick large scale busting.

As a reward we got some wonderfull displays of dramatic lightning and a hefty downpour in the already untypically green Kalahari which is supposed to be a semi-desert.

Im more than ever convinced that a simple but massive distribution of orgonite with a loose grid of Cloud-Busters and a much denser carpet of TBs and other orgonite can turn any desert into a verdant paradise, such as we’ve shown with the recent rainfalls in The Namib desert, dubbed driest desert of the world.

I have calculated some years ago that it would cost a mere 5 million US dollars to put out a grid of Cloudbusters all over Africa at distances of 50km with lots of smaller devices in between.

That cost estimate included the cost for 10 Land-Rovers and staff to drive and produce the stuff.

While some of you might find that a lot of money, it’s peanuts in comparison to the senseless multibillion Dollar water projects, that UN, Worldbank and other New World Order agencies are financing to allegedly stem the manufactured (by weather control) water crisis in the Nile river system presently.

Surely, in the end, bureaucratic hurdles might make it more expensive to really do it, but the order of magnitude is correct.

The two docs took another CB up to Malawi, together with another 160 TBs which will all go the northermost part of the country that was recently hit by one of the typical manufactured droughts, together with the typical orchestrated response of the so called AID AGENCIES.

All these organisations are basically there to drive home the fable of “Global Warming” (in reality it’s microwaving with HAARP and similar technology that produces these effects in non orgonised parts of the world) and get people vaccinated, get them addicted to processed junk food and create Africas favourite misery: DONOR DEPENDENCY!

This misery even threatened to poison my relationship with the 2 docs for a moment as some very unrealistic expectations had built up on their side as to what I could do financially to support their efforts and a better life for them in general….

They had somehow made up a picture in their mind where Orgonise Africa was only the spearhead of some well funded Donor Organisation in the fabled rich lands of the first world, where money was aparently no object…

Well, I wish it were, but I had to introduce them to the sobering fact that it’s just us and our little orgone biz with the occasional small sponsorship from some of our friends in this network.

The demand for orgonite is however unlimited and also the willingness to introduce us to other important healers in other countries who will spread it their respective areas.

Since African healing has always been spiritual and vibrational, it is very natural for these practioners of the ancient African traditions to sense the orgone and the immediate changes it promotes in the etheric realm.

This simple and straight forward perception of subtle energies is still much more accessible to the average African person, especially when she or he has a traditional healing background.

So, after the dream of the unlimited supply of donor money was from the table (Poooohaaaa!) we started exploring avenues as to how we could set up mechanisms that would generate income for them, alowing them a more decent life and supporting their other activities, such as orgone distribution and to strengthen their healers' organisation.

If things go as discussed, we will soon get crystals and gemstones from Dr. Nyerenga who actually has a mining license in Malawi and the other field of generating income will be our new AFRICAN MUTI SERIES of orgonite.

Please help us to help these people in reasonable ways to enable them to spread out more orgonite in their countries and make some of their ancient knowledge (as much as they wish of course) available to the rest of the world.

Donations in support of our growing free orgonite distribution network in Africa can be made here: