Regarding The Satellite Photo Of Wave-form Clouds Over UK:

Don Croft
16 Sep 2008 13:09
Subject: Regarding the Satellite Photo of Wave-form Clouds Over UK:
I got the following from Mike in Wales, who gifts extensively from his kayak, etc., and is a fellow aviator, though ‘between aircraft’ and therefore not yet inducted into the Unorganized Etheric Air Force, quite. The initiation process for joining this prestigious unorganization involves dropping orgonite on mountaintop deathray arrays or carrying out any other orgonite bombing mission–even dropping leaflets on prospective targets would qualify an airman! Cool

I’ve been studying a bit of meteorology is an effort to better understand the dynamics of what we’re all achieving in the atmosphere but Mike has studied much more extensively, as you’ll see, and I think his comments are helpful.



HI Don,

Great video by Andy Wink

And very apt that you were using parts of the downed aircraft to earthpipe the area.

Nice boat too.

Just some thoughts on the thread
Whilst I have no doubts that the UK is susceptible to HAARP, I don’t think that the satellite image from Ale is HAARP.

It’s a westerly airstream across the UK and Ireland and you can see “Wave� setting up from all the points downwind of the islands and mainland.

A good point of reference is the islands off Scotland, the clouds are lining up into bars downwind of the islands.

This is classic Gliding weather and the type I look forward to as the height gains can be in the order of 8000metres Wink [what a guy! ~D]

If it were HAARP I guess it would cover a “grid� area including clouds over the sea, hope I’m right, in my humble opinion.

Next job around North Wales is the Cathedral and the negative Ley lines I have discovered around it, looking forward to treat those pious bastards to some positive energy J



Don Croft
16 Sep 2008 13:13
Subject: Re: Regarding the Satellite Photo of Wave-form Clouds Over U
Since this air force is entirely and profoundly unorganized, maybe we can all assume the rank of Air Marshall and call each other, ‘comrade’ or something. The highest rank I ever achieved in the army was Private First Class (for a brief, heady time, until I was caught sleeping on guard duty and got busted to Pivate again Sad ), so this would be quite a promotion. I think Hitler did something like that: from corporal, self-promoted to Lord High Poobah, but we won’t have any authority, except over our own joysticks.


Don Croft
16 Sep 2008 13:20
Subject: Re: Regarding the Satellite Photo of Wave-form Clouds Over U
‘Joystick’ is the handle, between the legs, which one uses to control the ailerons and elevator of an aircraft–what did you think I meant? I’m a righty, by the way.


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