Regardng Frivolous Postings

As the war against humanity heats up and the sewer rats continue to lose ground to rising human awareness there seems to be a new dynamic on this obscure forum that may best be summed up from a comment from someone who has been following the progress:

Don, I might be wrong but, it seems there’s a war going on in your forum. Weird!

I think the foundation of the forum is: simple gifting, simple boosting, helping each other out and exposing the shitbirds. The more threads and posts that pull one away from that, the less genuine members will feel like posting - simply because what they are reading is not resonating with them so they don’t identify. That won’t take away from their gifting, but I think it will make for a poorer forum and, ultimately, it will resonate less with the readers too.

What do you think?

My hope since the beginning of the forum effort (June, 2001) has been that an administrator’s job is mainly to stay out of the way and let a forum handle itself. I’m a beta personality and prefer to hide in the crowd, after all. Alpha dogs have a very different makeup and when they won’t make a supreme effort to keep their competitive natures in check they’ll naturally want to climb to the top and this involves steopping on others’ heads along the way. The old parasitic world order favors alpha personalities for a good reason and I think that was clearly stated above. When an alpha personality sounds off most of the rest of us, who are beta types, will fall silent. Since this international forum is intended to share reports for the record from a variety of people it’s counterproductive for the admiinistrator (me) to allow the alpha personalities to hold sway over this effort.

It’s funny that my horse, Rico, is like I am. I spent last winter standing by him during feeding time so that the alpha horse (Carol’s Magic–the metrosexual [Image Can Not Be Found] ) wouldn’t keep pushing him out of the way. It wasn’t a wasted effort because now he and I are close. Animals teach us an awful lot.

So, there’s a new policy for EW: any time I get wind of someone posting frivolous material and/or grandstanding I’m going to simply remove his posting privileges. I say ‘he’ because there aren’t any females behaving this way on EW. That person can then contact me and we’ll discuss the issue, privately. I’ve given out plenty of warnings so nobody’s going to make a case that I’m being a jerk and I feel certain that many of our readers and also the substantive EW contributors who shy away from being exposed to the alpha dogs’ potential ire will resume posting good reports again.

I won’t publicly humiliate anyone unless he has done real and intentional harm to any of us. I’ve only done that in two cases since the beginning. So the only one who would know that his posting privileges has been removed will be the one who has disregarded my request to stop posting frivolous and/or misleading material. Everyone here has good intentions, of course. Good intentions and five bucks gets you a nice, fancy cup of coffee.


I took some action yesterday, removing posting privileges from a couple of individuals after posting the above warning a few days ago. One of them is discussing it with me in a candid way and the other became quite abusive to me, personally, and threatened to ‘expose me’ to all the vendors you see listed in the right margin of EW. He claims to know them well.

Every few years the tree here gets a good shake when a mole pulls the trigger. I don’t know if this guy is a mole or is just mad at me but the behavior fits the agency mole profile. He won’t be coming back and if any of the vendors join in the personal abuse and intrigue against me they’ll be removed, too.
I never mention my detractors on EW because that poisons the well, so to speak.


I’m not calling anyone a mole, by the way. The issue at hand actually is the problem of frivolous and distracting posts. Mole behavior is something that many people seem to be programmed to engage in, though. This may be on account of the nearly sudden preponderance of Monarch programming in North America after WWII. The CIA/NSA hit the ground running and that was only possible because of the foundation laid by the Nazi SS, mainly, and by Tavistock Institute conditioning, which is certainly part of that network. With the introduction by the CIA of psychotropics as a cultural icon in the 60s there was an exponential increase in available manpower for mind control enforcement. Watts, Leary and the other schmuck were all CIA psychiatrists who first experimented on felons before experimenting on chump hippies.

It’s a fascinating topic and anyone who has an interest in exposing and discarding this ancient and disgusting parasitic tyranny ought to inform himself, I think.

I think The Hitler Book has a good section in it about how the Tavistock Institute (Freud was in charge of it, then) was used to create the postwar government in W. Germany. They could only use prisoners of war who had weak characters (no conscience) and large egos. Like with American Monarch programming, individuals who have an active conscience washed out of the program, eventually.

US medical schools often have courses for teaching prospective MDs to fake sincerity. I wonder if they learned this from the CIA. McDonalds Corporation used CIA psychiatrists (behavior modification specialists) to design a program which would make it impossible for unions to get into their restaurants and they did it by systematically pitting the employees against each other, among other tactics. No McDonalds restaurant has been unionized, so far. Of course, the CIA controls all unions, too