Reich Film? There is a movie coming out about Reich I think

Don Croft
29 Feb 2008 15:59
Subject: Reich Film?
[I just got this from a guy whom I like to discuss films with. ~Don]

There is a movie coming out about Reich I think. A friend that owns an art house theatre told me. Dont know when it is coming out though. I am sure it is an attempt to hijack, mystify and obfuscate his work. I have read a book of his letters that he wrote up to his death. Quite enlightening. Einstein treated him coldly and never responded to his letters as he sought support for his revolutionary work.

There were many reports that people were throwing up, walking out and barfing in the lobby due to the disorienting filming style of Cloverfield. It is like the teacup ride at Disneyland. I think it is a deliberate mind control technique put in the film.

Thank you for explaining that the crystals in orgonite are not the thing, but the metal in a matrix. That’s keeping it simple.

Just watched Soylent Green 1973 starring Charlton Heston. It is a beautiful movie. Very well filmed.
Seems rather prophetic. Global warming features prominently way back then. Curious. Preparing the viewer for the created reality today. Done decades ago.

I thank you also for admonishing the gifters who tried to get people to doubt the continued necessity of CBs. They must submit to some authority they can’t just be out there loose making all kinds of claims, mudding the waters such that would ultimately serve to discredit you and Carol. I believe that it is a “spirit of pride” getting into them.

We all need to be corrected at times. We are only humans. We are all trying to get through this.



Thx, John–in fact that’s a wonderful book because it’s Dr Reich’s candid thoughts, put in a journal.

Peter Reich told of a film made in (I think) the early 1970s about Reich and I wonder if this is what’s being released or re-released. I had the impression that the film maker was genuine, not just another clever CIA disinfo/slanderous freak.

In that book, Reich talked about how he wished to be corrected whenever a claim or assumption is found to be inaccurate. We certainly haven’t canonized him, which is what the world odor does to most of the other pioneers whom they’ve murdered. I think they learned that trick from the Vatican Wink

I’m very heartened that more and more people are easily recognizing the subterfuge tactics you mentioned, by the way. That makes it harder for the camouflaged fakers to conduct their business, which is to destroy this network from the inside.

Carol and I will definitely check out CLOVERFIELD and in the theatre, if possible. Maybe those effects won’t work on a mere TV screen. For anyone who is aware of subliminal effects this might feel more literally like a carnival ride than torture Cool and when a psychic is analyzing the effort we might get some news we can use, here.

The CIA owns and operates Hollywood, of course, but I know directly that there are some movers and shakers in the industry who have made a fun game of getting usable information past the CIA censorship sieve. All of the dark future movies are designed to bolster the world odor’s DOR-fueled agenda, of course, but anyone who travels can see that the world is a lot healthier, now, than it was seven years ago when this gifting movement got started. The institutionalized liars and whores of academia are even reversing their earlier predictions, saying that we’re undergoing ‘global cooling, instead.’ Schmucks and ‘peer review boards.’ Cool