Remote gifting North Korea?

I’m far away from the country, but I was clued in on some ideas on how to start taking a crack at that place

(I don’t know if anyone has done similar things already). I think I was meant to pass them on, so here they are,

filed for future reference if anyone needs them. It is basically about deploying orgonite from a safe distance.

Idea 1: Throw some really big orgonites in the ocean on the safe, safe side of South-Korea, with a big range enough to affect the

stagnated energy there, perhaps in conjunction with tbs for the ceteceans.

Idea 2: From the South Korean side, point a cloudbuster or two at the country, tilted or maybe horisontally if that works.

idea 3: This was a tidbit that came back to me from a gifting report I read years ago. It was in relation to a radar ball that

was difficult to get to. So orgonites where lined up at intervals in a straight line towards the ball. Even from a distance that

was able to flip the radar ball. Perhaps the same principle can be deployed in this case, either on land or in the ocean.

So there they are, simple ideas. Actually doing it is a different matter, of course. But at least I’ve passed those ideas on

to anyone who might make use of them.

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