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As I’m just in the process of updating my website, I decided to overhaul the gifting records, and instead just give an overview of where I have gifted in the past 4years or so. Despairingly I have lost almost all my Sylph pictures, which are lovely punctuation points, still it has been really nice just reflecting back in my mind, and, thought to repost this, as alot of the old posts are now gone, I will add some reflections to this when time permits.

Here is the list (though I get the feeling I have forgotten quite a bit!);

Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ferndown etc 1000+ TB’s HHg’s
Dorchester, Weymouth, Blandford Forum and other pockets of Dorset 500+ TB’s HHg’s
Worcester 400 TB’s HHg’s
Exeter 150 TB’s
South West to Central London 1000+ TB’s HHg’s
Isle Of Wight 250 TB’s
Scottish Sites (Schiehallion, Fortingall, Rosslyn etc) 150 TB’s HHgs
Southampton 100 TB’s
Partially around Bristol, Droitwich, Malvern, Brighton, Edinburgh, Shaftesbury, Budapest, Tanzanian National Parks, Zanzibar, Amptill
Many road routes, including (amongst others) M3, M4, M5, M27
Vortex trips with Laozu Kelly – Back In Time A Millenium 2005[/url:1wyf0zpj - Britain 2006[/url:1wyf0zpj- The Balkans And Italy 2007[/url:1wyf0zpj.

Cloudbusters Gifted;

Worcester 3
Bournemouth 2
Mudeford 1
Verwood 1
Upton (Dorset) 1
Weymouth 1
Anglesey 1
Isle Of Wight 2
Stourpaine 1
Amptill 1
Mauldon 1
London 1

More swapped with John ([/url:1wyf0zpj) in return for materials etc.

Much of the above has been funded by your generous donations to OrgoniteMoksha in return for my personal generators, or, just to help me get more done, for this I thank you.

John has a more encompassing list for the UK in his Orgone section at[/url:1wyf0zpj

Plus John should receive, once more, my deepest thanks, for being a friend and cohort, and helping me gift the ammount I have so far. If you are just pondering whether to get some orgonite to sway the ambience of your locality back into the positive, you could do alot worse than order some from him, nearly every TB I have gifted has been made by his kind hands (the rest of him is a git, but those hands are kind! Just kidding of course).

Leaving you with a joyous image of a repairman looking at his meter to try to work out what the heck just happened to his death tech after Cesco and I gifted it in Portland;

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Best Wishes


ps. I’m calling the page on my website ‘renegades of junk’ as it is a play on the song ‘Renegades Of Funk’ by Africa Bambaataa (covered excellently by Rage Against The Machine, though this might make some older folks ears bleed!).

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