Report from kebirigo area in kisii district

Hi Readers,
The first time that I reported here was when I was led by Benedict to go and gift an area where Orgonite had already beep put. This is the Kebirigo area, in Nyamira district. From the previous report posted by several people including Don. you might learned that the area was full of cannibalism and wizards who rum at night and if they came across anybody, they decide to do away with his or her life, linching. The first time that Benedict Orgonised the area of Nyakeore, the magic that happened could not be believed. However, following the close proximity of this area and Nyakeore where Benedict had gifted, I used to pass by and drop some pieces of Orgonite to one or two friends whom I came across and this increased with time.
This area was in deed worse than even the so called Nyakeore. Last weekend I took it to my own initiative to visit the area to see what is going on there. I was just almost forgetting. In Kebirigo here, no stranger can ever visit the place at a time past 7.00pm and then you expect to see another day in your life. This had been made almost impossible by the action of the night runners who does linching that I had already explained. This is a serious condition of insecurity, and as you know, Orgonite is just fit for this.
I am therefore happy now that the people can conduct their normal business of life safely and that now somebody can get into this area even past 8.30pm. This means that the insecurity is decreasing with time, and now Orgonite is making things better. We have just decided to improve the condition by supplying more and more of the Orgonite to the area. This am sure will make the condition even more tolerable to the residents of this area. You can therefore predict without doubt that the people in this region will want to use Orgonite as much as they are able in belief that it can improve their lives.
Billy O.

Billie Orgonite, mbia yangu (my partner) I feel very proud of your accomplishments and I encourage you to vie with Benedict in demonstrating courage [Image Can Not Be Found] because this is a positive sort of competition. We orgonite vedors around the world vie with each other to produce more and more exquisite personal orgonite devices and that’s also a positive dynamic. When Carol is with you all she’s going to show you some ways to enter this market and excel. That’s going to pay for a lot of important missions in coming years, I think, like opening up benighted regions like Nigeria to orgonite’s healing and restorative influence.

This is an excellent progress report about the Nyamira District, which had evidently been a hotbed of malevolent uchawi (sorcery), kitisho (horror), kuua (murder) and where people lived in a constant hali ya hofu (state of terror). Reminds me of rural Haiti.

I’m posting, again, for our newer readers the photo photo of you on your mbolea delivery vehicle:

Before Benedict and Billie got busy with Nyamira, I think that an armored car would have been more suitable for visitors, according to the conditions Carol observed during her trip in that region, ten years ago. The current situation, where police and soldiers demand a toll, is actually an improvement over the way that highway robbers were such an obstacle in those days. The next stage, after all this mbolea has had a chance to work more of its magic, will be all Africans exercising our God-given right to travel freely.

The next stage for humanity might be to have done away with ‘driver licenses,’ passports, ‘business licenses,’ etc., all of which are un-necessary and are the trappings of parasitic tyranny.

In the future, people will marvel at the way that we in the present tolerate these injustices.

Most people don’t know (or care) that the American gulag archipelago, for instance, has untold thousands of inmates whose only alleged crime was to drive without a license and/or without carrying insurance. Don’t you think that’s a little bizarre? Meanwhile, American politicians, bankers, corporate suits and bureaucrats steal billions of dollars and inflict suffering and death on millions, especially people of color in the US and abroad, and they get rewarded for it. It buggers the imagination and needs to be exposed and stopped. Maybe Africans wlll show us how in coming years. Let’s follow our friends’ progress closely!

Just as the corporate order was using concentrated uchawi (sorcery) to try to destroy the livlihoods of a dozen or so of us orgonite vendors in the West I think that the same chizi (‘crooks;scoundrels’ in Kiswahili; literally ‘cheeses’ according to my nifty dictionary) are ritually straining their collective sphincters to prevent Westerners from recognizing the unprecedented miracle that is now happening in East Africa and being reported here on a daily basis [Image Can Not Be Found]

They failed to ruin our livlihoods, by the way, and most of us have bounced back by now, in spite of this being the slow commercial season.

So, I constantly experiment with lawful ways to draw more and more of your attention to what these waarafu (heroes) are accomplishing [Image Can Not Be Found]

As you might imagine, this is more impressive and important news than anything that the corporate media are regurgitating at us, these days. This does not take anything from the miracles that many of the other contributors to EW are reporting, either, of course. I think that we in the West do wish that it was as easy to share orgonite with our populations as it generally is in Africa. Let’s see if the Chinese people will be as receptive when orgonite breaks through the wall of uchawi that the stinking, old Dark Masters have erected there, for now.


Hallow Uncle,
Really my uncle, thanks for your comment in fact the areas of Nyamira now have changed and people can now just operate their businesses with less difficulty for the jujus and the wachawi are now under tight condition they are now forced to abide by the moral commands caused by our genuine gifting.