Reporting back for 2007

Over this Christmas season we did 2 trips, combining family holiday with some good busting.

  1. Zanzibar (The famous spice island off the Tanzanian coast)

  2. A place in the high mountains of Lesotho. + laying a new orgonite trail across Lesotho on our way out.

Both places received a new CB to great effect and were also peppered with orgonite.

It was very nice to meet with our virtual penpal and EW member Judy Lubulwa from Nairobi who managed to do some substantial water gifting on the way to and from Zanzibar and later in Mombasa.

We also revisited Masakala (see our report “Matatiele-Satisfaction as usual” on and found that the area had totally transformed since we put a CB there and pierced the ground over a few alleged UG bases with earth pipes. (+ the usual peppering with TBs)

It was coincidentally almost exactly the same time of the year so the comparison had some “scientific” value.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE! What had been a barren and desolate place was now lush and green and felt very peaceful and happy. We have had such opportunities of re-visit a few times and always the results were equally surprising.

I am still flabbergasted when I see how powerfully orgonite really works…

The overall picture: Nobody talks of drought anymore in southern Africa. Rainfall at our place where I measure it myself has been about 15% above long year average. Picture looks similar in most places that I’m aware off.

I SEE NO MORE CHEMTRAILS, at least not the visible ones in distinct stripes. There is someimes milky soup over Johannesburg that doesn’t feel natural, but it never lasts lonb. Should probably re-orgonise Jo’burg soon, because the massive gifting effort there has now been 3 years ago and since then I concentrated on the far away places and did next to nothing in JHB. So maybe some HAARP stuff has been regrouped and still causes limited damage. But the Chemtrail feeling is really like: They’ve given up! no more stripes!

Next best news: Zimbabwe is getting more orgonite now than the terrorist government there bargained for when they incarcerated us. People we encontered during our eventful stay (see report “The prisoners of Orgone” on are coming for visits and take some goodies back. Since the danger of extreme prosecution is very real in Zimbabwe, I will no be able to say more for some time, but believe me, it’s happening.

More juicy reports with some of my nice orgone holiday photos are to follow shortly as time allows.

c u all