Repost Of The Story How The German FBI Blew Up My Powerwand

Dear fellow etheric warriors,

I have been a member of the board, as well as Georg Ritschl’s German orgonite board. I have now been invited to post at Etheric Warriors also. It is a great honor for me to share some of my personal experiences involving orgonite with you. Besides that, I will also post some articles from the German board, that I believe to be particularly interesting. “We” from the German board do this the other way around with important articles from EW. After all, information should not be stopped by language barriers, as Edostar just remarked! For a start, I will be reposting the story of how the German FBI blew up my powerwand. I have posted this story before at Dooney’s and Georg’s board, but EW probably reaches a broader audience. Additionally, it was just this huge confirmation for me that I am on the right track. Although it was quite a frightening situation, objectively seen, it is not supposed to frighten (new) people. I can assure you that beeing in the situation I had a really strong feeling that “the Operators” were helping me. I knew that I would get out of this unscathed. I felt like having a protective layer around me while being held by the police. To get to the point: this whole thing was meant to intimidate me, but it only made me stronger!


By the way, I had a right to full compensation of my material losses by the German law. The minute they blew the PW up, I was proven innocent and the police looked silly. Of course, I reordered a new PW as soon as I came back from my trip. About 2 months later, the bill was paid by the state of Germany. I suppose this to be the first PW beeing sponsored by a government! Isn’t that ironic? Mr. Yellow

Hello everyone,

I have been on a trip to Brussels for a couple of days, which is why I couldn’t join you at the last chat. I wanted to relax a bit meeting up my boyfriend who is currently working there. Instead, I am feeling lower on Energy than before. So if you could give me a boost, I would really appreciate it. And this is my story…

The short facts for those who don’t want to read the whole thing:

On my way to Brussels, the Belgian police was waiting for me on behalf of the German police when I stepped out of the plane. The German police had discovered something “weird” in my lugagge, which made me a terror suspect, as they had mistaken my Powerwand with a bomb. They interrogated me for about 3 hours, I didn’t go to jail, but the German police still detonated the PW. I saw pictures from it with the christal burst in pieces.

I will tell the whole story, because it might fit into recent assaults on “travelling” orgonite (vendors) and I also think that the story deserves exposure.

At the gangway, there where two civil policemen, a man and a woman, waiting for me. They told me they had just gotten a call from the German federal police that there was a problem with my luggage. I was led to a room in the airport where one of the policemen started calling somewhere. There, I had to hand over my cellphone. They asked me, if I could imagine what was causing the trouble. The only thing in my lugagge that was a little different was my PW. I told them they migt have found my “medidation tool”. Apparently, Germany was having trouble deciding what to do. Meanwhile, another unit of Belgium’s police wanted to interrogate me, so we left for their quarters. There, I was basically interrogated by one officer and his boss. They asked me what this object was all about. They had all been really polite so far, but I knew that I had to give them something. Otherwise I would end up in jail quickly. Later the officer told me that hadn’t I been as cooperative as I had been, I would not have answered the questions on a chair, but in a cell (They also said I could consider myself lucky not to have left the plane in handcuffs…). I pondered what I judged to be the most “neutral” description of a PW I could get them in the internet, because they asked me for a description in the internet. So I gave them G. R.'s vendor page. Well, they weren’t content with that and started googling the term “powerwand”. They came across a building instruction of a person I did not know. Later, I came to know that the German police was also busy at the net. They stumbled over some adventures of Don and Carol. Especially the Germans in charge did not really understand English. So they pasted some of D’s descriptions for the use of the PW (“bloodthirsty”, blast, energy, military, police) and where convinced I had a tube bomb in my luggage! The description of this unknown writer added to it, because it advised people to use the gem pyrite in the PW, which they thought to be some explosive material (allegedelly, it had a slightly different spelling, though). I sticked to my story that I use this tool for meditation the whole time through. I didn’t think I could help anyone by explaining too much, or by defending Don. They now decided to officially interrogate me. While sitting in the interrogation room, the boss of the interrogating officer showed up. He was the only one who made me feel unconfortable by his personal presence. Otherwise, I was not afraid at all. I was totally friendly and outgoing. At last, I had nothing to hide. They were a little irritated about this, but I think it secured me a nice treatment. Nevertheless, I also made clear that I knew my rights and that they were not to judge my “religious” beliefs (sometimes a law degree is worth something). In the mean time, they decided to blow up my powerwand in Germany. The Boss of the Belgian police showed me pictures of the mutilated object. The boss, was annoyed by Don’s “man in black” expression. He admitted to be a “military man” and he WAS clad in black, by the way . This “boss” was still really interested in names like Don’s and R. McG’s., which he noted on a piece of paper. He also asked me, if I was SURE my boyfriend is really German (they had just gotten a copy of his ID card over the computer…). Until my release, I could not make phone calls. Later, when they released me, the officer tried to justify their paranoia with: Nowadays, they are more and more using young blonde women for their purposes… So imagine, what would have happened if I looked any more “Latin”. Handcuffs for sure, I guess!

All in all, I had a “helping hand” over me all the way through. I had no fear at for the time at the police and I knew I would get out, if I cooperated. I was lucky they didn’t blow up my suitcase, which I got back a day later. They did not search my body and hand lugagge, which I thought was strange from a legal perspective. The “boss” told me they would still have to search me, I prayed to God they wouldn’t. They would find my Harmonic Protector, which I did not want to give away under any circumstances. My feeling was right. Later the officer told me, in Belgium they would have kept the PW, even if it turned out to be harmless. I think they would have kept the HP, rather than use it as a clearing evidence for my sake. The minute they got me, I knew that this was meant as a warning towards me. Not by the operating police itself, I suspect. Legally, they were not overstretching the law, which makes the whole thing even worse. Of course, they interpreted everything like they wanted to interpret it. I think that the “brains behind” all this might not be sitting among the people who actually decided on my case… I have travelled with the PW on planes before (even over London). Nothing ever happened. And my orgonite usually does set off the metal detectors (I don’t know what D. does not to set them off). When I first got the PW I called the company I was flying with and they told me to put it in the luggage, which should be o.k… They said it could only be problematic if I carried it on my hand lugagge. Up to now, they have always been able to make a simple test with the orgonite to see if it was dangerous…Until I started getting busy at the Chatblast and cleaning out my life some more… Coincidence? I can not really estimate, what happened etherically. I only know that I feel really low on energy. Me and my boyfriend woke up unusually exhausted, dreaming all night and waking up depressed and with fear in the solar plexus region. I was feeling a lot better before this happened. He was fine before this incident happened as well. Coincidence?

I see you online next Saturday, K.