Request To My Fellow Etheric Warriors

I hear the radiation from Fukushima Japan is moving to our east coast. What do you say we all point our cbs toward the east coast to eliminate the radiation and run a sort of systems test? The probability of these types of events will in all likelihood increase and we need to pool all our resources to protect our most valuable resources (friends and family etc.) My cbs will all be pointing in that direction in about 10 seconds from now…


Just an idea I had for people with cloudbusters that live on the coast:

Point your CBs to the horizon line. Due to earth’s curvature, I think this will allow the CBs to suck DOR from the upper atmosphere many miles away from the shores.

This might even protect againt HAARPicanes generated many miles away from the coast I think. If enough people do this along the coasts, we may be able to create an anti-HAARPicane barrier.

Just my toughts


Great information Edu! The only way we can expect to change the world is if WE work together, that is how it’s meant to be.


I found some interesting information here:



“An estimated 14,000 excess deaths in the United States are linked to the radioactive fallout from the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear reactors in Japan…”

I bet it won’t be very soon that you’ll read in the mainstream newspapers how an estimated ??? thousand “excess lives” are linked to the use of zappers!

Louis Onder, please don’t take this the wrong way but to me this is just another news piece where they take a convenient study and try to make the average Joe feel hopeless and unable to affect his own life - stopping the fallout seems a bit out of reach, doesn’t it?

I bet the CBs all across the world are already doing a good job of mitigating those effects. Does your and Edu’s idea to point the CBs have merit? I guess we don’t know if we don’t try. Personally it feels like a tricky idea. I mean, the wind is more or less constant - how long would you keep pointing your CBs to the coast? Would keeping them more horizontal for long periods of time take away some benefits? I’m not very experienced with CBs but I guess they stand vertically most of the time for a reason.

I’m also very curious as to how they calculated 14,000 [Image Can Not Be Found] Unless they have some direct evidence for each one of those 14,000 people I can’t see how anyone can state with certainty that someone’s death was caused by the fallout and not a heavy dose of artificial sweetener.
Ok, after reading the report diagonally it seems they reached the magic number of 14,000 by “circumstantial evidence”. I’m open to being corrected on this.

Here are some very revealing quotes from the study itself (caps lock added):

"Some samples of radioactivity in precipitation, air, water, and milk, taken by the U.S. government, showed levels hundreds of times above normal; however, THE SMALL NUMBER OF SAMPLES PROHIBITS ANY CREDIBLE ANALYSIS OF TEMPORAL TRENDS AND SPACIAL COMPARISONS "

“This result SUGGESTED that radiation from Japan MAY have harmed Americans, thus meriting MORE RESEARCH”

Translation: we want more money!

Feel free to read the reasearch and make your own conclusions
This is not to say we have nothing to worry about and can merrily stick our heads in the sand, of course. Anyone simply visiting a normal supermarket can atest to the ammount and variety of poison people consume every day. It’s up to us to reclaim our health by what what we eat, by the use of zappers and other effective methods and spread that goodness in whichever way we see fit, for example by telling our neighbour about it or going out and gifting!


Thanks Carlos! THIS IS NOT A DEBATE!

The sole purpose of this post is to help the situation only, and to bring our fellow warriors together for one common cause my friend and nothing else.


I think debates (by definition) require that only factual information be used. The facts about Fukushima are very, very far from established, in my view. The same ‘alternative media’ people who say this is going to ruin the world are also the same ones who made that claim for hte alleged Gulf oil spill, please remember. AFter a few months the alleged oil spill simply stopped getting mentioned by these doomsayers.

This is an ancient tactic of the parasitic order. They run the ‘party line’ syndicate as well as the ‘alternative’ syndicate and it’s pretty easy to trace the connection if one is interested. Greenboots are not interested and in fact if you tell them that the Rockefellers fund all the major environmentalist organizations they’re probably going to want to punch you.

Also, funded studies are quite costly so only institutions are likely to conduct them. That’s why nobody’s done a comprehensive study of orgonite or zappers, for instance. I don’t expect either of those to happen until after the global parasite has been exposed and dislodged, frankly. The very wealthy people who directly know about orgonite are sure afraid to fund something like that at the moment but it will come later when the environment is safe enough and you can bet nobody is going to call on these ‘alternative’ chump, institutionalized scientists and academics to participate

Louis, in my view the more grassroot observations in Japan have more merit than any of the claims and studies that have you so bothered about this. I’ve never heard of anyone (reputable) with a Geiger counter in the US taking measurements of radiation. There was a Japanese guy, for instance, who had a real time video feed of a radiation counter that was at his house. He lived directly downwind of Fukushima (prevailing wind) and the counter showed background radiation that was normal the entire time.

The ‘war on terror’ started failing to terrorize the PJ folks right about then, if memory serves, so the corporate order have been casting about for new scenarios to make us all hopeless and afraid.

If you have a geiger counter and are measuring very high readings that’s another story but we still can’t determine, just from that, whether the source is Fukushima.

i think that in the interest of discernment everyone is obliged to hold the media (including ‘alternative’) and academic doomsayers accountable when they make any claim at all and they’re all over this Fukushima thing, which I’m not at all convinced is a problem, yet.

The internet is a better medium for discerning these things but the voice of truth is often imperceptible, even here. The programming by the Rockefeller-funded ‘green movement’ (the ‘alternative’ media you mentioned) is so pervasive that I think most of us won’t even question the claims that come from that organization.

See the similarity between the way the global warming scam is promoted and the way that th Fukushima claims are also promoted? I don’t know why that’s not more obvious by now.

At any rate, Carol and I know from direct experience that simple orgonite neutralizes radioactive material quite fast, even in the body. I don’t suppose that our knowing that (from repeated experience and feedback from others) makes any difference at all to someone else, though. My hope is that we at least challenge people to experiment with this on their own.


Thank you my friends.