Research into ether physics

l started this a few days ago, and finished it this morning.

Allright warriors here comes the chinese year of the monkey, and the new year of 2016, and with it comes our flying capabilities acheivable with plasma technology, a la Keshe Foundation. I hope you have been keeping up with the Knowledge Seekers workshops, if not do not worry it will be simple to understand soon.
As a child I was drawn into the fold of UFOs and saucers. At 6 years old I took out every book on ufos that I could. When I got the internet I did the same reading up like Fox Mulder from the x files . WHenever I was asked what I was going to do with my life, I said I wanted to go to space. My teachers told me I “weren’t smart enuff” to be an astronaut. What that meant really, was I not a robot and was not very good at keeping a lie going. Like Hitler said, Make sure its a really big lie than no one will believe you made it up, repeat over and over.
In the recent season of X files( Sound effects lies), they started the season, with both characters not believing in the extra terrestrial existence, but having the feeling they were being led along a wild goose chase. It is out in the open now that most saucers are of terrestrial origin, leading me to believe what I suspected all along, men. If a man had a saucer what could he do? Look what has happened around the world because such things don’t exist…

In the 94th Knowledge seekers workshop of the Keshe Foundation, Mr. Keshe says and I quote,
“We have seen, with a lot of shame, the same people who have started the Third Reich in Germany, making fun of the Keshe Foundation, which is investing heavily in Africa. Your times are finished.” starts at about 26:30.

There is sufficient evidence and research showing the connection with saucer technology and the nazis. This technology, before it can free and integrate the world, it has to disintegrate, and break apart, we have to come to the awareness as a body, humanity. It is the natural form of growth. They allegedly made a deal with off worlders to harvest our energy.

I mention this because, as a gifter of tactical orgonite, I would enjoy the leisure of floating around freely in my flying saucer craft, using plasmatic, gravitational and magnetic forces, to gift my side of the country in a day. Quick as lightning. You can easily imagine flying and riding freely in a simple designed plasma. As gifters we have had to deal with the off shoot of Third Reich (Fascist, GREEN, Socialist ideology) systematic gang stalking and electronic harassment, because of our alignment towards individual freedom, and personal responsibility. The corporate ideology is one of passing the buck. The old powers are no longer.
Fortunately their are a million ways to skin a cat, and in reality many more ways than that. Keshe has unlocked the information on how matters and energies are created on the physicality of this environment. As we know environment is everything. Is it a wonder why the corporate odor has systematically, created Giant Orgone Pucks called Churches Temples and Cities? Why do these creations lie on the heart beats and crossroads of the earths energy waves?
It is becoming apparent the answer is mind control and weather manipulation. Simply put the church’s and center buildings, though they may not even have an apparent “holiness” to them to, the sheer size and construction of these large devices, churn and even store energy. A building is a sort of capacitor. A Leydan jar will show this principle. Vary the construction, and you create a different effect. In one of James Burke Connections show, he shows a certain cathedral made entirely out of germanium. Each substance has a different expression of the universal energy.
By placing orgonite near these DOR generator it creates a more peaceful and serene condition, and the purpose of these buildings can no longer act on the environment in a negative way. I think it has been shown again and again, that when we place simple cheap effective orgonite near a death tower (cell tower) it becomes more powerful than before, an orgone generator. And when these are turned on it only creates more and more POR.

It is my belief all the important discoveries of our people, has been simple and efficient and near free and easy. All that is required, is effort, elbow grease. Like Orgonite, I feel the Keshe process of nano coating will help unlock many mysteries of flow and charge. The electronic medium will finally become a thing of the past. Electricity is like a spark in reality, thats all it takes to have a fire, same thing with electrical generation. Many people look for a savior to save them. Asking these people to throw orgonite to make an effective positive change in their life is like asking them to get their teeth pulled. They would rather continue feeling sorry for their lot in life, than make a positive change for themselves. Most of the trouble I see is from people trying to fix things.
Things are changing because orgonite and things will soon change using Kehse nano technology. It is all in the shape.
Why is a cup useful? I am going to create a thread that ties a bunch of different topics, seemingly unrelated into a user friendly HOW TO MAKE A UFO, that a kid could do it. Its been my dream and now its birthed by M.T. keshe for everyone who would work towards it.
One of the Fascist protocols is the complete destruction of anti grav tech, the scientists behind it and the indoctrination that antigravity doesn’t exist. NO THE MAGNET WILL NOT HOLD A PIECE OF PAPER TO YOUR FRIDGE LONGER THAN YOUR LIFETIME! Ideas like that were drilled into me at a young age. Keshe has effectively stood up to the bullies and assassins and they are scared mkids in reality with no truth or power behind them. By publicly denouncing them its almost as detrimental to them as orgonite near death towers, and eps at underground targets.
So I was reading the other day some more info on Hitler and his Love child on some stupid tabloid sight. It caught my attention. Half of all the world fascists, indeed probably more than half, are dictators in their own homes. The people who brought down the standing regimes? Their own family. They can lie to the world but in reflection it will look like the play of a Shakespearean tragedy at the end, or is it comedy? Any way so it led me to read about hitler more. Apparently while in prison he read a book " Vril, the power of the coming race." by sir Edward bulwer Lytton. someone wrote it was the book that inspired his ethnic cleansing policies. After reading the book it made me think about a post on etheric warriors a few years ago The symbol of the Enemy. It was a picture of and SS in thunderbolt pattern, with Vryl or Vril on it. The poster was saying that our enemy was the vrill.I could be wrong in my interpretaiton. Now in the book, Vril is the force( Orgone), behind all living things, this humanoid subterranean race could apply at will. Some of us have the ability to channel it through our thumbs. I remember or perhaps dreamed Don had asked me to write about the vril. At the time I could not but now I feel is a much better time.
Some of the Third Reich actors, were also in the Vril society, which was the secret society that created the NAZI BELL. Thier most coveted possesion. With it the psycopath’s could get away with their nefarious plans that are well documented on the internet. Indeed america is where the anti grav tech was/ is produced on a mass scale. The pseudo-mason,zionist, frat boy pscyhopath’s gatherings having there electronic control technology turned on them. They used to fly undetected to the places of their choosing selecting their victims at a whim. Now every place is becoming monitered 24/7 and everyone is suspicious. What happens in a war? Things happened that no one will talk about, and how would you start? A lot of destruction but then rebirth, The thing is life lives. The internet was created to control but it is not working.
So I thought that the vril was the reptilians, and that they used VIRAL technology to create the walking dead so to speak. I think after reading the vril the power of the coming race my mind has changed. Even these subterranean Vril ya were afraid of reptilian monsters. It is curious. And becase the writer was probably a esoteric writer, writing in code, the VIRL stands for VITRIOL and a curious drawing. Indicating a middle earth or the endless hollowness of existence and the world.
Each of the Vril-ya were taught as a young children to construct their wands with special metal, hollow pipes with attachments, (crystals coils layering?), that were directed to control the vril energy. It is a strange and interesting tale, and with the amount of strange and interesting tales that exist it is very good to put in the wait and see file. It makes me think of Star wars and the light sabers the force users would each have to construct for themselves.
Here are some links that tie in this hollow-ness theory.
Joe explaining magnetic phenomenon:

Joe is great. He knows more about things than anyone alive publicly sharing info. I recommend watching all his videos.

Jessie Johnson Permanent magnets: 1

2 Galen winsor:

Galen winsor is a nuclear genius, he explains a lot about the con of nuclear weapons. He makes some interesting points.

And Keshe : 100th knowledge seekers
Keshe information is very helpful and timely. It is a very effective way to nano-coat to make super conductive material. All at room temperature.
I would like to add a note that there will be an international meeting discussing the use and applications of the Keshe material to help humanity. The nano coating process was shown to be used with steam bath lye solution, then steam coating solution, then the drying process over weeks in which, you charge the direction of the crystalline structure that grows on the metal. Then it was shown one could use fire and water to cause a nano coat. Even GANS is a suitable nano coating. It makes me think of orgone. The layering is like the Cavernous effect of Grebbenikovs bugs, and the layering of inorganic and organic material to absorb the orgone. After all Reich was thrown in jail, murdered, and the CIA used all his information to place a severe and brutal mind control system that is now breaking down. This is a war and like a cornered beast, the parasite will try to dismantle any threat it deems necessary.
Keshe has shared publicly about the threats and individuals trying to intimidate him into not releasing the information to create simple effective plasma ships. Unfortunately they are too stupid to see that he already has. The starship formation seems to be important, and if you have a mind and a heart you will probably be able to “figure it out”. The interaction between different fields, creates different things. There is a treasure of information waiting to be tapped. To be able to visit far distances instantly is a right given from the creator.
My experience growing up was playing hundreds of hours of video games. One of the most outstanding was Resident Evil. When I was younger I just thought it was a game. Not real. Make believe. Now I realize that it was indeed hidden in plain sight. It is a large parastie feeding machine, civilization. There are special viruses that cause brain dead ZOMBIES aka pajama people. I am was one too, my family has had the same “treatment” Program" It was not my choice to wake up so to speak. I mention this because the artist based his center of the story around a family and a mansion in the original, and it held the headquarters of UMBRELLA company. aka monsanto. Well Allegedly is in KANGAROO COURT in the EU being held for crimes against enviroment and humanity, though any sane individual realizes a corporation can’t rule against itself, which is making money and killing people. It seems ogonite is capable in the political field. If one want’s the current regime to hold accountability then gift the suckers out of them.
The only reason I mention this is because the parasite can only move with fear in the shadows so to speak by proxy. Fighting back is the only option.
Fortunately the internet is bringing on their demise. Keshe has stated in a few knowledge seeker workshops of coming earth changes. There has been an increase in volcanic activity and earthquakes around the world. He states the continents will shift and that he has to share his knowledge for preparation. I would ask anyone interested to look into the foundation and starting learning. I am not trying to cause fear, just, it is very interesting to note. Definately going in the wait and see.
Thanks for reading, stay safe,
Alexander O’Brien aka Happybutterfly

Happybutterfly, you evidently don’t know about the agreement we all have not to preach our personal ideologies, here. You may have complete confidence in Keshe and he may, in fact, be entirely legitimate but when you promote him/her on our forum many of our readers logically will assume that we are all his/her followers and that believing this person’s claims is an essential part of one’s commitment to orgonite fieldwork.

Ultimately, such promotions tend to degrade the quality of this forum effort, just so you know. The fundamentalist Christians, here, have agreed not to preach their ideologies, as have the Muslims, Hindus and atheists so I think it’s fair enough to insist on this rule.


I really don’t want to bust anyone’s B@!!$, here, so maybe I can soften the blow:

We personally know some incredibly remarkable and gifted people who we don’t promote on the forum because it would probably be a distraction to do so. Our personal lives are enriched for knowing them and what we learn from people like this can often be used to improve an effort like this.

There are some channelers who seem to be legitimately connected to benevolent entities but to promote channeling on this forum would open the floodgates for the CIA’s small army of less legitimate people to be promoted, here. Barbara Marciniak was promoting my zappers in the 90s when I was just getting started on the internet and she had a really interesting newsletter–a sort of predecessor to WikiLeaks.

It’s tough as hell to develop a good reputation in this world and takes very little energy for us to destroy it.

An orgonite flinger in Miami once complained to me about the newagers on the staff in the massage school where she was being trained. We commiserated, actually, and she told me that one time the students were in a particularly happy mood and one of those staff members came in and said, ‘The energy is really good in here.’ The mood disappeared. The new-agey teacher’s expression was like a fart in a crowded elevator. If I didn’t fairly respond whenever well-meaning EW contributors hold forth about past-lives comments, ‘we are all God,’ etc. we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation because the forum would have gone the way of every other orgonite forum since this started in 2001. Those memes are extremely powerful, partly because so few realize that they exist. When I started drawing attention to them in 2001 I don’t think I reached anyone but now there are a few people who feel, as I do, that it’s essentially important to out these subtle weapons in order to fully expose our species’ hiding enemy.

Now, more and more people have concluded, for instance, that Theosophy’s Great White Brotherhood are actually ‘the dark masters’–hideous parasites; ‘the ascended bastards.’ Wink

There are more than a few truly exalted people in the world, which is what Keshe may be, but I think they tend to avoid the limelight rather than seek a following. One of them who was a mentor for me in the 90s politely declined, several times, to be a guest on Oprah and he refused to promote himself in any way but every time he held a workshop the seats filled up very fast and many of these people traveled a long way. One time, he had an urge to go to Sedona and one of his students, who lived there, offered to help him advertise his presence. He simply said, ‘No, the right people will show up,’ and there was a constant parade of people who sought his healing and information.

I hope this helps.