Researching Email Protection

Something came to me last week about all the problems people are having with their email being hacked. Never reaching destinations, being delayed, whatever. I’d like your help and it might or might not work. I feel it should because this science is proven to work. And all I’m doing is putting two pieces together. Using the energy in Postive orgone to boost our electronic emails.
How would it fix the problem of hacking? I’m giving it a try to find out and hope others would like to experiment to.
Any email that goes out to a fellow member I include a photo of a succor punch programed to protect the email with love and strength and not allow anyone messing with it and make it invisible to prying eyes that are not supposed to be there. Simple eh?

Now I tried the strength from a photo of a 108 and it was about the same strength for me. I think a magic wand or anything with orgone energy would work. Help me and try it and get back to me please please.

Here is one more I thought of last night. I took a photo of a 108 and made it into a screen saver. Will the energy from that stop our computers from being hacked? I have one on every computer now. Will let you know and you guys let me know if you try this.

Do you doubt? OK What about vodoo dolls? What about people dowsing maps? I have a friend who makes a living dowsing maps for oil companies. Hmmmm It goes on and on.

Great idea!

I was looking at the abstract desktop patter on my mac and wondering about making a set along those lines with orgonite?

Coincidently the local 99p shop has the toy golden compass from the book/film of the same name (this was after seeing the complete set of the books for sale at the Sunday Market and explaining to the stallholder about radioncis). Toy dowsing/radionic hardware for kids? Wonder what it would take to get it to work.

Considering getting few to pass out as gifts.