Result of the intel/blast session to help Judy in Nairobi

(Don Croft) #1

[Judy Lubulwa Mwangi registered on EW but hackers are apparently standing in her way for now, My response is below her note to me ~Don]


(Please post this for me coz I can’t for the life of me figure out how to
do it. It says I don’t have permission to add content…?)

When I was 4 years old and we had guests at home, I’d close my eyes and
think that they couldn’t see me as I couldn’t see them. Am over my
shyness now, of course, but have still needed a lot of nudging from Don
to post and allow myself to feel “exposed”.

Don, I can’t tell you how excited and touched I am about receiving your
mail and reading your post. Thank you for sending me medicine and the
crowd zapper! I’ll be sure to track it. Am actually a little
speechless why and how anyone like that (top people in CIA, people in
government, etc) would want to harm little old me, even though I have
been aware of it for 22 years, just didn’t know for sure who exactly it
was. So I’ve been aware and not afraid. What I still need to learn is
how to hit back… I have read about having the succor punch and
thinking of love then directing the word “Yahweh” at the person – is
that what I need to do or is there more?

I am really grateful to all the people out there, Tracey and y’all (I
like this American word!) who have helped me get this info and worked to
neutralize the bad guys. On Sunday, I definitely started to feel much
better (after feeling attacked on Thursday) and even felt energised
enough to almost run to the mall yesterday… felt like good old days
when I was young and breezy. Needless to say, I want to know more about
what was seen, etc. My experience has been that I have been attacked
rather frequently and learnt to neutralize some of it, but they have
mostly turned loved ones; close relatives and friends against me in a
bid to isolate and to a certain extent disempower me. Being have
nurturer and half warrior by nature, a part of me feels a little tearful
and the other part says to these baddies: “this means war – you’ve done
this one time too many, and I’m not going to take it lying down any

For those whom I haven’t met, I am a 40 year young Ugandan lady who
lives in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. From an early age, I was aware
that I didn’t want to be a part of “the system” and desired to serve
humanity, to make a change especially in Africa. I know it sounded
grandiose to many, but I felt convinced that I had to be part of the
change that Africa so much needed, and that the change had to come from

I came across orgonite on and immediately wrote to
Don feeling excitement in my heart that we could make a change here.
Kenya is undergoing a severe drought after we have missed rains for five
seasons and I’d experienced this first hand when I visited a remote area
last year and saw how they had to walk 100 km for a few drops of murky
water. I knew I wanted to do something for them, but didn’t know what.

In response, Don kindly donated a couple of zappers to me which I got 9
days ago and happily started zapping away. I immediately noticed that I
was thirsty and needed to eat sweet stuff as well as I felt acidic. I
drunk lots of carrot juice that day and had a good excuse to indulge in
a little of my favourite black forest cake which I’d kept away from for
too long. Then I developed a runny stomach and was happy to be flashing
stuff out, but it didn’t really stop, and then came the severe headaches
on the left side of my head. Only it wasn’t just a headache, it was eye
ache, tootchache, stiff neck, shoulder ache, all rolled in one. Now
that got worse every day, and tummy aches were in the meantime keeping
me awake at night… After 7 days, I felt that I couldn’t take it any
more and that’s about the time Don mentioned that he’d get friends to do
a blast and check out my situation. In the meantime, I experimented
with stopping using the zapper to see if the pain could go away,
and it did, making me feel slightly better each day. I’ve tried what
Don suggested – to put the tail end of the zapper behind the ear where I
felt the pain (in case I had an implant or something), but it only
brought back the pain

I was a little frustrated because I kept telling people what the zapper
could do, and when they asked why I was sick if it was so good.
Fortunately, that didn’t discourage them from asking me to get them a
couple of zappers to try out! I thus found myself with promises to
supply about 30 zappers and endless orgonite, but with little knowledge
of how I’d get the money or means to get them!

I gave the other zapper to a friend who’s stopped taking medicine for
sinus trouble and feels great. His brother who has AIDS and is
paralysed on one side has started having feeling on that side and
practising to walk without a crutch. He gets stronger each day. And
the young man who works for me had instant relief from flu conjestion
whenever he used it.

My excitement about making more than the initial 10 pieces of orgonite
has been interrupted by waiting to get some money to spare for more
chrystals. They are imported from the UK and cost $4 for a small piece.
Don said I could break them to make TB’s so the next time I get some
I’ll follow that advice. In the meantime I have to look for more resin
as the artist I bought the 5 litres from – at an inflated price no doubt
– won’t show me where he buys it and most places I’ve looked have never
heard of it.

Am thrilled and filled with wonder every day to see a blue sky. It
started raining the day we first made orgonite and has been raining a
little every day. I put my pyramid under my bed because I get very
restless when I go to bed after midnight and wake up feeling cheated.
That is a thing of the past now. I feel that the orgonite settles me
down and I can feel refreshed even when I don’t get enough sleep.

I can’t wait to gift orgonite all over Nairobi and then the rest of
Kenya and Africa if need be. At last I can do something practical that
will truly make a difference in people’s lives. Am fed up of Africa
with begging bowls and imaciated children and women. I envision this
continent being filled with beautiful gardens and plenty.

I hope to gather enought funds to turn some 7 rooms at the back of the
house into an orgonite clinic, and some friends have promised to work
with me. That way we can probably make some money using the crowd
zapper Don is generously giving and use it to make and gift orgonite.
Too many people here suffer from AIDS and parasite related diseases.
Its the poverty and not being able to take care of themselves.

Georg, I hope to help you gift orgonite and sell your products here.

Am glad to be a part of y’all



Judy, I didn’t know you’re Ugandan but I’m sure not surprised [Image Can Not Be Found]

Another Uganda, Dr Paul Batiibwe, who runs a district hospital in his country, was in Nairobi for an extended visit last year and did quite a bit of gifting there, apparently. He and I did a lot together in Uganda when I was there and that was a lot of fun. Before long you’ll be connected with all the other African gifters. Salva Kirr in Sudan finally got his orgonite, by the way.

You’ll be getting plenty of assistance for now, don’t worry. Many of us wish we could experience what will be happening around you, so your victories will be our vicarious ones for now [Image Can Not Be Found]

Tracey is a terrific, very accurate psychic. You hadn’t given us permission to look in on you directly, so we hammered the CIA chain of infamy down to the level of that village witch who was doing you dirty. That one turned out to be not so bad–just using her skills to survive and had nothing personal against you.

I was surprised that the Brits weren’t involved with that but maybe they gave up by now and fobbed the ‘African problem’ (new gifters) off on the CIA [Image Can Not Be Found]

The effort to destroy Georg was far more intense than this one but it may get hotter for you. ‘We’ve got your back,’ though, as they say here.

When Tracey asked whether it’s okay ot look in on you a gradmother figure (departed, helpful soul perhaps) appeared and politely drew a curtain around you in response, saying to Tracey that she would take care of you and we shouldn’t worry. I thought you’d like to know that.



(Don Croft) #2

[I didn’t get around to asking Jacques to look into Judy’s posting difficulty so here’s something she wants to add to the thread. My comments will follow. ~Don]

Please post this for me too.

This is odd: I am logged on, but those words ‘new topic’ and ‘reply to post’
don’t appear at all at the bottom of the forum pages (or anywhere else for that
matter). I do notice a blank space where they should be. I’ve logged on from
different computers (I have a small internet cafe) but nothing changes.

Don your message has brought me much joy and tears.

I am happy to tell you that I am zapping again, without any negative effects!
Please explain to me HOW being psychically attacked makes zapping such a nasty

I look forward to meeting all your friends and doing stuff together. Tracey was
spot on by the way, about the women’s clinic. I don’t know the doc there or
anything, but there is a women’s hospital (the only one in Kenya actually) half a
kilometre from my home and they have my medical records because I went there for a
check up a few years ago. It’s a very small hospital and looks more like a

My late mum’s family found out about 10 years ago (through psychic means) that
they are direct descendants of the Kabaka (king of Buganda), and thereby were
princes and princesses. Apparently, as the story goes, a century or so ago, a
Kabaka hid his son(s) so that he wouldn’t be killed (by jealous relatives, or evil
forces who probably didn’t want him to ascend the throne). He gave the child(ren)
to a family who brought him/them up as his own and changed their names so that
they now belonged to an ordinary clan.

When they found out, mum and her siblings went to the palace to claim their
rightful names and place, and they were, indeed, acknowledged and accepted.
However, there has been some of embarassment about suddenly claiming to be royalty
at middle-age, and they have kept this information under wraps so they wouldn’t
raise eyebrows in society.

So basically, my brothers and I are supposed to have the title “Nava” before our
names, which means daughter/son of a princess.

About the British connection, I can say that I’ve not sensed them to be malevolent
toward me. Whenever I go to their embassy, I am received cordially and instantly
given a visa, unlike many Africans who get turned away. Of course being allowed
to go to their country doesn’t prove anything, I’ve just not sensed any negative
energy there. HOWEVER, the US embassy has been very hostile toward me the two
times I’ve applied for a visa, and I’ve actually felt “hit” by evil forces each
time I tried, so you just solved a puzzle for me.

Back to Tracey’s wonderful work, (cheers to you Tracey), I must say that I am
deeply touched. I lost my dear 70 year old mother 2 years ago. Mother was – no
IS – more of a fierce warrior for humanity than me and was very protective of me.
Out of her seven children, I was her last and I dare say, her favourite. I’ve
felt deeply, deeply pained at the way she went because it felt like she was done
in by evil forces, (even though I also understood that she had completed her
earthly mission in this dimension). So yes, Don, I needed to hear that, and know
its a typical gesture from her. It’s made me cry, but am so joyful to know it…

…looking forward to more zapping, more orgonite, great weather and a bountiful



Judy, I’m very glad to hear that MI6 isn’t gunning for you. The CIA are less competent, thankfully, and they’re more out of touch with African realities. The US State Department (embassies) is a branch of the CIA, of course. We’ll look around you tonight to see if they’re up to anything new. Generally, whenever one uses a zapper one feels better. The exceptions are the new chronic illnesses, which don’t really show up where you are becuase they’re caused by chemtrails, which are not spewed over Africa. It’s possible that you were poisoned, in addition to the voodoo assault. Lots of us get poisoned. Carol gets hit hard that way every time she gets on an airplane, for instance. Round the clock zapping neutralizes most poisons, even snake venom. The reason you’re getting smacked so hard is that they probably know that you’re going to accomplish a great deal of good in coming days, months and years. I’m arranging for you to get some blast coaching from Dooney so you can take care of the day to day psychic assailants on your own. We all have to do this, unfortunately.

Thanks for the history! I think Doc Kayiwa will be pleased to know about this because he’s been working for the current Buganda King lately, who seems to like him very much.