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It finally happened. I’ve been trying to get a measurement of RF output at a tower site and I finally got a reading today. It has been courious that of the tower sites gifted, none, until today, would register a reading on the Trifield meter in the RF scale.

https://s865.photobucket.com/albums/ab21 … 20901a.jpg
https://s865.photobucket.com/albums/ab21 … 20901b.jpg
https://s865.photobucket.com/albums/ab21 … 20901c.jpg

Has anyone had this experience?

Any idea what the implications are of this? Did you find that an ungifted tower gave off an RF reading whereas a gifted tower didn’t give off an RF reading?

Cool that you have the equipment and knowhow to test such things.


Hi John, thanks for your interest. This whole business of getting a reading on the meter has been a real puzzle. This was the first reading I’ve gotten at any tower site, gifted or not. I have gifted many sites but not ever received a reading on the meter in the RF band. It was discouraging to the point where I didn’t always remember to take the meter with me. So I may have missed one previously but the lack of getting a reading until now made me consider that maybe these towers are not turned on as yet.

Now, having found one, I’ll have to return to some of the gifted sites and see if a reading can be obtained now. It seems fishy to me for sure. I can’t say anything conclusive at this point. Followup will be telling because if I get a reading where I did not before it would indicate that up until now, they were not turned on.

It is confusing because at all the sites I’ve heard equipment running, cooling fans? but still did not get a reading on the meter. Now that I have found one with RF output that can be measured, I have to assume that the others were not running. I should also mention that even though no reading was obtained until now, I have felt the malintention of these places. I believe that dowsing confirmations may be a measurement of that malintent.

More data needs to be collected and I hope I can provide something more in the short term.

Yesterday five towers were gifted. RF output was measured. This was an interesting gifting because I thought I was going for two towers, but it turned out to be four at that particular location. The first was located a short distance from the group of three.

The first one was on private posted land. The landowner had allowed for the installation there obviously for compensation. It is in the first photo https://s865.photobucket.com/albums/ab21 … 901b-1.jpg
Continuing from there to the original objective which turned out to be three towers, I surrounded the area with TBs. Sadly, I should have had the foresight to charge the camera battery before setting out since it went dead on me there and I only got one frame of that location. Two towers like the one pictured https://s865.photobucket.com/albums/ab21 … 0902-1.jpg which were broadcast towers and had very high RF readings on the meter. The third tower was of the so-called “cell” variety.

I no sooner completed the layout of the TBs when I heard what I thought was a helecopter approaching. It turned out to be a small twin engine plane. It flew directly over. It was painted white with no markings. I kept my face turned away until it passed while making my way back to the woodsline.

Thankfully, the fifth tower was an easy toss from the vehicle. It was located right in a well-to-do area of homes. Was disappointed in not getting a photo of that as well as the previous three-tower array. I hate to return there but may in order to up-date and complete this report.

Some follow-up on how to read the meter and what it means so we can all understand what we are looking at…

https://www.cwa-union.org/issues/osh/art … D=27339127 This is the site for the Communications Workers of America. It contains the formula for determining how much radiation we are getting. If you refer to the formula you see that the measurement is made thus: the meter reads in milliwatts per cubic meter squared (mW/cm2=1/1000W).

So, a reading on the meter (bottom scale) of .2 is equal to 200Watts. The instruction on the back of the meter states that although hazard thresholds have not been established, studies suggest biological effects may begin to occur approximately .1 mW/cm2 or 100 Watts.

The best picture I’ve managed to get of the meter was at the OOB tower, my first successful reading. That was at .2 as can be seen https://s865.photobucket.com/albums/ab21 … 20901a.jpg

The reading taken last week in Scarborough at the tv antennas was near .3 https://s865.photobucket.com/albums/ab21 … 0902-1.jpg

The health effects described at the CWA site can relate the seriousness of the situation. Needless to say, by visiting these sites we are putting our exposure level into serious territory. These levels measured were taken from within 50 yards.

The only way I know to shield oneself from this radiation is to place yourself within a faraday cage.
So how to do that and still remain mobile? First thing I could think of is a chain mail suit with a grounding healstrap. Seriously.

Your comments are welcome. If you see anything that is incorrect, I don’t mind being corrected.


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