Rhone valley gifting between St-Maurice and Sion

The below report is by Laurent, who did did the gifting together with a new gifter: Frédéric.

Yesterday 3rd of March , full moon and total eclipse time , I and Frédéric met to do a little gifting in the lower part of Valais in St Maurice from the name of a roman commander of the Theban legion who was massacred with his companions because they turned to be christians in these old times. We went to the place that is the narrowest between two big and powerful mountains the Cime de l’Est and the Dent de Morcle at their very foot where the Rhone river is rolling its tumultuous flows.We planted on each bank a litttle bit on the heights one EP and 3 TBs in triangular config. This done we drove to Martigny where the Rhone and all the valley of Valais make an elbow. We choose a place in the plain in a fruit trees plantation that could be aligned on a straight line with St Maurice for a part and with Sion and the Valère basilica (already thoroughly gifted on previews days) on the other side at the very foot of an other fabulous mountain the Catogne (but not very high compared to the average heights of this region) which is said to hold a lot of cristals in it. For the whole work we found a very tender soil thanks to the heavy rains we got these last days.

To put a cherry on this cake, we went again to Sion where I wanted to give to the residences of these old farts of judges and politicians of my knowledge some TBs with lapis lazuli that according to Don were efficient enough to give them that old purge they deserve for such a long time .

Today March 4th the sky is blue and according to Marco who is living in a rather remote place of this gifting he could feel a good athmosphere all around.

We will continue our job next weekend with the heavy industrial zone with an oil refinery and chemical plants that spread on the plain further down the Rhone river until the already gifted Leman (Geneva) lake.


Congrats, guys! I think you’re the first ones to deploy orgonite with lapis in it! Cool

We’ll be buying a generous supply of little lapis stones from our Chilean compadres shortly in advance of our spring and summer political gifting campaigns. It will be fun to find out, directly, how little is required to get grand results.


Guys, Carol looked at Sion Castle, last night, and told me you’ve finished the job there. ~Don