Rick, the Local Free Energy Guy

A year ago, Eric Carlson emailed to say that a three-day free energy lecture and demonstration was about to be held at the Coeur d’Alene Resort, which is an upscale hotel not far from us. I’m not a cynical person but because Bedini’s name was associated with it I was underwhelmed and didn’t even investigate. I also assumed that the lectures would only interest people with technical backgrounds and nothing puts me to sleep faster than Bedini/Bearden technobabble can.

I’d been wrong about things like this in the past, though, so I just stuck it in my ‘wait and see’ file, assuming someone I knew who had direct experience with this would enlighten me, sooner or later.

The Russian gals closed their coffee shop a few months ago but before that, the wife of the fellow who hosted that weekend event had befriended them and, by extension, Carol. Carol wanted me to meet this woman because we’re both Ace of Spades according to the card diviniation program that Carol likes. I think Carol was keen to watch the dynamics and she wasn’t disappointed when I met Michelle in Irina’s kitchen and we had a fun conversation.

Somehow, Rick, Michelle’s husband, took an interest in our work and wanted to meet us so Carol and I went to their house for supper a few weeks ago. After supper, Rick took me to his shop, showed me his projects and expained his relationship with Bedini and Bearden.

It took that much for me to recognize that Rick had taken one of Bedini’s underwhelming offerings and turned it into a marketable free energy device: a perpetual battery charger at this stage but I got a strong impression that he’s one or two steps away from replicating Wilhelm Muller’s magnet-powered engine; probably only if he’ll manage to get out on his own and away from time-wasting distractions. There are plenty of unselfish people with capital who want to help him, so I’m not the only one who sees where he’s heading. Bedini did invent Surround Sound in the 70s, so he’s a real scientist/inventor but Rick ought to get full credit for what he’s done. Rick is the one who arranged last year’s event and he’s hosting another one at the end of this month (July).

If you’re interested and can attend, the particulars are on R-charge.com and I’ll be putting a link to that site on EW so that at least the NSA won’t as likely murder Rick at some point, as they routinely do to other free energy device inventors in North America and perhaps beyond whenever they’re ready to market their wares.

He assured me that the lectures won’t be technobabble and I know that’s true, since he’s the main lecturer and his only technical background was training to be a Volkswagen mechanic in Toronto. Bedini will talk for five hours at some point. Rick discovered Bedini’s forum, years ago, and volunteered a lot of his time and energy to turn the rotating magnet device that people on the forum were fiddling with into a perpetual battery charger. I don’t know where Bedini found his device but Wilhelm Muller had already perfected his magnet-powered engine in the late 1980s and many other inventors were attempting that at the time. Muller found the missing clue in his quest under the floor of the Vatican’s Egyptian Room in the early 1980s. Every invention is developed from previous inventions, of course.

Muller used to ask every visitor, ‘Do you believe in God?’ He shared openly with people who have faith in God and he was guarded around the fakers and open atheists [Image Can Not Be Found] but he had spent almost his entire youth in an SS (corporate) concentration camp in Germany, after all, so he was etherically streetsmart–loved his zapper but that was before I knew about orgonite or the protection available from reputable psychics. He was one of the happiest people I ever knew. Rick is also a person of faith and he’s giving away his secrets in a very public way in order to ensure his and his family’s safety–smart man. 99.999% of people will prefer to buy his products instead of make them but he sells various kits for now. Bedini, who is in charge of the business part, won’t keep anything in stock, so there’s a wait, unfortunately, at least for now. The market rules, fortunately, and Rick isn’t tied to anyone.

I think we can help him stay alive and safe by discerning and destroying, along the way, the NSA/CIA’s possible plans to erase him and if my hunch is right about his potential to create a viable magnet-powered engine for the market, that means we can help destroy the global energy cartel parasite. Destroying one cartel will probably cause the rest to fall like dominoes. Someone has to take that first market step successfully (alive), so why not Rick? I think the Chinese are also lining up to protect him but that’s another story.

For five hundred bucks you spend three days at the event, make one of the devices and eat all your meals at the posh resort, where out-of-towners can also stay. There are cheaper hotels nearby, too. We’ve got a full house that weekend, unfortunately, but camping space & a shower is available if you make it out here and attend the event. We’re only 20 miles from the event.