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One of the many benefits of a forward-facing, invitation-only, work-oriented internet forum effort is that we’re mainly concerned with reporting our impressions. Conformity and popularity are not essential considerations because the act of candidly stating our observations generates interest and satisfies curiosity. Also, since nobody’s making a lot of specific and proprietary claims we don’t feel particularly defensive. This allows us to be fairly relaxed when writing our reports and insights.

The comfort of relative obscurity, here, is another benefit and I’m confident that if Etheric Warriors ever becomes a heavy-traffic site we can maintain a casual, uplifting ambience.

Jeff McKinley and I motored the 24’ Zodiac across Florida, three days ago, and we got to observe some pretty striking confirmations of the double action of the little ‘powered’ cloudbuster and dropping an orgonite towerbuster each mile along the 140 mile route during a time when HAARP was trying to power up another hurricane nearby.

We were greeted by several dolphins at the beginning and end of that trip, by the way: bottlenose dolphins in the Loxahatchee River, downstream from Ft Myers in the west, in the morning, and spinner dolphins in the Atlantic at the end of the day. Apparently, the level of the Gulf of Mexico is several feet higher than the Atlantic, by the way. We went up about three on the way over and dropped eleven feet in the last lock on the St Lucie canal to the east. I’ve never heard of that–have you? Have you noticed that the sun is rising and setting way too far north, now? It’s amazing what never gets mentioned. For the past year or so the sunrises and sunsets were in order again, after a year or so of being quite erratic during a earth axis wobble. I think the compasses are off about ten degrees too, but I haven’t done any controlled experiments with that, yet. I wonder why the omnipresent internet Chicken Littles aren’t harping on this.

We had just tossed hundreds of towerbusters into the Gulf of Mexico along a ninety-mile stretch of coastline, north of Ft Myers from Tarpon Springs, across the entrance to Tampa Bay and down along Sarasota’s beaches to Venice, Florida, in a two-day period. A single Sylph managed to show up for awhile, right above where we pulled the boat out of the water near Bradenton, Florida, at the end of the second day but the sad sea was empty of fish and the air had an acrid taste from the perennial red tide along that stretch of coast.

If we were to formally claim credit, after it becomes clear, later on, that the red tide along that section of Florida coast has been cleared away by our orgonite gifts we would be met mainly with cynicism and even fury from experts and aggressively asleep PJ folks. The purpose of Etheric Warriors is rather to keep and share a record of simple work reports like this one so that the consistency and volume of these reports by obviously reputable EW members can be regarded as empirical evidence for the potency and power of simple orgonite to transform degraded environments into healthy, even pristine environments, full of life and ‘negentropy.’

Some simple evidences of our successes are undeniable. For instance, seismic activity at the Yellowstone Caldera essentially stopped the day Carol and I gifted the perimeter and seismic activity on Mt Rainier essentially stopped after Lauzu Kelly gifted some key vortices on that mountain. In both cases, the What To Think Network’s experts were predicting eminent eruptions and no mention of either location was made by them after we did our deeds. The What To Think Weather Channel’s talking heads were practically ejaculating while talking about Alberto’s probable destruction of Tampa, three days ago and now they’re behaving as though they’re experiencing coitus interruptus, now that the HAARP artifact has been deflated by our new orgone barrier off the coast.

Dr Reich taught that ‘emotional plague’ is what prevents people from looking fairly at new, simple truths and Lao Tse said, ‘When the foolish man hears about the Tao, he laughs out loud.’ What we’re all applying was called by Dr Reich, ‘the knowledge of the future.’ The future is definitely right now.

Entropy, defined by my Franklin electronic dictionary as ‘the degree of disorder in a system,’ and ‘an ultimate state of uniformity’ is the currency of the old, patriarchal world order. See how ambiguous that definition is? In common usage, entropy denotes ‘inevitable winding down’ and ‘using up irreplaceable resources.’ We say that we’re in ‘an entropy zone,’ when the more effort we put into accomplishing or ordering something, the more chaos results.

My Oxford dictionary offers an indecipherable, technobabble definition for the word. Maybe Colonel Bearden wrote that entry. For that matter, my Oxford Concise Encyclopedia doesn’t even have an entry for Wilhelm Reich. It’s a crapshoot to discover which uses Oxford scholarship has and which uses it hasn’t. Negentropy, which is a word LaRouche apparently made up, might be considered the opposite of entropy and it obviously characterizes healthy orgone’s effect on the environment and on life forms. LaRouche has said that ‘life is negentropic,’ and he exposed the scandalous habits of the world order’s experts, such as Newton, Malthus, contemporary economists and institutionalized, fascist environmentalists, of trying to persuade the PJ folks that life is rather all about ‘conserving our disappearing natural resources.’ Applying the programmed attitude of the world order’s academics is just like trying to navigate through uncharted waters by looking backward and when they attend a feast they’re likely to spend all their energy stuffing delicacies into their pockets. It may be cute behavior for squirrels but it’s not worthy of people.

On the west Florida Coast, just like on the East one, where we live, the Intracoastal Waterway runs along ‘behind’ the shore or in relatively sheltered water for the entire length. In most areas, there are boundary islands and ‘keys’ with lagoons behind them
and where a natural waterway didn’t exist, the US Army Corps of Engineers maintains canals. That’s a real boon to water travelers and cargo carriers who want to avoid the vagaries of ocean conditions. Over here, because of all the orgonite we’ve dropped in the sea and along the Intracoastal Waterway, rivers and canals for sixty miles or so, fish abound and there are fishing boats literally everywhere. When we started, late last fall, there were almost no fish and the water, now clear, vital and beautiful, was murky, dull and depressing. On the other coast, the only place people are catching fish is along the Intracoastal Waterway and in the rivers; people don’t even bother to fish in the Gulf where the red tide has established itself. It’s odd to be out in the water, there, and only see a few boats, all of which are just on their way to somewhere else. Over on this coast, for several miles out to sea, one has to constantly steer around boats with commercial and sport fishermen in them and also avoid their long trolling lines.

Environmentalists have been angsting and posturing impotently for years over the red tide, there. When people start fishing again in those waters, perhaps very soon, the evidence of our success will be clear to anyone, now that we’ve reported what we’ve done there.

Dolphins showed up close to the boat in the Gulf near the entrance to Tampa Bay at the end of our second day of ocean gifting. That day, Carol had dropped Jeff and I off at the north end of the day’s run and was on her way to pick us up near Bradenton, at the south end. A pod of bottlenose dolphins greeted us in the waterway after the first day’s ocean gifting run.

It’s always nicer when she’s in the boat with us because she tells us what the dolphins are saying to us and also clues in to the actions and communication of elementals. Both ‘species’ adore orgonite and apparently take a lot of our gifts to distribute more widely. Several psychic gifters have seen water elementals snatch orgonite before it disappears under the water.

The next morning she dropped us off at Sanibel Island, at the Loxahatchee River’s mouth, twenty miles downstream from Ft Myers, for our trip across the state. Lately, due to our rather sharp loss of revenue in May, we’ve had to be mindful not to use the boat any more than necessary because it only gets about five miles per gallon and gas has gotten expensive. So, fewer round trips in the boat are in order and it means someone needs to drop us off and pick us up. We prefer to do it all together (Jeff, Carol and I). The theft of forty gallons of gas from the boat, apparently by federal agents, during the first night of our coastal gifting sortie wasn’t noticed until we filled the tank at the end of the second day and, fortunately, we didn’t run out of gas at sea, which may have been the sewer rats’ intention. The digital fuel gauge on that boat is pretty misleading.

We saw a lot of bottlenose dolphins in the long estuary on Day Three. The last dolphin casually surfaced right in front of the boat and I slowed down immediately. I called Carol on the cellphone to ask her what he was trying to tell me and she said, ‘He wants you to be very watchful today.’ So we were particularly watchful after that and it paid off, as you’ll see.

The sky was completely whited out over us but the little cloudbuster, which we keep beside the driver’s bench, pointing up toward the right of our path, immediately started plowing a blue trough through the HAARP whiteout. For your information, when you see cumulus and other clouds below whiteout, the whiteout is caused electronically, not by chemtrails. I haven’t seen a chemtrail whiteout in our travels in over four years, due to the timely distribution of cloudbusters before that time. Four years ago, on an air trip from Seattle to Boston, I saw HAARP whiteout being formed ahead of the jet I was in. We were flying at 35,000 feet and the whiteout was considerably higher and quite thin, which is why it’s so bright and featureless. It’s depressing to see that, don’t you agree? In this case, it was part of HAARP’s regional effort to create a hurricane in the Gulf.

I’m glad that I developed the habit of constantly watching out the window when I fly because I get a lot of information that way. For instance, the whiteout I saw during that flight lasted all the way from North Dakota to Chicago, where we changed planes. It was clear, east of Chicago, and I saw a couple of unmarked chemtrail jets over Pennsylvania. The jets looked quite small because they were flying very far below us and the chemtrails were light brown when seen from above, not white, as they are when seen from below. Their spew was slowly disappearing, by the way, even though Pennsylvania probably only had one or two cloudbusters back then. It’s one of the last states to get a lot of cloudbusters in it. I don’t know why this catches on fast in some states and slowly in others but if you consider that every American state is actually a nation it’s easier to see why there are differences. Not even the What To Think Network seems capable of erasing those distinctions on the way to ‘entropy.’

The forward end of the blue trough we were creating in the HAARP whiteout on our way across Florida ‘shredded’ the white layer and Sylphs started forming right behind the shredding. That happened all the way to Lake Okeechobee, which is approximately in the middle of the state. We were dropping a towerbuster every mile on this trip.

It became evident after about sixty miles that the main impetus in forming the blue trough was the water gifts because the trough in the whiteout formed evenly in front of us after that, rather than just to the right. As we approached the lake we saw a big, black thunderhead in front of us, which simply disappeared before we got closer to it. About that time, there were six ‘waves’ of white cloud matter in the middle of the blue trough, toward the forward end and by the time we got to that horribly polluted lake the blue trough had completely disappeared. The first lock we entered, about twenty miles from the lake, filled up with fish. Our fishfinder’s screen was literally covered with them. The lock close to the lake had almost no fish in it and the lake, itself, was almost devoid of fish, though there were people fishing along the canal around the perimeter of the lake to the south and east. We later got the impression that the fish in the first lock were escaping the lake.

We were able to find the dredged channel that went into the big, shallow lake from the canal at the southern end, so crossed diagonally northeast to the entrance of the St Lucie canal and lock. Most of the navigable part of that lake is only eight feet deep. Our Zodiac draws two and a half feet with the motor down. On our way across the turbulent water for fifteen miles, the cloudbuster and water gifts obliterated another black storm in our path but it didn’t touch the whiteout for the rest of the way across the state. That evening, Carol and I saw on the What To Think Weather Channel that HAARP was trying to create a hurricane in the Gulf, calling the storm, ‘Alberto.’ If you were watching that channel you saws the storm suddently get destroyed when it reached the coast. Since most of the HAARP facilities in that area are still operational (nobody’s done any extensive gifting on that coast, yet) I’m confident that our water gifts destroyed the storm’s momentum there. As HAARP continues to try to create violent storms in our region, let’s see if that pattern gets repeated along the coastal areas we’ve gifted at sea.

Also apparent was the fact that the related storms were being depleted on their northward path when they reached the line of towerbuster we laid across the state and , of course, in the area where Jeff and we put a lot of orgonite in the inland and oastal water around here the storms remain relatively passive. I don’t think the digital editors of the What To Think Weather Channel even bother to try to camouflage that any more. People that we talk to about weather warfare and our solution to it are listening these days. Maybe you’re having the same happy experience where you live. I’m told that more and more callers to What To Think’s C-Span Channel are saying ‘Throw the bums out’ when they talk about Congress. I’m waiting for the happy day when someone gets the word,’treason’ past the CIA-employed censors on that channel in the looped, ersatz-live broadcasts. Their ten-second delay gives the censors and/or compromised or extorted hosts a chance to cut off anyone who says something really substantive, just like the way it’s done on all of the talk radio call-in shows. On the radio shows Carol and I were interviewed on the only interference was with our phone connection and mobile household phones. I think landline phones are the only reliable way to discuss sensitive material on a radio talk show. CIA, FBI and NSA sewer rats are literally everywhere, interfering with communication now.

That show, hosted by a French Canadian woman in Vancouver, BC., was broadcast in Western Canada and the American Northwest, also simulcast on the internet. A large stepvan parked on the street outside the broadcaster’s window and she was beamed rather savagely, then, making her feel sick and disoriented. Fortunately, Carol and I had learned to toss energy by then and we smacked them hard enough to make them stop and the host felt better after that. That show didn’t use the tape loop and there were plenty of informed callers, also a couple of MDs who tried to set traps for us when they asked about our zappers. I got emails from several more of these or other white-coated serial killers for a week or so after that. I don’t make unsubstantiated claims, so their traps remained empty.

A year before that, in November, 2002, Kanya Vashon McGhee interviewed us on Harlem’s internationally popular Blake Radio Network and Kanya, too, doesn’t use tape loops. That three-hour program, which is simulcast on the internet, is what first generated interest in orgonite among Africans, by the way, and Carol and I followed through on our promise to visit Kanya in Atlanta, Georgia, and disable all of the death towes and HAARP arrays in that city. The FBI directly threatened Kanya and our other Black acquaintances and friends in Atlanta to dissociate from us after a couple of weeks of making orgonite in Kanya’s garage but it was pretty gratifying to be able to say absolutely anything we wanted to say on those two programs and to answer callers. If you feel inclined to harsh judgement about our Black friends caving in to the FBI’s threats, please put yourself in their position, if you can. Whites in America have a semblance of recourse to this sort of overt tyranny but non-whites don’t, simply stated, and non-criminal, non-whites predominate in the vast American Gulag Archipelago or are simply murdered by police and CIA-sponsored gangs. America has never been a free nation for non-whites but if we will have our way, it will be before very long.

How different those underground broadcasts are from the What To Think Network, typified by Coast to Coast AM and Jeff Rense’s syndicated radio show. Featured guests have to formally agree not to discuss ‘sensitive’ subject matter (read: unadulterated truth). Jeff Rense tried assaulting orgonite cloudbusters for a month on his radio talk show in early 2003, but he stopped doing that abruptly after it became apparent that this sudden public attention substantially increased the number of cloudbusters in the listening areas. Anyone who builds a cloudbuster still gets visited by unlawful helicopters, of course, so you know this fake government is keeping track of the numbers, owners and locations a lot better than we can. Ignoring us all has been a wiser course for the What To Think Network but it’s not very proactive and, meanwhile, this very loose, grassroot orgonite network continues to expand and refine itself across the world, against the odds, which is the best indicator, to me, that The Operators are conducting the expansion.

One of the tricks to avoiding personal blame in the popular, dysfunctional exercises that pass for ‘self realization’ and ‘conflict resolution’ among the institutionalized Pajama People actually works pretty well, here, to avoid public blame by paid and programmed sociopaths.

That is, we’re all only telling about our feelings. We’re mostly reputable, so our physical observations are honest, however astonishing they seem, and the consistency of our collective reports, over a wide range of conditions, locations and applications constitute empirical evidence. To the unbiased observer, these evidences are more interesting and leave deeper imressions than cold, lifeless lab experiments could do. The reports also inspire the observer to action, which is the main purpose of this board effort. Maybe later on someone will do some lab experiments, for instance on orgonite’s ability to neutralize radioactive material in a short time. Can you imagine the obstacles and even physical threat that might be thrown in the path of any scientist who wishes to perform this simple experiment and report it? I think that risk would be on par with the danger of publicizing the success of the scores of free energy engines that already exist but remain hidden from the open market for now.

Institutional, materialistic science is an illusion, based on the myth of objectivity and ‘immutable laws,’ a la Newton, who was essentially irrational, by the way, and balanced out his materialistic harumphing with naked, fake mysticism in his personal life. LaRouche claims that the only bits of Newton’s work that make sense were plagiarized from Leibniz, his German contemporary who balanced the math and physics components in his presentations with genuinely spiritual insights and observations. In Leibniz’ more complete paradigm, physical science is a reflection of divine order; in Newton’s London-sponsored paradigm, physical science is the basis for the denial of Divine order. Darwin and Marx were later employed by London’s propaganda arm, headed by Lord Thomas Huxley, to flesh that paradigm out some more and strike at the root of human culture’s Divinely-originated aspect.

Thomas Malthus, a clergyman-turned-economist, was employed by the British East India Company, not long after Newton was paraded, to persuade the world that England’s rape of India was actually just India’s ‘overpopulation’ which led to subsequent mass starvation and look at how the overpopulation myth still has a stranglehold on PJ-clad intellectuals, even now. The truth is that the Company forced India’s farmers to grow opium poppies instead of food in order to get some short term profit and enough opium to subvert the population of China. Queen Victoria, who apparently had a conscience, along with forbidding slavery in the empire also disbanded the British East India Company when she found out about their practices.

The Bush family’s wealth was established in the drug trade in those days, by the way, and notice that they’re still active in that business, now, keeping large banks to launder their dirty money.

The vast, relatively new deserts of the world, which we’re in the process of reversing in a timely way with orgonite, can hold several times the number of people who are already living and more intelligent farming practices, which are already well-developed, can get more food from the soil while building up the soil, itself, so it will be centuries, even with unchecked population growth, before we need to be concerned about ‘resources’ on our lovely planet. I’m convinced that technology (including hyperdimensional travel and free energy engines) already exists for us to colonize and perhaps even terraform other planets.

These are mostly simple, obvious truths that you’ve never heard mentioned on the What To Think Network or by any of your college instructors. The entire, current population of the planet could be comfortably housed in Texas, which looks like a postage stamp on the globe.

All of the Boston Brahmin families became wealthy in England’s dope and slave trade. Part of America’s cultural schizophrenia is seen in the way these old, faux-aristocrat families are given respect by the What To Think Network and academia. During the Revolution they all fled and temporarily relocated to Nova Scotia to avoid prosecution on behalf of their support for London but they returned in force, not much later, after an infested Congress and a few treasonous Presidents (starting with Jefferson) enabled the resumption of insidious, incremental and parasitic rule of America by the City of London.

London-sponsored thugs like John D Rockefeller, Theodore Roosevelt and Joseph Kennedy carried that tradition into the twentieth century. I don’t think that criminal tradition will survive much longer in this century, though.

Throughout our recent water-gifting safari the heat and humidity were oppressive, probably due to the extensive efforts of HAARP to build up that storm in the Gulf. Just like parasites in the body have to introduce enough DOR to degbilitate the whole body in order to create even a small local infection, HAARP and perhaps the world order’s vast armada of allies above the atmosphere, have to degrade a huge region in order to create a HAARPicane. Like Reich concluded, I suspect that spaceships play a huge part in the HAARP agenda, though it would be dead in the water without the countless thousands of HAARP arrays on the ground that have been proliferating since the early 1970s.

Jeff and I were astonished to discover that on our way south from the St Lucie River to Jupiter, a fifteen mile trip along the Intracoastal Waterway, the atmospheric oppressiveness suddenly lifted about eight miles from where we live and the water became vital and lovely there. We were going to come south along the coast but the Zodiac is quite uncomfortable when driven into head seas and the water was pretty choppy. We did discover that the previously brown and dead water outside the river’s mouth, a result of an apparently unregistered nuke plant underground at a hidden base on the north end of Jupiter Island, had become crystal clear and was a beautiful aqua color. We could see the bottom in sixteen feet of water, there. A few weeks ago, when that water was ugly brown and opaque, in spite of the gifting we’d done out there. At least the water around it was looking good, back then.

A few weeks ago we gifted that coastline, again, then dropped Jeff off on the island’s built up ground (they dumped the excavated sand there when they built the underground base and it’s inaccessible by road) to put some earthpipes in the ground. It seems apparent that the earthpipes were what finally caused the water in the sea nearby to clear, perhaps by simply shutting down that nuke plant.

A peculiar aspect of orgonizing the atmosphere is that, even though the temperature and humidity level may remain the same, the atmosphere just seems more comfortable. I wonder if this is a partly a function of higher atmospheric pressure. My barometer remains steady within a very narrow range at the higher end, regardless of atmospheric conditions. I think that’s due to the presence of the cloudbuster. The only time in the past year that I saw my barometer’s needle drop was when HAARP managed to throw Wilma at us, which was only a tropical storm by the time it arrived, by the way. Judging by present HAARP activity, I doubt they’ll be able to repeat that crime here. Wilma bitch-slapped us two weeks after our arrival and we had only tossed some orgonite out at a couple of local beaches.

We got here at the end of last summer and the heat was nearly intolerable to us, even though we had just come from a hot place (Spokane, Washington, not hell). Now, it’s suddenly just as hot as then. The winter was quite mild. We live in an air conditioned house, too, so we haven’t actually acclimated to high heat and humidity. Anywhere outside our own small area where lots and lots of orgonoite has been tossed into water the same heat and humidity still feel oppressive.

I’m hoping that more posters on EW will overcome that entropic assumption that nobody wants to know what we have to say because it’s outside of the popular paradigm. I share that sad syndrome but I’m struggling against it. For instance, I’m pretty sure that nobody wants to pay to read what I have to say but I took a leap of faith and wrote a book, which is at the publisher now. Please follow my lead and write everything that’s on your mind, okay? Notice that it’s refreshing to exercise a little bit of catharsis by saying what’s on your mind about the dynamics of orgone and the power of orgonite.

I wouldn’t have invited you to post, here, if you were a flibbertigibbet or were delusional, so give yourself some more respect, please, and spill your guts for us all [Image Can Not Be Found] This isn’t an open membership board, where a horde of clever, omnipresent Monarch-programmed sociopaths hunt the scent of self esteem and pounce on any poster who dares to express something substantive or instightful. This board is rather a rare commondity on the English language segment of the internet right now; a genuine place to share insights without fear of censure. We need to appreciate and exploit this opportunity.




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