Risky-Gifting In Amerika To Booger Martial Law

Don Croft
24 Oct 2008 16:33
Subject: Risky-Gifting in Amerika to Booger Martial Law
Carol’s about to start her blogging and has been making notes to herself, pending Coach Dooney’s technical instruction with the blogsite that the Coach set up for her (Thx, Dooney!).

This morning, she told me that there’s a very, very urgent issue that needs to be brought up and it can’t wait until her blogsite is going. I want to be sure you know that this came from her.

Last week the Operators told her pretty insistently that we Americans need to be sure that all the federal government institutions are well gifted before the fake elections, Nov 4.

See, the feds know that they’re losing power so fast that they’re going to probably need to do something pretty overt in order to stop the hemorrhaging that’s going on. They need to scare the Pajama People into accepting and supporting something like martial law so they can enforce all that treasonous, Hitlerian legislation that the US Congress excreted, immediately after the feds blew up the World Trade Center. Seven years without any successful ‘followup’ false flag attacks is a long time to wait to blatantly enforce this legislative horror, don’t you think?

So, there’s a week and a half (if you haven’t already done so in your town) to gift the federal building, the copshop, courts, jail(s), Social Security Administration, Homeland Security Bunker, US Coast Guard (they’re now part of Fatherland Sekurity), Mormon & masonic temples, ad nauseum, in your town if you want to do your bit to deflate the imminent federal turgidity. Cool

As it stands, you can hopefully see that the feds have lost their cohesiveness, partly due to a lot of surgical gifting, partly due to Peking shortening this murderous regime’s foreign leash, but mostly due to the fact that so many people are just gettting tired of being governed by felons, finally.

If you live in a town where the Top Political Parasites’ real estate hasn’t yet been gifted, this is a good time to get it done. Any time after the fake election is good, too, of course.

Carol wants me to remind you that all of the fed and fed-nurtured buildings have cameras around them, also uniformed drones watching the monitors, so do your gifting prudently! Get close enough that the orgonite all around the property will influence the parasites and felons inside but not so close that some blackshirts will disappear you, of course. Have fun with it! Be creative and listen to The Operators when they’re giving you intuitive instructions, as usual.

I don’t know how important this is outside the US, though this ugliness is a global agenda, of course. I think that John and Rich’s outstanding gifting work in the City of London (the financial hive, sometime center of this stinking world order before it moved to Peking, recently) has struck at the root of this Behemoth in a way that most of us will probably never equal.

The Washington, DC, hive (all of the big buildings/institutions) on the big inverted pentacle (marked by major streets) has been pretty thoroughly gifted by several folks, including Eric Carlson and me. I hate to think of how horrible this government would still be if that hadn’t been done in a timely way.

I think the necessary Stage One of global gifting has mainly been about the new death towers and the weather weaponry. Stage Two might be sea gifting but in terms of volume and human-hours, surely Stage Three is about massive distribution of simple orgonite. Note how all this overlaps: most of the milliions of death towers are still not yet gifted and since there might be even more of them on the seabed the challenge is compounded.

Anyone who can get to teh sea ought to take along plenty of orgonite for the dolphins and whales to distribute, of course.

Toronto metro area is the first big city to receive massive-scale orgonite distribution (at least one per block) but it might take this measure in all of the major cities to ensure the demise of the corporate world order.

Right now, the world order is expending a lot of resources, keeping orgonite out of the purview of the general populace but at some point their efforts will fail and backfire. That will be the next to the last step of replacing this world order with an organic planetary order, based on individual accountability and sovereignty. We’re a lot closer than most people dare imagine.

We’ll see Dooney and Stevo on Nov. 5, the day after the fake US election. Shortly after that, Carol (she’s never gotten comfortable with posting on a forum) will be telling things directly instead of filtering it all through her old man. I hope you’ll be relieved Wink


Don Croft
24 Oct 2008 16:40
Subject: Re: Risky-Gifting in Amerika to Booger Martial Law
I should mention that right after Carol suggested that I post about this, our server crashed Cool so we drove over to the coffee shop and I posted it. The $#!+bird agencies apparently have several psychics on us around the clock, these days. As you hopefully know, none of their electronic surveillance works when you’ve got a Succor Punch running. By the way, the reason I advise not having a zapper that doubles as a Succor Punch circuit is that if you’re earning your etheric pay, the feds or their foreign $#!+bird colleagues are hitting you with electronic weaponry, full time surveillance and occasionally poison (usually bioweaponry–easy meat for any zapper). The circuit won’t run both devices at the same time and they both need to be on in those circumstances.

The Etheric Warriors server in Chile crashed for a workday, this week, after we’d spent several evenings in the chatroom, systematically tormenting this stinking world order’s currently primary offensive etheric weapons, ‘the two old hags.’ We’ve had to do this more often becuase they’ve been teh ones who are directly interfering with our livlihoods (Dr Stevo, Carol and I, Georg in Africa, Carolien in Holland and Andy Schwarm) with their filthy magic. I’ll be so glad when we’re finally left alone. More on that in another post Wink but I’ve always said, ‘If you want to get a job done, go find a woman or two!’ This maxim apparently doesn’t work reliably for the corporate patriarchs’ predators, fortunately.


Don Croft
24 Oct 2008 20:11
Subject: Re: Risky-Gifting in Amerika to Booger Martial Law
Carol and I are not Pollyannas; we know that the federal government is still a serious threat to the American public and well beyond our borders. They’re slaughtering people in several countries right now, after all, and they clearly wish to do the same to you and me.

One of the more curious effects of orgonite, though, is that it puts predators off balance. In your community (assuming you’re in teh USA) are perhaps hundreds or thousands of federal employees and their sycophants who have been promised that they will get a chance to lord it over all the rest. You’ve probably seen the shaved-head cops with scowls on their faces, dark glasses and body armor every day. Can you imagine what the Pajama People would do if these guys were transported back to teh 1920s? They’d probably be shot before sundown because, in those days, Americans actually still had some freedom and they knew it.

I know one young man who was thrown to the ground by a couple of these Jackboots (for nothing, of course–routine trafic stop) and one cop literally stepped on his neck and said, ‘You just wait until WE are in charge!’ The young man’s mother was a gifter, fortunately, and she gifted the copshop and the cops neighborhood, shortly after that. That was several years ago, when these thugs still had a ghost of a chance to get their wishes fulfilled.

What we know, and I hope more people will consider, is that the world order is well beyond the point of no return. They’ll never regain the power they’ve lost because too many people are waking up.

When well-meaning people send around the latest Chicken Little dictatorship scares I always answer back with, ‘Who do you tihink will enforce all of this?’ I’ve manged to get a few of these flippertygibbets to understand that in the absence of enthusiastic Pajama People support, no attempt to establish overt, murderous tyranny in America can succeed because there aren’t enough enforcers in the absense of countless millions of self-enforcers. In the 1950s, when the feds publicly burned Dr Reich’s books, then imprisoned and murdered him, the majority of white people in America (and Europe, certainly)n were literally fascists. The Cold War was invented to reinforce this paranoia and it wasn’t until my generation (Baby Boomers) came of age that the fascism started to gradually break down in the 1970s and 80s.

When you factor in the untold millions of my generation (even more of the younger generations) who are still being controlled through Monarch programming, it’s a genuine miracle that any of us got around to gifting but, really, until very recently the bulk of gifters in North America and Europe were middle aged folks like me, then some youngsters trickled in and now the median gifters’ age range is in the 30s, I think.

As with any progressive movement, when the very young take an active interest in gifting, this will spread like a grassfire throughout the planet. There are millions of young potheads who read all about gifting but won’t lift a finger to do any of it (thanks to Monarch Programming, of course) but that’s probably a precursor to millions of actually committed and sober youngsters getting into the act.

I think that will come to pass no matter what the US Government might try to pull in coming weeks. Carol and I expect these menaces to fall ingloriously on their butts in full view of the PJ folks and we think that’s going to force a lot of the latter awake but I suppose we’ll see.

Remember to gift the private security facilities, too, because rent-a-cop agencies like Wackenhut are enforcers and wetworkers for the CIA. No thug is wasted within these national borders, of course.

Heheh, if you knew how extensively the corporate world order have set up their legions of killer-drones throughout America (including a lot of Russian soldiers, currently employed by the CIA as urban heroin dealers) you’d perhaps want to dig a hole and pull it over your head but if you get a hint of the scale of this threat, also consider that their forces don’t stand a chance against an armed populace who are no longer self-policing fascists, okay

The world order will probably dry up and blow away without the Pajama People ever having known how close they came to extermination a few years ago.

The more orgonite is around your local copshop, courthouse, satanic temples, etc., the less focused the local predator swarm will be if and when martial law gets declared. How’s that for incentive?


Don Croft
25 Oct 2008 21:41
Subject: Re: Risky-Gifting in Amerika to Booger Martial Law
The donebydooney.com chat session, today, was dedicated to search and destroy in re: new federal plots to instiitute martial law. The previous part of this thread was posted yesterday and my wife told me some more stuff, this morning on the way to the coffee shop to get into Dooney’s chat.

For the past couple of weeks when the $#!+birds had turned up the heat on the aforementioned orgonite vendors and Dr Steve, Carol has been spending a whole lot of time and effort looking beyond the old hags and their ritualists who were the ‘point people’ in the constant assault. They were apparently trying to wear us out with frequent group sessions and also distract us from the larger agenda of the corporate world order, at least the US/British/Israeli bits of it that want so badly to start WWIII.

Actually, my wife seeks the company of people who don’t care about this stuff just so she can get a break from the pressure. Some local gals, including the coffee shop matrons, are learning about crystals, energy and psychism from Carol. They’ve got a fun Halloween planned and the newbies will likely see some dead folks, as I’ve done with Carol’s guidance. It’s the best time of year to pierce the veil between realms, apparently, as the Mexican traditionalists also know.

Here’s some intro material from one of DB’s old websites, which he or someone has apparently managed to get back on the internet, somehow. Shortly after the date noted on the site, he was ‘erased’ similarly to how Dr Reich was erased from public record in 1954.


I think that firsthand account of new martial law prison facilities in the Los Angeles area will open your eyes to the reality of the expectant American Gulag Archipelago.

These Hitlerian prisons, built right before the Feds’ first failed attempt to establish martial law (their False Flag demolition of the Murrah Federal Building–remember?) still exist and are still ‘waiting’ to be filled.

Please keep returning to Phil Schneider’s YouTubed presentations about underground bases, okay? Keep at it until you understand what he’s saying because the corporate $#!+birds have an awful lot riding on your inclination to turn away from this information. Earthpipes neutralize underground bases, after all, and the underground base network is unspeakably vast. We all need to defeat that agenda!.

Someone in the chat suggested the psychics first look hard at the underground prison near Lolo Pass in the Bitteroot Mountains, which is right between Dooney/Stevo and Carol and I. These big prisons and execution facilities serve regions and there’s approximately one per state, same in Canada and Europe, I presume, and probably manned by Russian soldiers.

They’re mainly accessible by railroad, though many probably also have tunnels leading to them from far away, too.

When Carol was at he acupuncturist’s clinic in town, yesterday, she met another client, a welder, who got into a conversation about conspiracy info, which the acupuncturist is also keenly interested in. The fellow, who has his own business, told her that two other welders whom he knows have gotten jobs welding shackles into special train cars and they’ve been at it for several months. I presume they’re doing that in Spokane, which is the nearest industrial city.

If you’re a long-time conspiracy realist and are not new to this realm you remember that in the mid-1990s photographs of specialized train cars were circulated in patriot circles in the US. These were clearly designed to haul people the way pigs are hauled: very short ceilings (two or three storeys per car) and shackle fittings welded to the floor. Like the old slave ships.

Some stuff came to mind:

  1. Dooney remembers seeing a foreign military truck, turning off the highway (US Rte 12) at the Pass (there’s nothing else on the map in that area–not even mines)

  2. When I gifted that highway, six years ago, there were so many feds in front and behind, moving both directions, that I found it challenging to make my towerbuster tosses without being seen. Fortunately, the road is really curvy. The fed ratpack was thickest right in the area closest to the prison.

  3. Carol, Jeff and I were travelling through the pass on Jan 2, 2007, duirng a blizzard in the late morning and two vehicles (a large car and a stepvan) were parked in the middle of the road, facing us as we came around a sharp curve. The occupants were standing on the sides of the road, obviously waiting for us and far enough from the truck and car that they wouldn’t get hurt. The big stepvan was parked in our lane. A big tractor-trailer rig was right behind us, with chains on the tires. He was apparently supposed to be sure we hit those vehicles if we stopped short of them (not likely, since there was no traction). Jeff was driving and managed to squeak between the vehicles, somehow–just barely. Carol got an ‘Aha!’ moment in today’s chat session, when we were recalling that, and said that it was clear to her that the $#!+birds’ intention wasn’t to murder us on the road, but to collect all three of us and disappear us into that underground prison, which the psychics told us already has a lot of prisoners, right now. I remember stories from the mid-90s of field grade military officers being rounded up and disappeared, on account of ‘loyalty’ issues. That was when they put a bunch of Russian generals in the Pentagon–do you remember? You surely know that the head of Homeland Securiity used to be a high KGB official before he suddenly became ‘an American,’ right before the feds blew up the World Trade Center. His lietenant was the head of East German STASI before the Berlin Wall fell. This is probably what passes for a ‘change of heart’ at the corporate level Wink

A few hours after we squeaked through the CIA net in Lolo Pass, the feds caused us to crash our car closer to home by icing a part of the highway on a mountainside. The temperature was falling slowly but by then it was still 39 degrees, F., too warm to freeze and there was no wind. I don’t know if I need to report the other confirmations we got that night from the feds who were parked, waiting for us by the side of the road, there, adn the Idaho state cop who showed up, who had a Cockney accent and looked like SAS material. The fed who approached the car right after we crashed into the hillside, said, ‘Why didn’t you go over the edge?’ Wink

We kept working on the base and the psychics sought connections to the mass murderers in the White House, who apparently volunteered to nuke an American city to scare the Pajama People into supporting the federal government, again. The PJ folks, who are the powerbase of all corporate tyranny, have become apathetic in the absence of any more false flag attacks since 9/11 (seven years!), so the US Gov’t isn’t in a position to attack any more countries to feed the corporate war machine.

They found the All Seeing Eye glaring at Houston with a plan to set off a pretty big nuclear bomb, there, and blame the swarthy Muslims. They also found alternate cities including Chicago, if HOuston didn’t pan out. We recalled the news report of the New York police helicopter that found the radiation signature of a bunch of suitcase nukes at the Israeli Consulate in that city, a couple of years ago Cool and thank God they didn’t hush that up befores it could spread all over the internet, eh?

DB and Carol were teh only psychics in the chat efforts when they found the feds’ first attempt to nuke a US City–Chicago’s waterfront, in that case, during the July 3 fireworks display so that a very big crowd in the open would get slaughtered. That was 2002, when the PJ folks were still mad at Muslims, thinking they were responsible for the 9/11 massacre by the US Government. That event was the reason we set up regular sessions to hunt for new false flag attacks and related activity, here and abroad. We missed a few, abroad: the CIA bombing of the Bali nightclub, the MI6/CIA bombing of the train in Spain, the US Navy detonation of the seabed hydrogen bomb (tsunami event) in Malaysia and one or two more. I’ve always felt confident that there are other groups doing this. I’m pretty sure DB has been working hard, on his own, for the past four years, too.

The psychics found tunnels connecting all the prisons with large underground bases and with each other in some cases. that still fits with the railroad car issue, of course, since rail is still the only really efficient way to transport masses of people in a short time. The world order opted for trucks because it’s less efficient (a lot more expensive and labor intensive, so easier for the parasites to exploit) and I think that decisionn bit them on the butt because truckers, at least in the US, represent an effectivce, mobile fighting force. I hope you’ll notice that these old $#!+birds make a lot of bad decisions, especially lately. They have a lot invested in persuading you that they’re smarter than you are, of course, but that’s not the case.

A lot of evidence that radionics on a huge scale has been deployed to sabotage our businesses has been coming in, including comments at the Sedona event from visitors to our booth, like ‘You guys are really hard to find on the internet!’ We’re easy to find on the internet, of course, and the fact that our distributors are selling our stuff, as usual, indicates that the corporate freaks are mainly aiming their radionics at us, rather than at our products. Also, the search engines are kind of ‘sluggish’ whenever you seek empowering information. Guess who owns them all Cool

Carol saw another radionics deployment around the subject of underground bases. The effect of the frequency they’re broadcasting is that anyone who thinks about or mentions underground bases immediately tends to experience intense fear on some level, so that his/her attention is immediately directed elsewhere. This sort of setup is also what makes it so hard, right now, for people to consider gifting. If that werent’ so, the untold millions of people who read all about it would actually get off their butts and join the rest of us. They’re not bad folks, after all–just too easily controlled.

I think all of us felt a little angst, today, because it’s pretty clear that if the feds are going to attempt martial law by blowing up a city, they’ll first go around and shoot or round up the half million or so of us who are activists. I keep an unloaded shotgun by the bed becuase I’d sure rather they shoot me than take me away. Life isn’t THAT precious to me and I’d probably die with a satisfied smile on my mug, due to the irreparable damage I’ve caused them in the past 8 years. I absolutely don’t want to be martyred for this, though, and I don’t want anyone else to be killed for it, either.
I don’t even want to shoot the bad guys.

Houston (entire metro area) has been so thoroughly gifted by Dr Group and crew that we all feel confident that no nuke bomb can be detonated there. Same with Chicago, LA, New York, etc. A quandary for the felonious feds is that they tried destroying a city (New Orleans) that’s mostly populated with minorities and it didn’t scare the white PJ folks enough to get them to give up the last shred of their freedom, so they apparently need to do something like that in a big city that the stupid white PJ folks actually admire.

Strange world, right now.

The Chinese are apparently upset that London/WashingtonDC are desparate to grab some power back from them but there probably isn’t much the Chinese can do to stop them. I think we and other people of conscience (with active participation of mature psychics) can continue to prevent them from committing mass murder, though, and history favors us (and orgonite).

Francie in Massachusetts is a new (to us) psychic in Dooney’s chatroom and is coming along quickly, learning on the job to distinguish the intense, projected psi imagery of the $#!+bird agencies from genuine psi intel. Most of the psychics we’ve worked with, over the years, have gotten caught in that trap: the $#!+bird agencies are easily capable of using imagery that’s tailored to reinforce an individual psychic’s terror and egoism responses. Well done, Francie! Really good for the old hands to get more help and fresh sight from her active participation!

I think that covers it. I’m going to post separately about the two old hags but I’ll mention that they’re apparently at the top of the world order’s occult dungheap; one is Chinese and one is Vryala/European and they’re apparently very, very old. Carol was reminded of the images of the old witch in the Robinhood movie and the other nasty old witch in the move, 13TH WARRIOR. In a recent session, Carolien (I think it was her) got an image of Ouroboros: the snake swallowing its own tail. The psychics said that represents how the intense hatred of humanity from the top sewer rats in the corporate world order is literally a form of self-consumption, kind of close to the image of Satan. Alejandro then shared an image of the official seal of Chile’s main university and the Ouroboros was featured on it, along with other, entirely masonic, imagery [Image Can Not Be Found]]

As always, I hope you know that my reports are all subjective, even though we all usually get the same general impressions in the chats and the psychics see the same imagery (plenty of confirmations for that over the years). I hope you’ll pursue the study of documented research journalism so that you’ll come to understand that conspiracy realism is the only approach to human history and ‘social studies’ (of the passing paradigm, not the current one!) that makes any sense to rational people.

They psychics felt that we made a lot of progress, today, in preventing the mass murderers in the Capital from getting their current bloody wishes granted. We’ll work on it more, tomorrow, and in coming weeks until the current martial law threat has passed or has failed. Weird that we want the same thing as Peking does in that regard, since they’re the ones who apparently hate us the most right now Wink

We few chatters reckon that if we can convince you to just consider what we’re doing and reporting, that can get you past the programmed terror that surrounds these essential subjects. Keep some healthy skepticism but also keep a ‘wait and see’ outlook in case you find some evidence that we’re on the right track, okay? It’s not a lot to ask and I think this radionics and mind-control facade is about to crumble, no matter what. The folks who will begin to look at reality in a fresh way, now, will perhaps find it easier to assimilate the raw, consuming horror of recognition when the parasitic world order is no longer able to hide their true nature and agenda from you.

We each go through the horrified stage but life is so much more interesting when things finally make sense that this stage usually doesn’t last very long, don’t worry.


Don Croft
25 Oct 2008 22:28
Subject: Re: Risky-Gifting in Amerika to Booger Martial Law
I don’t personally think it’s necessary to identify or delineate the factions within The Operators because they’re obviously all way ahead of us, intellectually, spiritually and in terms of power, but the psychics often get distinct impressions of one or another faction. Maybe ‘faction’ is misleading because I don’t think there’s a formal organization; I rather think it’s organic, spontaneous and synergistic, which is how we each are when we’re in the groove, carrying out their intuitive promptings in the field and elsewhere Cool

When I was befriended by Polynesians in the mid-80s, one of them, at a beach party in Samoa, told me, ‘This is how we get things done, here: everyone shows up with food and volunteers to take on a responsibility, while we’re visiting. White folks do it backward and it’s no fun.’ That period was my introduction to chocolate as food, by the way (‘Beauuuutiful Coco-Rice!’), and I didn’t think about it, much, until we got some raw chocolate from David Wolfe in Sedona last month–really good to eat and extremely nutritious when it’s not processed, much.

We can leave organization to essential activities like bean counting at townhall, keeping the schoolhouse roof fixed and getting farm products and manufactured goods to market efficiently and I think we can keep formal organization and ‘human institutions’ out of our more long-range and etheric deliberations. We don’t need mandatory taxes, either. Peer pressure is enough to get the more recalcitrant folks to contribute fairly to the community’s needs from a small share of their profits.

What would that fresh, dynamic, creative but functional and non-ideological social outlook do to the entrenched social parasites of the receding paradigm like clergy, reactionary academics, institutionalized scientists, most of the medical doctors, all of the bureaucrats, all of the corporate poobahs, ad nauseum? Heheh. What would it do to ‘Warren Buffet,’ the Most Bloated, er, I mean ‘Richest,’ Parasite in teh World? Cool

I was going to say, ‘collecting refuse and keeping the streetlights lit’ is necessary organization but in the current paradigm, affordable and simple free energy tech, and everything that relates to energy independence and self-sufficiency (including levitating vehicles, so no more highways or railroads), is now available for the asking. I’m specifically asking, for instance, that we just get rid of the CIA and other corporate, parasitic agencies who routinely extort and murder free-energy-device inventors Cool .

There’s a lot of real power in publicly voicing one’s desires–why don’t you try it? Why else do you think the CIA and MI6 have fielded millions of weak-charactered, drug/alcohol-inebriated brain police (Monarch assets/ sociopaths) who shout down and/or vilify everyone who publicly expresses their own cordial desires? I’ve kept this agency cancer out of Etheric Warriors for over five years, so why not try it here, where you won’t ever get punished for your good deeds?

Send me an email if you’re not contributing posts here, okay? I’ll share it if it’s genuine and if I get a good impression that our readers would benefit from your direct posts, I’ll probably ask you to do that, too. You don’t need to agree with me in order to get in here. I like genuine, intelligent and well-meaning dissent, don’t you? Conformity and personality worship went out with the old corporate paradigm.

I’m only pitching ideas, not anarchist’s bombs, so if your automatic mental reaction is to leap into the breach in the role of corporate ‘devil’s advocate,’ who or what, specifically, do you think you’re defending? ‘Them?’ I’m sorry, but that’s not specific ….Funny, eh?

I think we’re about to be astounded by how little organization is actually needed in this world. Voluntary standardization and personal accountability on a large scale has always been preferable to Mussolini-type measures to get society to run efficiently. I thik that if only one percent or so of humanity demonstrate accountability, the rest will happily follow suit. I feel accountable, personally, for letting parasites own the world and for letting felons govern us at their behest, for instance Wink

Don’t you, too?

Carol told me, yesterday, that the insistence that we gifters take care of the federal properties in our towns came from a group of people in the future–pretty distant future–whom Al Bielek described to us. She advised me not to use their name because the NSA set up a very expensive, fancy website to discredit them by association Cool . It’s how they turn the more intelligent seekers away from the truth. NSA are best at that.

She said that when these future folks talk to her it’s both insistent and very specific, unlike most of the rest of The Operators. Maybe they’re the most like us. These folks apparently are holding us (gifters) accountable for humanity not turning into a bunch of dimwitted slobs in the not-distant future when nobody will have to work for a living, any more, thanks to free energy, computer-organization and robotics. Reminds me of the movie, IDIOCRACY, which I hope doesn’t end up being a documentary Cool .

Stevo apparently got a call from them today, too, in the chat session.


Don Croft
26 Oct 2008 11:22
Subject: Re: Risky-Gifting in Amerika to Booger Martial Law
Do you know who Israel Shamir is? I didn’t until today, when I got Georg’s newsletter from orgonise-africa.net but I hope you’ll visit Israel’s site because here’s another voice about the end of corporate, parasitic tyranny and this man is particularly courageous because he’s a Jew in Israel who is calling for Israelis and Palestinians to unite. You can bet the Mossadomites® and their MI6 masters want this fellow’s head on a platter Cool

I’ll ask the psychics about protecting him.

Check this out (thanks, Georg!):

"We are like prisoners who notice that their jailers are in terrible
commotion and confusion.

Our first response is fear: maybe they will not deliver soup for our lunch,
maybe our small privileges we slowly accumulated will be gone.

But have no regrets, no doubts, no fears – we are on the way to freedom:

The walls will fall, the jailers will run away, and we shall be set free!"

~Says Israel Shamir at http://www.israelshamir.net <http://www.israelshamir.net/&gt;

Don Croft
27 Oct 2008 07:19
Subject: Re: Risky-Gifting in Amerika to Booger Martial Law
Thanks to Owen Benefield, by the way, who sent me that March, 1999 URL of DB’s.

The psychics in yesterday’s chat were asking for the more extensive list of underground bases but when we started pumping energy into the tunnel network they gradually started to see the entire system ‘light up’ and the global overview made it apparent that these bases and prisons (slave-labor factories?) are all over the planet, more or less evenly distributed and connected by tunnels. One off the more mindboggling aspects of the parasitic world order is the efforts they’ve made to apparently hide underground since WWII.

A confirmation that we were making progress came when Dooney told us that there was an area where the energy was being blocked. The rest of us kept up the pressure and when she broke through the barrier, she found a whole lot of the corporate parasite elite underground in that area, which is why the barrier was hastily thrown up by the Triads and other $#!+bird agencies after we started going after the bases.

Who are they hiding from? Do they expect to incinerate the surface of our planet to get rid of ‘the problem?’ (humanity is their problem, of course, just as these faux-government, corporate murderers and leeches are our pressing problem, for now Wink )

I think all of us felt some relief after the two weekend sessions and one of the spinoffs was apparently the diisabling of a big radionics effort to discourage people from thinking and talking about underground bases and prisons.

The corporate parasites’ wished-for and planned-for ‘final solution’ has always been genocide and the enslavement of the half billion human survivors but our ‘final solution’ is to saturate the planet with enough orgonite (including earthpipes) that they won’t have any place to hide. It might surprise us all to find this may happen sooner than later.

I got some incredibly encouraging news, today. Carol’s daughter’s boyfriend, Nelson, who has taken some hang gliding lessons with me, said that Webster Griffin Tarpley is being featured in a two part program on the History Channel. He and I bought the Tarpley book from our gliding instructor, Dale, whose hobby is to run an FM radio station in Spokane that features conspiracy information. Dale’s a cool guy. Nelson was ambivalent about conspiracy realism until he saw Tarpley on the History Channel. Whatever it takes to draw people’s attention to conspiracy realism is fine, right? Wink

In case you don’t know, Tarpley is the hardest hitting research journalist in the 9/11 Truthout Movement. His presentation is sufficient to throw the entire federal executive branch into prison for murder, extortion, conspiracy and general manifest treason. The corporate media tried their best to discredit him in recent years. One of the more popular (sic), very liberal talk show hosts called him an ‘A$$$$$$$HOOOOOOOLLLLLE’ on TV, though not to his face, of course. See how Rush Limbaugh and the liberals are cut from the same cloth? You might not know that the ‘liberals’ are worse warmongers than the ‘neocons’ are. If you don’t believe me, listen to NPR news Cool

The reason this is so significant a confirmation, for me, is that the History Channel was set up to discredit conspiracy realists like Tarpley so what we may be seeing is the corporate media’s attempt to distance itself from its CIA masters in order to hang onto some business. The internet is driving this because more and more people are abandoning TV to get their news from teh web, instead.

Tarpley used to work for Lyndon LaRouche and he, like LaR, apparently holds out hope that the federal government is salvageable. I’m about two thirds of the way through his book, SYNTHETIC TERROR, which is the body of his documented evidence of the feds’ culpability in the 9/11 massacre, also the evidence that Muslims weren’t flying those planes, nor were teh dozen ‘terrorists’ named by the criminal FBI even killed that day–all of them have been seen in public, since then, and all of them failed their flight training in the year or so before the federal terrorist attack.

What Tarpley and the rest of the good researchers into the False Flag Attack neglect to mention is that Congress was already lined up to enact thousands of pages of criminal, even Hitlerian legislation (the Patriot Act) long before the feds blew up the World Trade Center and tossed a missile at the Pentagon. Even the US Supreme Court committed treason by appointing a president in 2000, so their corporate heads are on the block, too. NObody wears black robes in public except scoundrels, in my view Wink . To any rational mind that will visit this situation, the federal government is so far beyond redemption that the only sensible solution is to carry out enough State secessions that the federal government will have to disband or else to downsize the federal government so severely that they’ll be incapable of committing mass murder, again.

I certainly vote for the former, unless someone can demonstrate that the latter approach is feasible. I’m also open to discussing other solutions but the very clear present trend is away from excessive centralization of political and economic power. We really need to start discussing solutions, now. I think the reason almost nobody is talking about this is on account of what Israel Shamir mentioned: fear of change. I hope we’re all afraid of the possibility of overt martial law, though, which is also a change, after all Cool but it’s human nature to be motivated by clear and present horror, so I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

Appparently, there’s so much evidence that’s been uncovered about the false flag attack that we don’t need anything else to expose and discard this entire corporate criminal syndicate that pretends to govern us. It spreads through the world like a cancer, though of course there are countless volumes of courtroom evidence of those old European families’ culpability through several recent centuries and we haven’t even yet scratched the surface of Peking’s and the Kremlin’s parallel culpability Cool .

You can easily recognize the CIA disinformants within the 9/11 Truthout Movement. those are the ones who want to give the feds even more power ‘to police itself’ and some of them want us to believe that the stupid fake president, who apparently can’t even assemble a sentence without coaching, is responsible, so can be treated like a scapegoat to distract the Pajama People from the larger conspiracy. These fakers have tried to push Tarpley out of the picture but I’m very glad to see that almost nobody is taking the fakers seriously. People are generally eager to get the entire picture, now.


Don Croft
28 Oct 2008 15:23
Subject: Re: Risky-Gifting in Amerika to Booger Martial Law
Carol also feels it’s important, right now, to gift the bloated ‘non-denominational’ bornagain chump churches in your town. These are apparently all CIA assets, designed to pump up a whole lot of unbalanced Pajama Folks into a frenzy of desire to initiate Armageddon, in cahoots with the Zionists.

Several years ago we did a gifting experiment in Pullman, Washington, with one of those churches. The parking lot of that one was jam packed every Sunday and one of the sleazier features was that a pyramid had been erected over the entrance so that people had to walk under it to get inside. We dropped four or five TBs around the perimeter of teh property and the following week the number of cars in the parking lot began to decrease until it was about half full on Sundays after a few weeks. I suppose the addictive quality of the preaching was DOR-based, which is tpical of all CIA-sponsored organizations, also typical of all of the MI6-sponsored newage cults (Theosophy foundation in that case). There’s some blending with those two agendae, of course, but the needy folks who suck stimulating DOR from those agency teats are all at the same general developmental level.

If you watch CONSTANTINE’S SWORD’ you’ll get a peek at this freaky agenda, I think. It’s not a new release but Carol had been trying unsuccessfully to rent it for several weeks at Blockbuster Video because a lot of people apparently want to see it right now–another of many, many encouraging signs that people are generally waking up in America.

I’ll post about it more specifically in another thread, too.


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