Riverside `art`

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This post is not about the usual targets, and indeed when you are gifting, better focus on gifting every (cellphone) antenna first. But we have all encountered strange sculptures of art in public parks, near airports or other places that were deemed in need of uplifting. Too bad they are rarely beautiful. Sometimes of course, they can be quite big and important, so they will be obvious gifting targets. Others might be less obvious, smaller, so this might be helpful to recognize.
In cities or villages that are situated alongside a river or stream, probably without exception, you will see constructions, art, or memorials that were put there and give off bad energy. They are placed in regular intervals so as to corrupt the soothing energy of the river/water, to keep it at bay. Apparently this is not deemed a useful influence on the population. Fun and easy to gift, just flick a TB in the water [Image Can Not Be Found]
I went out and took pictures of what I found where I live. See below. Feel free to add the ones you found.
One can wonder about who orders, delivers, chooses all those works of art. I can imagine some inside artists or artist recruiters are always used by local authorities, or perhaps it`s masonic preference.

[Image Can Not Be Found]
No comment needed
[Image Can Not Be Found]
Memorial part of the bridge that was blown to pieces in WWII
[Image Can Not Be Found]
[Image Can Not Be Found]
Frankly, who finds this art appealing?
[Image Can Not Be Found]
This is a really popular one, not very suspicious indeed, but it gives off bad energy all the same.
[Image Can Not Be Found]
Often seen: canons.
[Image Can Not Be Found]
Ugly one.

That`s it for the city centre of Deventer, Netherlands where I live. I might put up other pictures from another city later.

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After being an art student for some years, mostly in the first half of the 2000s, I can say most “art” isn’t really meant to be beautiful.
Beauty itself isn’t even in their interest though the word “beautiful” can be used sometimes to describe a piece (go figure). In a contemporary art school the current goes like this: “Beauty is useless and a distraction”. That’s Beauty with a capital B, not the way they get a mindfuc* (expression literally used by art students and artists) from a piece and then call it “beautiful”.
From my experience, modern and contemporary art – that’s pretty much all art “invented” since the World War I till now – is made to appeal to the intelect while making your heart more empty.
I think they purposefully foster ugliness in those public artworks in order to discourage people and make them more disconnected. It is my belief artworks like that function like a billboard (or a totem) and activelly transmit an idea from its image, like a tiny radio broadcast that reaches all who see it. In that sense, by subtly affecting the people (walking orgone generators) who see it, they definately generate DOR.
I also learned a lot while at art school, in a version of brainwashing. I learned their “language” – I don’t mean the words but how they actually comunicate through imagery, sound, space, etc. and can easily deconstruct (read) a lot of contemporary art. It was there I learned about composition and how to read it, by basically following the composition with the eyes and being open to suggestions (visual cues). I also learned the meaning of impact, as in “how to make an impact” – it’s important to create a space which is separate from reality, for the viewer to experience, and you get extra points for doing that.
It is my belief most western art schools groom their students to become the future “priests” of a certain group of people who have the money, the time and a certain spiritual emptyness which they hope to fill with their frequent trips to galleries and museums (their version of churches). By “priests” I mean the middle-men to some kind of “god” – not a “god” who likes Beauty, for sure. The same thing happens to music artists and to actors, they are serving the purpose of being personified vehicles for an agenda.

Dirk, sorry for kind of hijacking your thread. I guess all these words could be resumed to “definately gift those ugly artworks if you have the chance” [Image Can Not Be Found]


no hijacking, there, Carlos, more like explaining why?
thanks for your info