Rotating towerbuster (solar)

Hello all !

Some years ago I experimented with battery powered rotating towerbusters. Yesterday and today I am experimenting a solar powered rotating towerbuster.

Here is a link to one video showing it :

Many other videos on the following link :

And pictures of Sylphs on this post on my blog :


Today there were many giant Sylphs around and the atmosphere was pleasant. I think it has created a huge vortex.

To make one, just get an old computer and take a fan from it, and paste a towerbuster on it, and attach it to a 5 Volt (or 2x2.5V) solar panel.

That’s a lot of Sylph action! I take it it wasn’t present prior to the engagement of the rotating TB?

Any other reportage, re: before, after?

Perhaps rotating within a fountain or basin of water…water also flowing in a clockwise circle? Simply free associating.

There were some Sylphs before I ran the device, but after starting it, huge Sylphs came around. So I think that it adds a lot more POR to the atmosphere.

I know that having before and after pictures or videos would be a more scientific approach. I should take this habit of taking before and after pics.

I often have a mini-pw in which my computer (Audacity) sends some frequencies, and this makes Sylphs appear, but this time there is more big Sylphs.

I don’t know if this is the association of the mini-pw and the rotating towerbuster that is so powerful, but I’m nearly sure that the rotating device is really adding a lot more POR in the ether.

Today there is a lot of smog and I am actually trying to get rid of this smog, and I had to add a 9V battery for the device to rotate while the sun is hidden by dark clouds.

That’s a very good idea to associate with water, I’ll think about that.

Today it was not easy to clear the DOR from the sky, because there was a lot of DOR in the beginning of the day and the light was not enough to start the rotating towerbuster, so I connected it to a 9V battery that was quickly discharged and so I connected it to a 6V transformer and after approximatively 2 hours of rotation (inside home) the sky seems to be more full of POR (because of chemtrails and a nice “orange” sun at the end of the day).

The objective is to get a standalone rotating device, so I connected it to a transformer just because I had no other choice.

This kind of device would be good for sunny countries (such as Reunion Island where I lived some years ago).

I let it running all night long (it is 7:06 am now here in France) and I has not been able to sleep deeply but I had clear dreams (I was kind of a military revolutionary) with clear sun, water (small rivers) and nature.

This morning the sky is really clear blue.

This is for research & development purpose only. The better is to get outside and gift for fighting peacefully.

I think it is good to have this setup for someone who does not gift or gift a little, or for someone very curious like me.

Last video I made on this morning :

I think I’ll continue posting about this on my blog :)

Thanks a lot for reporting this, D–When I showed it to Carol, she said, ‘The Sylphs really like that device!’ and it made me want to get back to experimenting with vortex creation, which we pretty much quit doing when we went to Florida to stop the hurricane assaults in 2005. I still have the parts that I made for a floating, rotating icosahedron with orgonite and a big piece of obsidian, powered by a simple electric pump in the flotation tank.

I encourage everyone to do D’s experiment, though. I think it’s more empowering than the ice tray experiment with the climbing stalagmites Wink. It’s certainly not a substitute for the infantry (towerbusting) work but it makes life sweeter, I think, and if the Sylphs enjoy it so much, imagine what it’s doing for the area around the device.

Our initial estraordinary experiment was to rotate a small pyramid just under a larger pyramid while sitting inside the latter, just under the little rotating one. A claim had been made that this alters time inside the big pyramid and our experiment with identical watches bore that out; time slowed down a bit inside. It also felt pretty terrific. I used a rotation mechanism that I bought in a new age book store for that one.

Later, we made an orgonite tetrahedron and set it rotating under the apex of the same pyramid with a stepped-down electric motor that rotated the device much faster than the previous experiment. Carol observed that it was creating a massive positive vortex that took in a big part of the town. It seemed evident to both of us that peoples’ countenances within that vortex were happier; brighter. The motor blew out after a couple of days, unfortunately, so I replaced it with a rotisserie motor and added a radionics witness to the rotating tetrahedron, being mindful to spend a moment or two with it each day to keep the radionics in play.

My witness image for that experiment was an altered backside of Great Seal of the United States (the one with the creepy pyramid and reptile eye) and I had changed the text of that logo to ‘Anuit Mortis Novus Ordo Seclorum’ (‘Announcing the death of the new secular order’) Cool. A couple of months later (late 2004) it became evident to some of us that the Chinese had taken the upper hand and were then more powerful than the City of London in world economic and political affairs. The American banking and money system has been run from London since Lincoln’s time, of course. I can’t say that our radionics experiment thus prevented the neocons from achieving WWIII but I’m confident that it helped. Neocons are not pragmatic; they’re bloodthirsty and the bornagain chumps and Zionists are their enablers. China’s nasty but pragmatic regime is mandated to keep increasing world trade in order for that regime to survive. War is counterproductive for them and so is sabotaging the West’s economy, obviously. The West is their cash cow but they obviously want the NSA and other sewer rat agencies to keep the PJ folks (always the vast majority in the population) willfully stupid and complacent, meanwhile. That seemed obvious to many of us from the start.

I tried and tried to convince people to start a research forum for stuff like this but nobody has taken responsibility for it, so most of these subtle energy pursuits are still the domain of Google/NSA’s darlings who seem deeply committed to seducing people away from busting towers and to spin their wheels with mysticism and self indulgence. I used to call it metaphysical masturbation. Theosophy became a primary brainwashing belief paradigm in the West to keep millions of faux-awake people from actually doing anything worthwhile on their way to ‘becoming God.’ Wink I think Greek gnosticism was used throughout the West for that purpose, before, and theosophy is simply the newer, more effective model of luciferic (profound self indulgence) indoctrination.

Some of the experimental work with orgonite is simply fun to do and empowering when we pay attention and I think this forum has grown beyond the risk that bringing up such subjects will stampede people into chest pounding and sycophancy. D’s got the proper attitude about keeping the focus on pulling the death-energy rug out from under the enemy with proper field work and he did a phenomenal and thorough job on Reunion Island during the years he lived there.

I think it’s good to mention Constable’s work in this context because he was generating rainfall with simple, rotating 3D geometric shapes, I think made of sheetmetal, on the deck of a ship before he started doing it with Reich-style cloudbusters and he even caused rain on the leeward side of the mountains in Oahu by flying toward those mountains with a simple hollow tube, mounted longitudinally to the wing struts of the plane. The leeward side of those mountains is nearly a desert because the windward side catches nearly all of the rain that comes from the sea on the tradewinds. Trevor Constable has always condemned our work, presumably because he never experimented with it and perhaps because he feels we’re invading his turf but I think credit is always due to pioneers. Karl Welz’s orgonite-based radionics device with the twelve frequency transmitters around it might be the best in the world and it certainly seems inspired to me. I don’t feel particularly disturbed that he also condemns our work because there’s plenty of evidence, by now, that our conservative claims for field orgonite are valid. He might still be sore about my publishing the constituents of orgonite in 1998. He gave me one of his little hand-held orgonite devices when I visited him in Atlanta in 2003 and we parted on friendly terms, then.

Years ago, when you did a search on ‘orgonite’ the WiCIApedia reference was at the top of the list and the article’s illustration was that pyramid in our backyard in Moscow, Idaho (with an orgonite cloudbuster either under it or next to it). Carol and I weren’t mentioned, of course, nor were cloudbusters and the photo was probably a mystifying misdirect. If memory serves, not even Welz was mentioned by the CIA’s Department of Mendicancy, there, and he allegedly invented the word–that part’s not clear to me because I don’t remember when we all started using it. Every time I see WiCIApedia references in a search list I feel like washing my hands. Remember when they had that phony fund drive? I think too many people had gotten openly suspicious about how such a massive undertaking, with no advertising, could be ‘free’ and ubiquitous. Open suspicion means people were talking to each other. The Old Parasite doesn’t mind if we’re all privately suspicious or are just expressing terror and hopelessnes but they get extremely anxious and clumsy whenever even just a few of us publicly discuss the problem of the rule of parasites in an objective (non-paranoid) way–have you noticed?

If you type it in the Google/NSA search engines now I assume the @[email protected]+$ have scrambled to edit out that photo as soon as this post appeared, assuming it wasn’t altered already Cool. Miles Mathis is the past master at pointing out how fast WiCIApedia edits their obfuscations (writes new ones) whenever a particular one is exposed.

“Weaknee” was very fast to edit the entry for “Edorado Mining” when it stated you had to have special rcmp clearance and make an oath of secrecy to work at there Uranium City project. That was a key piece of information for the study of my brothers murder as he was born there and my dad and uncle worked there. A quick study into the deeds of Gilbert LaBine and the whole house of cards falls for nasa and there map altering. Uranium City was a goldplay years before Gilbert and his co-hort Lord Beaverbrook showed up on the scene.

Valuable info here :) Thanks !

I think the simpler is the better. And I have always told people that a simple towerbuster can have a huge effect on the atmosphere (ether), and I experimented that in Reunion Island by towerbusting a very large military area with only one tb and the effect was phenomenal :) , and also in many other towerbusting sessions.

Rotating devices are very simple, even those experimented by TJ Constable since many years.

For those who may be new to all that : Consider orgonite also as a defense tool against bad energies, bad intents or psionic/radionic bad influences. I had forgotten that for some time but maybe that was necessary for me, after using it once more to fight back, to really understand it as a powerful tool (all orgonite devices such as tb, mini-pw, pw, simple orgonite setups etc…).

And Sylphs like it (thank you Carol for that info about the rotating tb !).

D’ :)