Sabotage? Last month, a package to one of my Spanish customers was opened

08 Jun 2008 08:50
Subject: Sabotage?
08 June 2008
Last month, a package to one of my Spanish customers was opened and half of the crystals were missing.
Instead of the 3-5 days for registed priority mail to Spain, it took about 2 weeks for the package to arrive.
He sent me this picture. I understand that the envelope was taped allright, but one of the bags inside was torn.

If custom officers at the Spanish or Dutch border would have opened it, it should have their notification on the envelope. But I can’t see any. Besides, the date stamp of 29 May 2008 (I shipped the package on 16th May) shows that the Spanish post office received it way too late anyhow.

Don suggested I post about this, so the psychics will get a clearer look at the perpetrators behind this possible sabotage.
I know Spain has had a severe drought recently, before that major thunderstorm hit Europe. Maybe this happened to discourage Spanish gifters? Or to discredit my webshop, since it was recommended on the Spanish forum?


[Image Can Not Be Found]

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Don Croft
08 Jun 2008 10:38
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
Heheh, welcome to the elite corps of EW vendors whose packages have been molested by criminal/government agents, Carolien, but I’m sorry to hear about the trouble. We routinely go after these culprits in the chat sessions and that seems to stem the tide of sabotage for a time.

For the record, Canada’s customs department has been the worst one for sabotage.

Georg Ritschl has generally experienced the worst of it over the years, which is one hell of an endorsement for his expanding success in Africa, in our view.


11 Jun 2008 09:14
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
hey Carolien, you will probably encounter a few more situations as this one, just make sure you expose them, it has worked really good for us. We haven’t been on business for a while, as you know, but last year we had a wave of postal sabotage that ended once we started posting about it (we also got some help from the psychics who “unlocked” a 400 dollars package). We even had our orgonite drilled! please see the pictures of this post:…issing+orgonite

so make sure you expose the sabotage, it is also a backup for your customers… for many it’s even a confirmation…

Don Croft
11 Jun 2008 11:37
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
Good point, Javi–the world order is parasitic, so exposure is their biggest threat. Also, they rely heavily on the sewer rat agencies who do their dirty work and notice how exposing these agencies weakens the regime. The best example of that, I think, is when a lot of blacks in Los Angeles demanded a hearing with teh CIA for handing out AK47s to gangsters. Those weapons were unloaded from containers at the Chinese Army’s container port at Long Beach and all of that came out in the news. I think that was shortly after President Clinton authorized the construction of a dedicated port to the Chinese government in LA, also gave them the US Patent Office and Panama Canal. The incident in LA was the only bit of any of this that was covered by the What To Think Network because the media was instructed to only talk about the Clintons in the context of Monica Lewinsky during that period. I think not many people noticed that National Public Radio more or less led the way in that censorship campaign.

Andy of was the very first vendor and some of the sabotage of his packages was pretty overt, including an apparently group-effort by federal freaks to destroy a cloudbuster base with sledge hammers.

A few years ago the CIA apparently bought up all the Lemurian seed crystals in an effort to keep them out of orgonite devices. One of Steve Baron’s friends in Canada was still getting them directly in Brazil (the felonious feds were apparently grabbing them in the US) and when Steve sent us a box of dolphin gifts for our Florida effort he generously included twenty Lemu crystals from his friend. The box arrrived but all of those Lemurian crystals had been removed.

I’m happy to report that Lemus are back on the market and at a fair price, which indicates that the CIA couldn’t control that dynamic, after all Cool . I think this is one of the hints that the market is not essentially owned by the world odor and that their interference with the market is waning.

More and more people are taking their cues and applying the techniques that we’re learning in the chat sessions to stop these secret police agencies from ruining our personal lives and livlihoods. This empowering information isn’t spreading as fast as I’d like but it’s probably spreading fast enough Wink

That information is available for no charge on


30 Jul 2008 08:23
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
30 July 2008

Another package of crystals to a gifter in Spain didn’t arrive. My customer sent me an email.

I delivered it at the local post office on 15th July, got my shipping receipt, but even today – two weeks later – nothing arrived! Shipping should take 3-5 days…

Luckily the registered shipping method allows me to track the package on the Internet with it’s unique tracing number. However: it says the package was sent from Holland on the 21st July??? NOT!

The online complaint form didn’t accept 15th July as send-date, so I called TNT customer service to get some answers. The lady looked it up….but their computer said this package tracing number doesn’t exist??? That’s funny, my receipt says different!

So please boost package number 3SWPPK1036284, wherever it is!


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Don Croft
30 Jul 2008 12:24
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
Carolien, we’ve found it necessary to directly go after the FBI, CIA, MI6, Mossadomite® and other sewer rat agents who have interfered with our packages. By ‘we’ I mean those vendors who are interested in fighting for our right not to be interfered with by government criminals, of course.

In some cases, we can’t stay in business unless we exact some lawful reprisals at appropriate times. This unorganized grassroot movement, which directly threatens the parasitic hegemony of the corporate world order, apparently doesn’t favor militant pacifists or roley poleys.

Bring it up in the chat sessions, okay? Let’s clear the criminal obstacles from your path.


30 Jul 2008 13:55
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
Oops, does this mean you don’t want me to post these kind of business obstructions? Sure, I’ll attend to it in the chats. I am willing to fight (: boost, slam, bust) the rats on my own where I can. It’s just I thought this was another obvious attempt to undermine Spanish gifters. I mean: it’s about crystals…how desperate can they get?

I was cut off of Internet access to both EW and my website, right after I posted about this sabotage… another confirmation for the importance of gifting in Spain, I think. Maybe now is the appropriate time to also mention that the psychics found underground activities in the Mediterranean Sea?? Let’s bust those with the help of our cetacean friends, shall we! I’ll do my part in the North Sea for the dolphin killings as soon as my ankle has healed and I can take a hike again.


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Don Croft
31 Jul 2008 17:49
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
Carolien, posting about these crimes helps to expose the criminal activity, which is why I usually post something when it happens to us. During some periods, it happens so often that I only post about the worst offenses Cool

I see it as a one-two punch: put a notice in the public record (EW, in this case) and then go after the jerks etherically and inflict some pain.

The beauty of waging war, this way, is that the same effort thrown by a group of people at you and I is perceived by us as pleasure and healing; when predators and parasites receive those love missiles it feels painful to them. The world order, especially the millions of predators and parasites on their payroll in the FBI, CIA, NSA, MI5/6, Mossodomites®, KGB, Chinese Triads/military, ad nauseum, dislike ‘love’ pretty intensely Wink , after all.

Sure, they’ve been trying their best to prevent this movement blossoming in Spain, which is why most of the gifting and cloudbusters in Spain, as far as we know, has been accomplished by visiting foreigners, especially Germans.

When Alejandro and Javiera showed up, full speed ahead, I felt like doing a little victory jig on behalf of Spanish-speaking gifters because they now have exemplars. I’m happy to know that you’re supporting gifters in Spain! I’m pretty sure we can help them (and you) bust through the artificial barriers that the sewer rat agencies have erected.


15 Aug 2008 07:49
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
15 August 2008

Let’s expose some more shitbird agency’s sabotage tactics on orgonite vendors!

Starting with the latest and boldest: they are messing with my webshop bankaccount. Oh, they don’t steal money – yet. But the senders name of bank payments are erased. It happened before my eyes, when I made a payment myself. Some transfers showed up again after I emailed Don about this. Since part of my service is to ship orders directly after receiving bank payment, erasing computer data is creating a delay. It started some time after customers emailed compliments for the fast service. So I am very aware this is psy-ops harassment: HITTING AT THE ETHICS WE STRIVE FOR and ISOLATING US IN ORCHESTRATED MISUNDERSTANDINGS.

Recently Quebec Orgone was offline because of a supposed domain registration issue. Possibly this was a setup too. Alexandre Emard told me he had just paid his annual fee for auto renewal of his domain registration! During that time, I couldn’t email Alex of course. But the funny thing is, I also couldn’t send email replies to customers who ordered his SP on my website. This “coincidental” blockage stopped right after Quebec Orgone was back online again.

Notice how all these apparent “COMPUTER GLITCHES” match together? And how they leave room to DOUBT OUR OWN EFFORTS?

The “lost package” and “lost email” scenario continues too. Especially large orders are targeted. Or orders for which there has been a lot of email correspondence in advance. I am sticking my head out here, for I wish other vendors would more explicitly report the harassments they experience. Over ten percent lost packages isn’t normal, or is it?? I wouldn’t buy from such vendors myself, ha ha. But if you like me to continue doing business in this warzone, your order is welcome!


P.S. I can’t afford to pay for all lost packages anymore. If they return to me undelivered, I’ll charge the shipping costs now.

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Don Croft
15 Aug 2008 20:20
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
Thanks a lot for posting these incidents, Carolien, and you can be confident that our potential customers are likely impressed that the CIA, MI6, FBI, NSA, etc., feel so inclined to mess up our livlihoods. Those terrorist organizations no doubt feel directly threatened by the spread of this unorganized movement and EW’s vendors have earned a good reputation for service and quality, so these $#!+bird agencies are directed to interfere mainly with a few of these vendors who have a higher profile than the rest, thanks to their regular postings on EW.

I’ve never heard of other orgonite vendors being hit this way, though I assume some of those are also reputable, of course. I know that a few are disreputable but since you can’t really turn orgonite into a weapon against the good side the worst they can do is generate a little angst, depression and confusion with the ill-advised combination of stones. Even those will neutralize death towers and weather weapons because the disharmonioius stone combinations in orgonite only affect people who are physically close to them. Yep, the $#!+biird agencies have skilled psychics working for them, too Cool

There are an awful lot of people earning a living by making and selling orgonite devices and related products, now, and we don’t personally know most of them.

Alex Emarde is in a tough position and we’re really glad he overcame that sabotage. We had to move EW from a server in Montreal to a server in Chile, a year ago, on account fo the incessant and effective CIA and MI6 hacking in Montreal, which destroyed EW for the third time in as many years.

As I said in another thread, mentioning the sewer rats’ specific online and financial tactics against us helps neutralize those efforts because they’re mandated to act in secret Cool and I’m encouraging all the vendors who experience this sort of intimidation and harassment to post about it instead of just emailing me. Fighting them back is the next logical step, of course, and none of these freaks will be unaffected by our ‘love bullets,’ especially when they’re produced and sent by a focused group in one of the international chat sessions Wink

Meanwhile, Dooney’s staying pretty busy coaching more and more students in these efficient fighting techniques on

I think many of our readers are responding positively to the sabotage reports because they can assume that the vendors who get hit the hardest are the ones whom the CIA, FBI, NSA, ad nauseum, feel most threatened by. I’m not going to list them here because I don’t want them to have any unfair advantage but they should all know, by now, that we want to help any of them who get targetted by these sleepless pests.


Andy Schwarm
19 Aug 2008 02:13
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
I got a weird message from my server, that handles CTBusters, saying that
I was about out of server space and I better do something about it or my
account would be closed.

I forwarded the email to Zoe my personal Genius and she had me check
in my Outlook Express mail thingy to see if there changes made. There were.
“Save all emails to server” was checked-off in my ctbusters mail account.
I didn’t do it. It caused all my emails to be saved to my server, using-up
all my available space. So, I un-checked the offending boxes and I soon
have Zoe telling me that cleared-up a ton of space and the emergency is over.

So who got into my computer, altered my email settings such that eventually
my account would be shut-down?

Yeah, they mess with us.

So, how’s the weather in Langley, ya 'toids?

20 Aug 2008 09:14
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
As you may know my domain name was expired during one week from august 1 trough 8 here’s what

All my domain name where registered with a company named since 2004 and they were all at autorenew
which mean that 14 days before the expiration date they will take a pre
authorize payment to renew an year further. When my domain name as expired I
was really surprise because the domain was renew the 18 may 2008.

I have communicate with the help service of the hosting website but there
mailbox was full as well as all the mail box the website as, so I wasen’t
able to communicate with them my major problem.

I was able to find the owner of the company hosting my website and fill an
support inquiries which was reply 42 hour later which is pretty great. After
5 call and 2 fax to US a was able to get back and renew the domain name. It
as been really complicated but could have been really worst.

The most surprising is that the hosting company really stop working and
being operated, being so my domain name would have stop working soon or
later, this is kind of weird.


Don Croft
21 Aug 2008 07:34
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
There are lots and lots of ways for the $#!+birds to sabotage websites. I think EW was also shut down, at least once, because we were a day or so late paying the small fee.

Interesting contrast, for me, to the way that has remained up for over six years, in spite of efforts, even by professional hackers, to take it down. That one is hosted by Yahoo (I was once told that Yahoo is a CIA asset), and the day after I posted, on the original cloudbuster (Yahoo) forum instructions for disabling the then-new towers in May, 2002 I was locked out of my own website. Coincidentally, I was also overtly sabotaged by Earthlink (NSA asset) on that day. I had to get a new website adn a new email setup just to stay in business, then.

For a long time after that, search engines directed people to the defunct site, from which nobody could contact me for orders. See how it works? I wonder how many people are driven out of business by these agencies, as they apparently tried to do to Alex last week.

My email kept getting sabotaged on my end from that time until last May, when I finally started using an Apple computer. Now, the email sabotage only happens at the customer/correspondent’s end. I wonder why more people don’t use Apples. The guys who are affiliated withh that company are the same ones, apparently, who also keep the internet out of the world odor’s deathgrip successfully.

Spamming is one of the favored CIA methods of sabotaging email accounts. The market demand for anti-spam software seems to have the jump on these $#!+biirds, though. Have you considered how much spyware and hacker backdoors (I call them, ‘Bill gates’) Bill Gates’ code wielders have to keep adding to his software just to keep the CIA and NSA in the hacking/voyeurism game? At least he’s getting paid well by them.

The website sabotage is always done in a way that technicians will enable the hacking agencies, too, because these guys inevitably tell their customers that ‘there’s a perfectly rational explanation.’ Once in a great while, like when MI6 freaks physiically cut the fiberoptic line going into our server’s building in Montreal a couple of years ago, the $#!+birds do something so overt that technicians can’t explain it away. In those cases they just keep their mouths shut. We had to move the site to Montreal because it had become impossible to maintain it safely on any American servers. The same sort of sabotage kept happening to our business site, too, so we’ve moved it along with EW, another small step beyond direct American $#!+bird agency interference, each time.

I think that cutting the fiberoptic cable backfired on the $#!+birds because we reported it, also reported the timing of the event. I don’t remember the circumstances but we were likely in the middle of ‘working on’ one of the World War Three attempts by the Mossadomites®, Chinese, etc., at the time. A year ago they simply overwhelmed EW with hacking and destroyed it, so we had to restore and move the site to Chile, where it’s remained relatively safe and hacker-free (thanks, Ale). Somewhere in all that they also said our domain name expired Cool . Cute, but at the time, all of the posts were erased. If it was a simple expiration the hosting server certainly wouldn’t take the time and trouble to erase several years’ worth of postings. That must have taken hundreds of man-hours to accomplish. Thank grid and the Apple affiliates for HTML archiving! Someday, perhaps when the What To Think Network’s talking heads start savaging all of our characters, those old archived files are going to come in handy because it’s a running record of what we’re accomplishing and exemplifying in the world.

It’s odd how all the professions, even new ones like theirs, quickly develop a code of conduct relative to ‘the public,’ and plenty of technobabble to go along with it. What happens to a computer technician who is willing to talk plainly about the obvious influence of the $#!+bird agencies? Cool Is he/she shunned by the rest?


Don Croft
21 Aug 2008 17:48
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
Speaking of sabotage, I just now went to to pick up my email and was refused with a note that said, ‘Your account has been suspended’ Wink
We get online at our residence with a satellite hookup.

Do you reckon it was something I said? Cool


Andy Schwarm
21 Aug 2008 17:51
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
All these petty attacks just give us more resolve.

Bring it on! Mr. Violet

Don Croft
22 Aug 2008 12:28
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
If we didn’t post about this stuff, we’d be in worse shape, Andy.

None of us really like being assaulted this way and we don’t particularly enjoy having to fight back when they come after us, either, Andy’s bravado notwithstanding.

Right now, we’re in the middle of helping Georg’s business, . This has been the most concerted assault on his biz to date. Several years ago a German customs official was in league with the South AFrican postal service to destroy Georg’s packages to Europe in Africa and in Germany and it was easier to reverse that situation than it has been to reverse the current sabotage campaign. I think that, before, the $#!+bird agencies weren’t using grand-scale radionics in their assaults and in this case it’s essential to find and neutralize the radionics equipment, according to the successses we’ve had against the radionics assaults on Andy, Dooney/Stevo and Carol and I over the past couple of years.

This is some really insidious stuff, designed to apparently erase us from public awareness. In Reich’s day it was a lot easier for the CIA and other $hitbird agencies to destroy this hideous world order’s opponents’ reputations because the PJ folks were a lot more malleable, then. They even still succeeded with public book burnings in those days, which were the decade following the demise of Hitler’s regime.

One of my zapper customers just emailed to ask me about, which I mentioned above. It’s finally been taken down, apparently. I wish I knew if it was suddenly taken down after yesterday’s post Cool but I know that at least until a few months ago people were going there to try to buy zappers. I know because those people usually find me, eventually, and ask about the .org site. I only raised the zapper price nine bucks since then, by the way, but have improved the product several times with Carol’s help and guidance. Cesco helped, too, during an earlier visit.

So, a fake, misleading site stays online for many years while viable, active sites like,, and are taken down gratuituously, allegedly the day after domain-hosting payments are due Wink


Don Croft
26 Aug 2008 17:11
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
This thread has been quite productive: the $#!+bird agencies have turned loose a lot of the packages that were mentioned by vendors, here, since Carolien started the thread.

Here’s a few more I’d like to post a public notice about, then Carol and I are going hunting tonight:

  1. A package of valuable stones to us from Axel–sent from Austria a couple of months ago

  2. A package from us to Axel, sent a month and a half ago (he let me know, last week, that he hasn’t gotten it yet but he got a second package that we sent a week or two later)

  3. A package to Yassel Barrios in Texas, who has committed to gifting in Mexico and kindly translated my Terminator instructions into Spanish.

  4. Various small packages to our customers in the US and abroad that have been molested in recent weeks.

We’ve had one HELL of a rash of felonious federal mail thefts since Carol broke her arm, almost three months ago, and the hacking of her email got so bad that she had to get a gmail address. Sure, gmail is probably yet another CIA asset (chock full of ‘Bill-gates’ and other spyware) but the CIA freaks have apparently found it prudent to have some of their services appear to be hacker-free Wink

Our customers mosly know that when these freaks steal their packages, enroute, we send them a second package for no charge. This cost us quite a bit when the feds destroyed 18 zappers in a box of 35 to one of our distributors in June. That assault kicked off their current terror campaign against Cool


Don Croft
28 Aug 2008 17:57
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
Here’s a fun update about the packages to Axel and Yassel:

Today I got an email from Axel saying that he received that package and I got the package sent to Yassel back today as well. Interesting timing, don’t you agree? I don’t doubt that they turned those packages loose because I posted about their interference. We didn’t even take the time to hunt for federal freaks, yet. Dooney and Stevo are coming over tomorrow afternoon and we sort of wanted to wait until then.

The $#!+birds are still hitting our and Andy’s business, though, so a reprisal chat effort is in order, outside the weekend chat sessions. We few get hit so hard and so often that if we asked the international group to help us, each time, we’d have a lot less time and attention for the bigger threats, like BushSr’s apparentl attempt to blow up the Olympic Stadium during the fireworks display at the opening. Andy’s been visiting this week to do some filming, so they’re no doubt hitting his business on account of that.

We got some terrific footage of Slyphs over Lake Pend Oreille as we motored along the length of the lake, dropping in 13 earthpipes to finish off the Navy’s underwater/underground base and Carol and I were interviewed, too. Now that there’s a brand new slander website against me that is being circulated widely by the feds in email campaigns the timing of the free video is probably pretty good Cool

When we heard that the fireworks failed to go off, in spite of it being supervised by China’s premier pyrotechnic engineers, I asked Carol whether the eight bombs under teh stadium were somehow tied in to the fireworks. She looked at it and told me, ‘Yes.’ Nice battlefield intel, I think. Pappy Bush is apparently under a lot of pressure to achieve a successful mass murder display for his chances to succeed with martial law in America in coming months. If he fails, I think he’s going to be in a world of hurt with his Chinese masters Laughing

The two towerbusters from Axel might not have been sent by his friend, yet, and Carol got the gemstones that his friend sent on his behalf, so those are accounted for, now. She got those stones a couple of weeks ago and showed me but she didn’t have my full attention at the moment, so it didn’t register.

I think many males have that handicap, which sort of relates to the male refrigerator blindness syndrome. The latter can be diagnosed by watching a man open a refrigerator door to find something and may stand transfixed for several moments, unable to see the thing he’s looking for, even if it’s in plain sight.

It’s a miracle that some of us get much done Wink .


Don Croft
30 Aug 2008 18:18
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
More good news: A zapper we’d mailed to a customer in Los Angeles two weeks before also showed up around the time that Yasel’s and Axel’s packages arrived.

The $#!+birds didn’t interfere with the package we sent to Carolien last week, either.

I hope everyone here who gets hit by the sewer rat agencies this way or similar ways will post about it. Let’s see if we can get the world order’s legbreakers to behave better just by posting their specific crimes against us! We don’t really wish to attack them etherically.


Don Croft
30 Aug 2008 19:34
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
Yassel emailed me a little while ago to tell me that his sister also sent a package to him at that address and it was also returned for the same reason, ‘No such street number.’ Being a thorough fellow, he double checked the mailing address that was on my package to him and it was the correct one. He gets all his mail at that address.

I simply want our readers to understand that this is one of the many sabotage tricks that $#!++y, criminal agencies like the FBI employ against people of conscience.

By ‘people of conscience,’ I mean people (including everyone mentioned in this thread) who take an active, positive stand against the corporate world order, of course.


Don Croft
03 Sep 2008 16:48
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
I confess that even though Dooney and STevo visited for the long weekend and we had planned to do a lot of chatblasting outside of the scheduled periods we didn’t do a bit of that, so we prevailed on the international group to help us with our savaged businesses on Sunday. Fortunately, we were getting hit from a high (sic) enough level, then, that we apparently also disrupted some of the US federal government’s current terror campaign. Maybe we knocked their disjointed martial law agenda off track–who knows? Cool

This time, even the Chinese had apparently given up trying to put Andy, Carol and I and STevo out of business with radionics and other filthy magic tactics because the psychics saw a bunch of $#!+birds in a satanic ritual under a Mormon Temple, sucking energy from the faithful right over their heads. They didn’t take the time to locate the temple but that wasn’t important, after all. When I asked whether it was a church or a temple, though, Carol said, ‘Well, I see a statue on top of a steeple–what does that mean?’ Wink You probably know that the temples all have a gilded statue of the alleged ‘angel Moroni’ on top of their steeples. I wonder if that name was a joke by the masonic architects of that cult on Joseph Smith’s mouth-breathing followers, though I must say that there are many Mormons who are fine, productive, generous and intelligent people these days. I’m risking a bit by making a comment like that, I suppose, but the Mormons who gift are already aware of how corrupt the history of their church is, after all.

Andy spent a week with us and when he came, his biz ( got hit very hard–the orders stopped coming in and this is usually a busy season for him, so of course it was the result of direct sabotage. It got better for him after the chat on Sunday but I think we need to do more work for him. Our biz, which had also dried up to almost nothing when Andy arrived, came back with a vengeance right ater the chat–it was like a floodgate was opened. I suppose that’s a function of ‘conserved momentum’ in the market. Lots of people are waking up to the poisonous nature of Western Medicine these days, after all. I haven’t heard from Stevo but they were also hit–their business phone was turned off, yet again, at the phone company by federal agents (the CIA and affiliated Mormon corporations own all of the communication services in America and Canada) but Dooney, somehow, deftly transferred the business line to her house phone, early on, so damage was minimal.

The fact that the $#!+birds had to attack them in such a mundane, obtuse way is a sign of progress. Before, the Chinese-directed CIA freaks and psychics had some pretty elaborate and costly radionics assaults from several nearby but hidden locations and, before that, some stinky ETs were apparently running the show from orbit. Looks like the Pekingese have finally given up or are at least taking a rest from it for now. We nailed their more talented & ancient, wrinkly a$$ets pretty hard over the past couple of months, after all Wink

Andy was here to film us but he wasn’t able to get enough footage of Carol, so we’ll get together ASAP so Carol can get more face time. We have to demonstrate that this is not just the Don Show. On Sept 21 we’ll do another radio interview, this time with a fellow in Chicago whose show is called, ‘Feet to the Fire.’ There’s nothing new or uncomfortable about having our feet in the flames, of course Cool and accountability is what real activism is all about, anyway. See how the disinformants, by comparison, avoid accountability like genital warts?


19 Sep 2008 14:52
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
This as nothing to do with the level of interference Greog, Don or other are experiencing, but I tough mentioning it here, since it’s pretty funny.

I had ordered zapper from Don wholesale since I sell them on my site. After 2 week they have been shipped, the mailman knock on my door and when I open, he trow me a plastic bag with the zapper and what was left of the package, said et voilà ! and almost run away. It’s been a while since I deal with mailman and never seen that. The cardboard packing as been savagely tear off and all the zapper was in the bag saying that my package was inadvertently damage. Normally zapper come in double packing but this one only as one. The zapper wasn’t damage but one lid was missing on one zapper, I found this pretty pathetic.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Alex Laughing

Don Croft
23 Sep 2008 14:42
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
Over the past three years, Canada Customs has been teh worst offender in terms of destroying, stealing and damaging packages to us and from us in Canada. The crime that Alex mentioned is minor compared to other offenses against Carol and I and our Canadian customers and suppliers.

As a group, the packages I sent to the distributors in Canada who are associated with Dr Rudi Verspoor have gotten the worst of the sabotage. Dr Rudi is acknowledged as the foremost homeopath in North America by our associate, Dr von Peters, who is, himself, a consummate homeopath (developer of the successful remedy, ChemBuster, among other proprietary remedies).

Even the American postal service, in whose relatively able care a lot of our smaller packages and wholesale shipments are routinely destroyed, stolen or damaged, pales compared to Canada Customs heavy-handed molestations. We’ve had worse treatment from Federal Express and UPS, whose corporate employees are apparently more easily manipulated by the CIA sewer rats, who probably own both companies.

I hope this statement for the record will tune up these sneaky $#!+birds in the Canadian gov’t. Cool Meanwhile, the excessive hacking of business email and destruction of our packages immediately following Carol’s mishap in June only lasted a couple of months and I think it was the $#!+birds ‘best effort,’ short of shooting us or framing us. THANK YOU to our fellow chatroom warriors for helping us get out from under that one: the biggest sabotage campaign against us to date. Meanwhile, I suppose the sewer rat agencies are eating a lot of sour grapes because the more they attack us, the more widely known our efforts are getting Cool now that more people are waking up to how the world has been ‘governed’ by voracious parasites for the past six millenia or so. I think the ‘non-conspiracy theorists’ are finally losing ground, thx largely to the exposure of Controlled Demolitions, Inc’s exemplary job with the World Trade Center. It would have been hard to predict how instrumental the exposure of this particular false flag attack now is for undermining this stinking world order’s mass mind control protocols.

Thanks, Alex, for sharing the report. I do, indeed, double package all our wholesale shipments and the only time there is damage like that is when it’s entirely intentional.


25 Sep 2008 06:10
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
Oh, how I enjoy catching the fraudulent postal service TNT with their pants down Mr. Yellow .
Keep those excellent proof of sabotage coming, gentlemen!

Here’s a package to England shipped on 5 September (trackingnumber 3SWPPK1074411) that was sent back to me on 24 September. The TNT website says it was offered 7 (!) times for delivery – which is quite pecuLIAR since two delivery attempts are their usual service. My customer was home all day in that period, btw. Notice the “Parcel delayed due to unforseen circumstances” remark…. and the mere two delivery attempts that are mentioned on the red return sticker.


[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Last edited by Carolien on 25 Sep 2008 06:22; edited 1 time in total

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25 Sep 2008 06:19
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
And here’s an even better example of sabotage by the TNT postal service Laughing .

This parcel to France (trackingnumber 3SWPPK1065344) was delivered according to their website.
But hey, I got it back??!!


[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

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Don Croft
28 Sep 2008 12:13
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
Excellent detective work, Carolien. This is usually the form of sabotage our packages experience, too, though Canada still leads the way with desttroying our products enroute.

It might be good to catalog the countries where our expectant customers ‘forget to pick up their parcels at the post office or customs house:’

In our case, these are usually addressed to our fellow warriors abroad, including Cesco, Alexandre, David Ochieng, Steve Baron and Axel. In some other cases they were sent to prospective warriors, including a fellow in Russia and several Africans. I won’t even send packages to Russia or China any more. Our Chinese customers arrange for second-hand pickup in Hong Kong but we’ve never had customers in Russia.

Eight zappers I sent to a Doc in Uganda last December disappeared but he’s gotten most of my packages over the years. None of the orgonite I sent to prospective gifters in Saudi Arabia ever arrrived, though customers in that country have always gotten their zapperrs. I reckon it’s the Saudi alleged royals’ involvement with Scottish Rite masonry that keeps their SS-trained minions on their toes, keeping orgonite away from the locals.

I mentioned Yassel earlier in the thread. After I posted about the failed delivery of his package it was returned to me, again, though he had gotten the first package I sent. The next package (8 zappers that he had paid for), which was returned, twice, was sent to his correct address near Miami (I thought he was in Texas when I first reported it but I hadn’t checked the record book, then). Yassel had translated our zapper instructions to Spanish. Meanwhile, I got an email from him reporting that a relative in Cuba had cured his chronic sickness (I think it was viral hepatitis) with one of our zappers. I suppose teh CIA is directly interfering with his packages on account of his Cuban connection. The federal $#!+birds (CIA and FBI) bring a lot of heroin and cocaine into the US through Cuba and Florida, after all, and the US Gov’t wants to maintain the cold war posturing in re: spooky, wobbly Castro, whom LaRouche claimed in 1979 to have received $20 billion from the CIA for his ongoing services Cool

The fed hackers also stopped him from getting my email abbout the more recent package sabotage, which is one more evidence that it’s CIA. I think FBI, like the Mossadomites are too stupid to have their own hackers and the Homeland Sekurity Gessellschaft are still sort of hiding under a rock, perhaps waiting for the clarion call to Martial Law before donning their gray uniforms and jackboots.

I hope Yassel got today’s email because I think he’s starting to wonder if I’m legit. I asked him to give me another address.


30 Sep 2008 06:47
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
This message I received from a Danish customer, who’s very active gifting. I tried to email him back, but a Dutch provider named Tiscali (not mine) intercepted and returned my email (again), suggesting his email box was full. I don’t think so!!

It would be great if more European gifters checked out for coaching in boosting. There’s an international groupboost chat every Saturday evening, around 8 o’clock European time. For me, both boosting and gifting are all about empowerment and reclaiming our world etherically from the parasite world order.

Of course it’s my pleasure to help guys like him in the meantime. Let’s check if his package 3SWPPK1090481 gets delivered properly by the “James Bond wannabees”. His bank refused to transfer his payment the first time, the losers.

Dear Carolien.

I have not recieved the package yet, so they are holding it back.

I was checking it up on the tracking number, and they claim the had tried,
to deliver it, yesterday, and none was home, that’s a lie, for sure.

I was thinking if it would be possible for Carol, Don, and co., to have a
look at the situation here in europe (blasting the little, paranoid nazi
freaks, so they once, and for all, understand), regarding their messing with
oure LEGALLY packages, as I can see you vendors (in europe), constantly are
being messed with.

And to the James Bond wannabees (CIA, NSA MI6 ETC.), reading this: Do you
realise how spiritual retarded, and childish you are?

Do you understand, that in a VERY near future, you, and your corrupt bosses,
WILL be held accountable for your actions against humanity, and Mother
Earth, and NOTHING you desperatly do, can stop this prosses, as it comes
from the higest intelligence (Creator) in cosmos, on behalf of Mother Earth,
that you stupid, narrow minded idiots, are toturing, by the minut.

And it will NOT save your butt, to use excuses, as the nazi’s druing the
Nuremberg proces, that your were just following orders, you have a brain,
and a free will, USE it!

It’s not to late for you agents of the darkness, to change side, but as I
said, in a near future, the table will catch, and you will be faced with
your actions, and then, it will be to late to wake up, and regret.

You just doesn’t seem to understand the rules of the universe, and for that,
YOU suffer, not us.

And if you think, that your childish actions against us, are gonna stop us,
you will be disappointed, it only make us even more determined to stop your,
already rumbling world order.

You are pathetic, and I can only say: God be with you, were you end up, when
you leave this dimension, in a near future.

Sorry for the speak, Carolien, but i just had to get it out.

Kindley regards,

Start gifting or making your own orgonite, at
Homer t
02 Oct 2008 11:31
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
good Morning cousins…Homer T here…As you know, my site… has been up on the web for two weeks…Dooney posted about the interference she was getting while developing the site…there

were two days when she , as my Web-Master, couldn’t even access the site she was working from any computer in her house…

I can easily understand why those of us who gift and post about it are a problem for the sewer rats…that stands to reason…they are hacking my site so hard that I have yet to receive an order. 'How can this

be…I ask myself’…are they seeing something down the road that scares the &^#*…out of them as it relates to the potential of HOD…? Dan mentioned that this tech was half way to free energy…Oh, so

true…! I have much to share about the potential of hydrogen on demand as a first step toward implementing a full-blown…viable ‘joe cell’…The answers to the bigger questions of the failure of the joe cell in

the past…as a reliable form of free-energy are soon to be answered…My desire in all of this is that this unorganized grass-roots movement has the intelligence and will to bring this tech to the fore front of

consciousness in the short term…Collectively we can fast track anything we focus our intent on…

As I stated when I joined…I am honored and humbled to be…one among ya’ all. There is a second aspect to this tech that has to do with the super-charging of water and how that relates to the potential of the

joe cell. Carol and Kelly both remarked about the huge field that was being produced around the electrolyzer… An electrolyzer will charge the water used in a joe cell many times faster than using a CB…

drinking water with an extra molecule of hydrogen and an extra molecule of ozone has health benefits…many of which haven’t even been looked into…yet.

When I was running an electrolyzer 4-5 hours a day I started drinking this…‘structured water’…

Back In the hayday of spraying…being that I work outside mostly…I thought I was dying…my energy level was so low

and I felt so depleted…and then on top of that the depression I was going thru was devastating … Now, even though I’m an old guy in years…I have tremendous energy and can work with those half my

age…Why is that you ask…I BELIEVE THAT ORGONITE MAKES OUR LIVES BETTER IN MANY VERY SUTLE WAYS…It is the engine that… united with ‘focused intent’ is the root of the phenomenum…

Don has mentioned in many posts that we are only scratching the surface of the potential of Orgonite…We know that it is healing our starship of the influence of the dark-side and their many attempts to

destroy us…I have more to share about focused intent…but, as this is a thread about Sabotage…I am posting about the interference with my site and why it might be happening. I have asked the physics to l

look into this situation and I expect the damn will soon break…

Blessings to each of the intelligent and powerful folks within this grassroots network

Homer T

Homer t
07 Oct 2008 10:27
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
I would like to publicly express my thanks and love to Dooney and her chat group for looking into the interference on my site……they found dark- energy , not close but at a distance and she verified my impressions that this was the work of Radionics…I think what the dark-side is finally realizing is that committed people who can focus love energies thru there hearts have considerable more power that the snot-noosed assets that interfere with our sites and our communications…I guess the saying of the day might be…open your heart or wind up a puddle on the floor…Thanks again to all those brave souls who will not be victimized by drugged-out children with …issues.

Homer T

12 Oct 2008 13:04
Subject: Re: Sabotage?
Stevo and I have experienced an annoying form of sabotage this summer and into the fall. Our business phone line (for Stevo’s chiropractic office) has gone out no less than 5 times since the middle of August, which is coincidentally when Steve met Andy at the Crofts and we both met Homer and got our HOD unit installed in our Landcruiser. The funny thing is that our home phone line has not been affected, except once. Steve’s office is in our home so both of the phone lines run on the same cables, yet only the business line has been affected. The phone repair guys (they send a different one every time) keep saying it must be a bad cable…we’ll get right on that ma’m. One of the repair guys actually talked to me about remote healings and invited us to join his group of about 50 friends – psychics and reiki masters – for their monthly get togethers. I said thanks, but no thanks.

We’ve been under pretty heavy etheric attack all summer and trying to ruin Stevo’s business has been a favorite tactic of theirs for years. So we just keep plugging away, boosting when we need to, and getting help from the chat groups and Don and Carol (thanks you guys!). We did find a major underground problem here on our property, which we’ll be earthpiping soon. It’s such a common tactic to try and destroy us financially, but especially for those who are self-employed, so we just have to keep fighting and helping each other out.

We may have to do some more boosting for Homer since his business is really threatening to the oil cartel. I hope lots of you reading this will order one of his units and give it a try. It works!


9 February 2009

This registered parcel (number 3SWPPK1204287) was returned by TNT postal service to me today. See pictures below. According their website, it was delivered to the addressee in France on 31 January… yeah, right, whatever.

Thanks for confirming my hunches, Dirk. I am as bored as you are by the amateur level of psychological harassment by letter soup agents. Had a good yawn over this one. Maybe I should spice things up and post his name and address, what do you think?

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Here’s his reply (the customer, not Dirk):

Hello, I just received a refund Paypal PART of my order (61.31 € instead of € 84.50), which is not acceptable because it is not a command that I have returned but a command that you don ’ have not delivered. So to me you owe the full amount of the order, you still owe me: 84.50-61.31 = 23.19 €. Failing to obtain such refund by return, I will put the matter in dispute via my consumer association.

I hope this is the right place to post this…after losing my account in the EW hacking in December, I’ve finally just gotten membership here back after a good number of e-mails disappeared into a black hole while trying to contact Ale. During the same time period, I had personal e-mails delayed by as much as a whole day before they appeared in my inboxes. I even had power to the whole block blink out for a half minute just before sending e-mails to certain people, erasing the e-mail. My computer, a Mac at that suffered strange browser problems with pages suddenly jumping to other ones. Not with Firefox, though, just with Safari.

I suppose the purpose of of all this was to try to make one angry, frustrated, and wanting to give up. I shrug my shoulders, wait a bit, and try again. Sometimes I laugh about it. Patience and persistence go along way when certain people want you pissed off and paranoid. Denying them what they want sounds good to me.

Last Friday my wife received a written message of our internet-provider on her cellphone, that our internet connection had been shut down due to virus or malware infection of our computer.

This was the culmination of occurences which took place since I had put the orgone-in-acan testfile for download onto my homepage.

The molestations had started in january about 10 to 20 minutes after I had put the file onto the web.
A window did pop up to tell me, that our virus-scan program had expired. Shortly after that another window popped up to tell me that the computer was to be shut down within 60 seconds, which also did happen.
When I restarted the computer I was still told to update the virus scan.
After having logged into internet to update the software, our computer was flooded with trojans.
The reinstallation of the virus scan, which up to this date had worked properly and held back any kind of infection, did not bring the desired results.
The reason for this was found in short time: there was some software present which blocked the virus scan from working.
After having removed this strange software, the virus scan seemed to work again, but since then we regularily find trojans.

Since then it has been an unvoluntary daily pastime for me, to evict malicious software, which I still don´t know where it comes from.
So today we decided to abandon the Bill Gates software fascism and to proceeed with Linux.

I have, at the moment, no real chance to work on the Researchforum, nor to do much email correspondence, and more to that, my wife who has to organize an event for next weekend cannot correspond with the many participants of the event.

Another coincidence is that I wanted to announce the release of the „Canned Orgone“ CD last weekend on my website.

So I´m pretty sure that all these bad occurences are the well timed „reward“ for putting up the researchforum, as well as for the whole “Orgone In A Can� thing.

For showing that I´m grateful, I´ve put up another downloadable file. [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found]

It is containing speech , which is masked within the orgone-noise, saying approximately the following:
„All attacks are backfiring to the aggressors. The agenda of the parasitic elite is failing and decays to nothing. A positive field of life force is growing stronger, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day“
I´m playing it since sunday and it has a good effect on the atmosphere in our house.
You can download it in the Orgone In A Can thread.


They can’t seem to leave any of my orgonite packages alone!

Status: Difficulties encountered?
[Image Can Not Be Found]

I forgot to post about several sabotage events that happened earlier in the year, then I forgot what they were [Image Can Not Be Found]

This is so routine for some of us that we don’t keep track of it properly but we’ve found that when we post about specific sabotage events it really tones down the CIA/NSA/MI5/6/Mossodomite/Triad/KGB interference in our personal and business lives so I’m going to do it more often.

I think our reports also help other victims recognize it in their own lives. A strange evident fact is that there are a lot more spooks than police or soldiers in the world. This is an aspect of the new tyranny, which is more clearly parasitic than Hitler’s, Roosevelt’s, Mussolini’s and Mao’s murderous regimes were. In those days there were more soldiers and police than spooks but–this is more significant!–the populations policed each other and even loved their masters.

If Obama, with his overt NationalSocialist rhetoric, were presiding over the 1950s populace of America (let’s imagine that the whites weren’t bigots, then) he’d have all the young people dressing the same and goose stepping through the streets. Notice how miserably his efforts are failing, though. The people who don’t consider him a buffoon or Jesus Christ are the majority and they’re merely apathetic.

Recent sabotage: One of our longest-standing zapper distributors, a naturopath, is in Houston, Texas. Last month the feds delayed one of our packages to her by over two weeks. Several times in the past the feds destroyed and ‘requisitioned’ our packages to her and, each time, we blasted the snot out of the FBI jerks who did it, also the dirty postmaster in that Houston branch post office and the other dirty postmaster in the Woodlands, Tx, post office who collaborated with the FBI.
It always helps to blast the perpetrators and you don’t need to be psychic to do that. This lady routinely switches between the Houston and Woodlands, Tx address in order to slow them down and that’s been helpful, too. I think it takes these sewer rats awhile to set up even routine sabotage. The FBI are not too bright and a lot of these stupid guys are masons and KKK members, by the way. That’s well documented. Maybe that’s why we had problems with the FBI in Florida during our HAARPicane-busting exposition. The CIA handles sabotage of our network in the North and West, evidently. The FBI are the ones who murder Indians on the Reservations and extort, murder and intimidate Blacks throughout the US. KKK, as I said. One more good reason to disband the US Government, pronto.

An ongoing petty sabotage at home is our inability to get online with the wireless setup in the house. It should work and our computers indicate that we get a strong signal in the house. When Capt Azti dropped six earthpipes in the mountains between our house and Lake Pend Oreille last summer we immediately were able to get online in the house. Carol had seen the interference coming from that direction. The ancient base under Lake Pend Oreille had been extended out under those mountains, perhaps after we dropped all those earthpipes in the lake.

A few weeks later we had a little brownout in the neighborhood, then we were unable to get online in the house, again. A week or so later there was a brief blackout, then we were able to breifly get online, again but Carol was and is seeing interfertence from another direction in this case. I’m about to ask her to dowse a point on the map on my airplane’s GPS so I can go deal with the facility directly [Image Can Not Be Found] . A couple of weeks ago Carol blasted the source and we both got online for a couple of days but the blocking resumed again. I"ll post an update after I go on my bombing run [Image Can Not Be Found]


A lot of folks are asking me where Carolien and have gone. Carolien has withdrawn from the network for personal reasons and I hope she’ll resolve all that and come back as soon as possible. She’s sorely missed. This unorganized movement is a grassroot effort, so anyone is free to come and go. It’s probably not going to be institutionalized as long as I’m still breathing and can type [Image Can Not Be Found]


All my best wished to Carolien, hope she’s all well.

As I discussed with Don in private he told me it might be good to post it here, so it’s about the jamming of wireless signals:

Jamming a signal is quite easy with the right material, it’s just about sending either a signal in phase with the original one and make it have bogus data, so the receiver won’t be able to interpret the data even though the signal is strong. Or else send out of phase exactly similar signal to cancel the wireless signal and make it actually go to 0 so nothing can be received. And other ways sending other phased signals just to make the receiver not able to detect what signal it should receive…
I don’t know what they are jamming, if it’s your satellite signal that’s being jammed then you’ll need to bust all their jamming facilities next to your house :stuck_out_tongue:
But if it’s the Wifi signal, then if you have plugs for ethernet cables on your internet router, you might want to get a cable… signals in a cable are almost impossible to jam since the cables are shielded on purpose to keep the signal strong over long distances (max 300m) and unaffected by EM or magnetic nearby interferences. Not cheap cables… you have to get Cat-5(100Mbps) or Cat-6(1Gpbs) to be sure it’s shielded correctly.

But as if it’s decribed somewhere else in this forum, they are disturbing your connection at the commutators house, then this won’t help. I guess the best would be to find that house/box and surround it with orgonite so that the MK psychics or whoever they are can’t mind control the guys working there

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