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Hello everybody,

I don’t want to sound needy, but writing is the best way I can express myself, many of you have been in similar situations, and may have advice for a blooming teenager like me. Each day sabotage becomes greater in my life, including that of my family.
I’ve been boosting my family and myself, but am asking that if anybody is willing to boost the crap heads that are screwing with my health, life, and family, please do. Today has pretty much been a bad day, but I keep my spirits high, and I got lots resolved and accomplished. I could feel cords all over my body, and lit those babies on fire and sent them back to the dog crap hole they came from. I was in the tram today and felt a horrible feeling, I sensed danger, and low and behold, when I got home I was welcomed with some bad news and possibly more sabotage. Rewards come in the form of a gracious thank you and good feeling in your heart. I cannot go into deeper detail, but I’ve always believed that when the thoughts/prayers of many come together, the effect is stronger.

None of you are obliged in anyway to respond, I wasn’t sure about how this type of message would be welcomed on the forums…

Anyways, I’ve just been to the Tour de france today in Montpellier, a retreat from home!

Hope everybody has a wonderful summer, time to rest! (and time for me to put the zapper on…)


Boosting Away , Christian [Image Can Not Be Found]

I don’t know how to say this so I’ll be careful.
Your right when asking for help and boosting.
Another thing you can do is get into meditative state and ask your higher selves for help and protection. You have to ask or it won’t work.
I’m trying to stay away from anything religious but if you have a religious figure go to that and ask to.
Ask whatever your belief is and go there and ask for help.
Ask the slyphs, the watchers from the future, the dolphins and whales. Ask as many as you want that’s fine.
Protection will surround you and protect you.
Any fear will attrack and you don’t want that.
We are all warriers on the path and it our duty to help those that ask for help.
Whatever body we have at this time when called into action we go.
A simple way I do it is ask for the universal white light for protection around myself and my home and anything not of white light be gone.
White light another meaning is universal love. They are the same to me.
March on without fear my young friend.

I would like to add something I believe is very important:

Another thing you can do is get into meditative state and ask your higher selves for help and protection. You have to ask or it won’t work.

From ‘fighting’ the parasites since 3-4 years I can say the hardest thing I had to to is get a perfect belief if I can explain it like that.

By that I mean that if you don’t believe in your thoughts or have a slight doubt then that thought won’t work 100%…

So yes you have to ask for protection but you have to believe 200% that it is active and working and that no parasite can break it, ever. Sure there will always be challenges you will have to face, we all have lessons to learn constantly, but challenges doesn’t mean pain, it just means work and work can be done in joy as it can be done in any other emotional state.

I remember I used to have many headaches also being attacked by them and then someday (about a year ago) I just decided they couldn’t affect me anymore, they are of too low vibration. That day the headache disappeared instantly in some seconds and I’ve never felt any attacks since… helicopters, chemplanes etc. are just part of the scenery now for me, they can try all they want, I know they have no power over me because this reality is as much mine as it is theirs may I even add they are parasites they need our fear to exist! so it’s actually our reality not theirs, I guess that’s why they are so afraid of us and try to keep us in fear, because the day fear disappears it becomes love, universal white light, positive orgone, whatever the name I also believe it is all the same and hence parasites can’t live off healthy hosts, they just cease to exist [Image Can Not Be Found]
And I sincerely believe it is the same for anyone else, but the hardest part is the 100% bulletproof belief that I guess comes with life experiences.

Now personally I must say I love these lovely harmless parasites for the experiences they helped me learn with the challenges they presented [Image Can Not Be Found] Without them I wouldn’t have learned so quickly [Image Can Not Be Found] Thank you parasites, bring on the challenges [Image Can Not Be Found]

Big boosts to you christian [Image Can Not Be Found]
Get rid of the void of fear and it will fill with love which cannot be filled by void anymore [Image Can Not Be Found] Have no doubt in your abilities they are infinite!

All this stuff is also my personal experience, so everything that’s been said above resonates with me. The process goes something like this: you wake up, you go wow! and then fear starts creeping in and gets worse and worse until you realise that the real you can ultimately not be touched if you align yourself truly with the Good – but you have to go through the crisis of total powerlessness in order to realise that you have power.

This is why they are now throwing all they’ve got at us, they are panicking because the rising consciousness in people is unstoppable, I get examples of that every week from all sorts of people. This is the reason behind the Global Warming scam, swine flu and all the other recent “pandemics” on the back of which they want to finally subdue us. My attitude is now: let all their machinations come and I will deal with them if and when they’re actually happening, I and many, many others will know how to do so, out of our innermost being which we have been forced to find through the pressure from the $#!+birds, thank you very much.

I’ve come to accept that things are what they are, including weather manipulation, it’s now simply part of the furniture, but as Braikar says, reality is just as much ours as theirs. It may not be fun when you have to go through the crisis to come to this realisation, but, boy, when you come out at the other end, life is joy and you learn to treat obstacles as opportunities.


As I was looking for the sabotage thread to add yet another case, I found this post. Perhaps it’s good to add my case here instead and add my comments.

Two months ago, I sent a parcel with orgonite to a gifter in Spain. Priority mail to Spain should take 3-5 workdays. A few weeks later, he sent me an email. The mailing company had recently phoned him to check his address, for their delivery attempts had failed so far. (His phone number was on the parcel allright, as was his correct address). Since he was in the process of moving house, he asked them if they could deliver to his family instead. The mailing company refused. Their policy is to return parcel to sender, if they cannot deliver. So he asked me to reship the parcel to his new address, as soon as it was returned to me. He also mentioned he and his family were threatened latetly.

As I checked the track&trace data of this parcel, I saw somebody had changed the address data. Both his surname, postal code and city were altered. It said their delivery attempts had failed because of this incorrect address. I wondered how they had managed to phone him – wouldn’t they have to use the phone number on the parcel itself for that? And couldn’t they read the proper address on it as well?

Last week I received an email from Anneke Elzinga of the TNT international parcel research center. She asked me to give them the proper address AND phone number of this customer, since they couldn’t deliver so far. She had added the proper (!) parcel’s address data and surname in her email for me to confirm. Of course the new address he moved to was none of her business – so I replied asking why they hadn’t returned the parcel to sender yet, since this is their usual policy. I also asked where the parcel had been for these last months and why the address data on the track&trace page were incorrect. I demanded instant answers.

The next day I received an automatic reply that my email was read, but no answer. So after another week of silence I sent it again, adding the remark that I would seek publicity about their misdemeanour – mentioning specifically the consumers organizations I was about to contact. The day after I received another automatic reply that my email was read. But she also emailed me back, lying that she had never received my first email and stating it was extra service of them to go to these lengths to track addresses (first time for me!). She still didn’t reply on my questions, nor gave any information if the parcel was on it’s way back to me. By then, I thought I’d better press charges for theft at the police.

This was yesterday. Today, the doorbell rang and the courier handed me the parcel. As I complained about the long time it took for them to return it, he asked me if I had filed an official complaint. When I mentioned my email correspondence with their “extra service” department, to my surprise he asked “Are you sure she has read them?” – and even added “If that doesn’t work, you can always contact so-and-so, specifically mentioning the random consumers organizations I had threatened with in my emails.


It’s things like these which make me disagree with you, guys.
Reasoning like that can easily lead to blaiming the victim for a lack of “alignment with the Good” whenever they’re harassed. Boosting (: sending unconditional heart energy) helps indeed. But shitbirds are real too.
And I’d rather they bother me then the Spanish guy.

Anyhow, it’s fun how they’ve exposed themselves this time!

I would certainly not blame the victim for “lack of alignment with the Good”, that would be a sanctimonious cop-out on my part . What I tried to say above is that it is often only when we’re in extreme circumstances that we call upon our whole selves/deepest being in order to fight back and protect ourselves. And everyone has to find their own way of dealing with trouble.

I saw a cartoon recently in which a husband and wife are sitting in their flooded living room, water up to their knees, and the husband says: “If the water rises another inch, I’ll definitely call the plumber!”

I can align myself with the Good all I want, at some point I also have to ACT. “They” hate exposure; good job, Carolien!


My email correspondences a currently heavily sabotaged.

A lot of emails don’t seem to reach me, and sent emails return with the notice, that tey’re not deliverable or the addressee is not existent.
This happens also to mails which are simply an answer to received mails.

Seems to be a confirmation for our good work at


It is now a few weeks later…… and the problem is the same.
Still many mails don’t show up in my inbox. Some never arrive, some of them I can pick out of the thrash or spam folder.

If you don’t get an answer, please try contacting me again (vortexorgonit @
Sometimes people are successful when contacting me three, four, times.


I’m going to post this report here as it seems to be an appropriate topic for it.

Don sent me a package right after New Years. It should have arrived no more than a week later, like the previous package he sent me. Instead, it took a whole month, the package was opened, tampered with, and ineptly taped back together. I just received it on Friday. This happened after the fire and while I was under a second barrage of psychic attacks and internet interference. Thankfully, the contents appear to still be in good shape.

speaking of sabotage, we recently had “someone” cut our belts on our van-- we lost our steering and brake system while driving back up the mountain from a trip to town… luckily we were heading up the hill when it blew so we were able to make it without going off the road… mechanic says it was a miracle we made it as far a we did. we do have some friends in high places who look out for us thankfully…. I immediately sensed foulplay, espeically in light of some of the work we have been doing …… apparently we are doing a very good job!!! thanks for the affirmation guys…… [Image Can Not Be Found];


Today my laptop went down, due to a trojan. In the morning there were some problems. In the afternoon the outlook express didn’t start. Then it started after i clicked on some “alignments” that showed up in a window and that i confirmed.
Some hours later there was a trojan warning and same moment it went down.

Think it was good work yesterday.

On my way gift towers today my tire blew out. No puncture, tire ripped to shreds. Going about 80 mph when it happened. Good thing I have roll bars built into my car. [Image Can Not Be Found] My gifting friend had his tire knifed the day before… I no longer believe in coincidence. My boat motor has been @#$%@# with too. Maybe I’ll stop gifting now, NOT! [Image Can Not Be Found];

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