Salt - I'd like for some people to help me with a test

(bmosley) #1

I’d like for some people to help me with a test. Stop using iodized salt in your diet and monitor your thought patterns. The “iodine” added to human salt is diffrent from the “iodine” added to stock salt, why is that? For me a big part of “waking up” was when I stopped ingesting iodized salt and stopped wearing corrective lenses. One day in 1999 I was walking, exercising my eyes and enjoying nature when I noticed the jets spraying. I talked about it with people I knew and they said “nuts”, your nuts man. I felt very lonely and used the internet to try and study what was going on. It’s a good feeling now to hear about all the people that are gifting and building cb’s, it’s been a long haul since 1999.


(Ceed) #2

Hi Brent.

Here’s another dot to connect with Iodized salt.

In the biggest city in Mindanao- Davao- a year ago the Mayor pushed a law that makes it illegal to buy or sell sea salt! Can you imagine? We are surrounded by the ocean. People living in poverty. This c lown wants people to buy and use iodized salt!!

About the same time there was pressure put on India and its people to ban sea salt. People rioted at that and they repealed the ruling.

They say the iodine is to prevent goiters. Well maybe if you are in Kansas, but people here eating seaweed as they do, get iodine enough.