Salva KIrr's and David Ochieng's Gifting Report: Yei, Sudan

This was a wonderful networking project; perhaps a trend setter. Judy Lubulwa in Nairobi sent DAvid the orgonite, which he carried to Sudan, where Salva lives.
I wish to facilitate setting up all of our East AFrican cohorts to make their own orgonite with the goal of selling it. I think the market demand will cause them all to prosper but read the following and see what you think, okay? ~Don

ABOUT MY JOURENEY AND GIFTING IN SUDAN. It was monday exactly 4am when i [David] left from Migori to kisumu [Kenya],to collect the parcel judy sent for me for our trip.i arrived there there at 9am,headed straight to the booking office of Akamba bus service to collect the parcel.From there i went to book the bus,which was to take me to lodwar where.Where Salva was waiting for me and eagerly waiting to meet his partiner. My joureney to lodwar started around 7pm. We passed many towns which have never been since.There was even a place were the police has to escort us up to near by town.They say that gangsters use to attack the buses there.Its the middle of no where no house to be seen.Before i was told about those police oficers i paniked,later i saw them talking to the driver and conducter,in afew minutes they started escoting us. At around 6pm i arrived in lodwar,What a dry place uncle!.When you are in lodwar you can wonder how people manage to live in such desert,Its dry and hot.its not easy to find a green vegetation. Salva was waiting out side booking office of the bus i told im i was going to go with.Staring at every men who came out of the bus,trying to guess,who is David?. among this mans.By the time i steped out of the bus and my eyes catched him to,i just judged that this might be my partiner from the way he was staring at me.I went straight to him,and asked hime if he was the one am looking for. The time was late4 that we could have not managed to get in Yei that day.I was really tired,so we went straight to the guest house he booked for both of the morning of Wedness day we started our journey to Sudan.we didint follow the main way while passing the border to get in sudan trying to avoid the custom official hurrasment,so we followed the panya routes.We had a long joureney to yei.from the border to where we boareded amatatu we used bycycle.We arrived in Yei a round 5pm.Salva’s wife was not back from the school where she is teaching,we found only his childrens.In afew minutes her wife was back.what a generous wife salva has.She has the true beuty from inside.After taking sour and the dinner Salva did the introduction,he introduced me to his familly and all that. On Thusday i rested the whole day,i needed some rest before we started the gifting. FRIDAY OUR FIRST DAY OF GIFTING. We were doing the giftingh within the Yei town(small lodon).We gathered people and started teaching them a bout our plans to save the Africa and the world as a whole,from wikedness,sickness,wichcraft and e.t.c.and after we finished we distributed the orgonite to them.At a round 6pm we were done and went back to salvas home anfter hading a tiring day. ON SATURDAY OF OUR GIFTING THE SECOND DAY. Salva took his bycycle carried me at the back.gouing to the near by village.In afew minuteswe were there.Uncle i must say that we were late,the villagerswere expecting us early coz salva had already inform them.So we started our teachings and did the gifting after we finish.Weheld discusion with few who hasthe quetions or some who didint get us very well. WE RESTED ON SUNDAY. ON MONDAY OF OUR GIFTING THIRD DAY. The rain rained too much that day,which gave us had time to get where were going to do the gifting.We met some few people at the martket,we tought them of the goodness of our project some who had quetions asked and then we gave them answers.By the end of the day we were doneand ran out of the Orgonite gift. The remaning daysi was just enjoying the advetures of Yei and Sudan as a whole.The people of sudan are much black than us.uncle Sudan is anice place to be.If there was no war in that contry i just hope they would have develop more than other countries in Africa. David THE PEOPLE REPORT FROM SALVA. Dear Don the people of Yei have commented that this gifting projected beeng expanded across Sudan,they belive that this project will bring them prosperity in their lifes. (1)They belive that many sickness that affects them will nolonger be their. (2)They are safe from wickedness. (3) sice they had those gift they are having good luck in their families. Dear Don Please send me some gift through my mailing address of Yei,Sudan.The people are in need of it. Yours Salva.

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