08 Nov 2008 22:48
Subject: SANTIAGO Gifting
I am starting this thread to motivate Ale to start writing his report on all the gifting he has been doing in our city for the past month or so. He has done a great effort which is worth sharing, even if we don’t have pictures (“photo trophies” as Carolien put it Wink ). I did take two pics of the first arsenall (about 1000 tb’s and 200 HHG’s, Ale correct me if I am wrong), and one video.
All this has been posible due to the generous donations to which we are sooooo greatfull!
I also have to mention that Guillermo has become a part of this effort. He contacted Ale through the web and he is actively participating with us now in Santiago. We’ve been lucky to find commited and good hearted people in Chile who want to get involved in gifting. I have made pendants for all chilean gifters too, so we are all better protected Wink

Gifting Santiago
Stage #1: tb’s (death towers, all comunas)
Stage #2: tb’s (gridding)
Stage #3: earth pipes (underground DOR)
Stage #4: cloudbusters
Stage #5: gifting the surroundings, from talca to valle del aconcagua)



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08 Nov 2008 22:50
Subject: Re: SANTIAGO Gifting
here’s a little video…
orgonite arsenall october 2008

Don Croft
09 Nov 2008 16:37
Subject: Re: SANTIAGO Gifting
I think you gifters in Santiago are in for some dramatic confirmations at some point and you’re acting on faith, until then, though there are plenty of urban gifting examples to work from that were desperately smoggy, before they were sufficiently gifted: Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Johannesburg, Tokyo (apparently), Atlanta, Miami. It’s a huge challenge to take on a very big city like that, especially since the roads and streets are haphazard throughout Santiago and the area is hilly. In the latter case, a job that would take a month to accomplish when the street layout is square and the terrain is flat can take several times longer.

Being systematic will reduce the time and resources spent, though, so it’s good to see that you’ve been working according to a plan.

You’re fortunate that others are sharing the workload, too!

Nice to see somebody’s foot in your film and when you guys are in the US, let’s arrange some face time for you with Andy’s nice movie camera, okay? Maybe we’ll have some dolphin faces in the proscenium arch, too.


10 Nov 2008 10:35
Subject: Re: SANTIAGO Gifting
jejeje thanks Don… and that’s my foot Mr. Yellow

I forgot to mention that we get about 200 tb’s and 10 HHg’s with each batch…

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