Saving Chiclet-Teeth's Life in Israel?

This morning, an hour before the chat, CArol and I were discussing who would be using the recliner (she declined) and she casually told me that the State Dept Stooge, Condoleeezzza Rice is about to be sacrificed by the World Odor so that WWIII can be expedited. I’m posting it now because that’s usually all it takes to remove a threat like this one.

Have you noticed how disjointed the What To Think Network is about this Israeli invasion? Even the Brits are saying that the US Gov’t is being a butthead, which is remarkable since The City of London, which is the logistical center of the World Odor, has clearly been the guiding hand behind every war since the fall of France in 1789.

It will be interesting to see if China’s involved in the present attempt to start WWIII. I’ll post a report of today’s chatblast session in this thread.


We spent most of today’s chat session on the Israeli incursion and slaughter in Lebanon.

About halfway through, Carol and Stevo got a clear impression that Mossad has been sending those rockets to kill Israelis in the Haifa area. Mossad started out as a terrorist organization in the 1940s and has remained so–apparently closely allied with the SS, which may explain why the fascism that’s practiced in Israel is identical to Hitler’s

One of the last things we did today was to go after the three top Mossad officials who were in charge of a roomful of logistics specialists who are arranging to murder Israeli civilians and put the blame on Hezbollah. Hitler succeeded in getting control of Germany by burning the Reichstag and blaming commies; Israelis have sold their souls to Mossad since 1947, which is when the slaughter of Palestinians and the theft of their land began. Before that, Arabs and Jews in Palestine lived together in relative harmony for many centuries and the Jews bought Arab land instead of slaughtering the owners and their families under the banner of a new government in '47.

Before we looked at the real culprits in that invasion, we focused on neutralizing the old motivator of grand-scale human conflict. We’ve hammered that draconian a few times in the past year before previous attempts at WWIII materialized. I feel really bad that we hadn’t been keeping tabs on this ancient parasite, whom upper level Masons worship as ‘Baphomet,’ and the less sophisticated predators call ‘satan.’

We were unable to kill him, which has been par for the course, but we did manage to get his pet symbol onto Dooney’s website. Dooney’s in the process of putting it in a thread, here, and CArol had to go to a shop and fax the thing, since we have no land line and hackers were stopping her from sending the scanned image. She called STevo when she got to the fax place and so many feds were listening to the call that the echo effect made it nearly impossible for Carol to understand what STevo was saying. She had a sense of foreboding and when she moved quickly to her car she expected to see a gun. [Image Can Not Be Found] Two local cop cars came roaring into the little parking lot at that moment… ‘Thin Blue Line’ indeed. The feds are obviuosly telling these stupid cops that we’re terrorists and it took me a couple of hours to convince a Palm Beach County SWAT team to get off our property last week during a fake training exercise. When they left our yard, they stopped the alleged exercise and we got a lot of really dirty looks from them.

This was a week when a lot of us experienced extraordinary interference and intimidation, including at least four cases of weird animal manifestations in our homes in America and Africa. Not least, we may have narrowly prevented Georg and Axel being precipitously disappeared into President Mugabe’s ‘one-way’ Gulag. On the upside, this was the first case of a national government jailing gifters and, now, the Western governments’ sewer rat agencies clearly saw what happened to that plot.

STevo applied the dodecahedron to the old draconian parasite and he and Dooney boosted and monitored that. The old rat obviously was affected but eventually disappeared, which apparently means he escaped. He showed up in the background after we had neutralized (again) the symbol and while we were doing the top three Mossad mass murderers, but he only showed up intermittently, as though he’s not able to properly interface with our dimension.

While Carol was getting the image to Dooney we all boosted the thing, then when it was online STevo or Carol directed us to blast through the all-seeing-eye segment of the design. She was seeing past events, looking for the origin of the symbol, and got a partial impression that it was introduced in ancient Babylon. The colors in the symbol gradually faded as we progressed until the thing was lifeless, again. She said that when the sewer rats look into that eye they rather see future events and probabilities in order to help them exploit and manipulate humanity to the max.

Carol’s quite sure that if you’ll send that image to as many people as you comfortably can, with the caveat that it’s not necessary to believe any of this, the exposure of the symbol to more and more human eyes will finish off the symbol’s ability to unite the various sewer rat agencies that are instruments of global mayhem and slaughter these days: CIA, MI6, KGB, Mossad, SS, Vril, GReat White Brotherhood, Jesuits, etc.

Jef McKinley had sketched the symbol according to Carol’s instructions last winter and she says it’s an accurate representation. This is what she scanned for us to send around.

If Dooney posts the symbol in another thread, I’ll reference it here. Feel free to send it along with this report of today’s chat session, okay?

After she posts it, I’ll discuss the components of the symbol, which are in three layers.


Dooney posted the symbol in the Specific Targets section and I’ll add some comments about the symbol to that thread…


We’ve been working to stop Israel’s invasion of Lebanon during each intel/blast session and on Sunday, August 6, we got some interesting confirmations:

It looks as though the latest attempt to initiate World War Three has failed. Some of us were feeling a little anxious, so we dedicated several sessions to interfering with the various hierarchies involved in that attempt.

What stood out the most for me was the psychics’ unanimous observation that the governments and clergy of Syria an Iran have been in complete disarray throughout this conflict, hence incapable of opposing Israel and it’s supporters (Jesuits, Vril, CIA) effectively. When hophead clergymen in Iran rail against Israel and threaten to attack it’s no more significant than a toddler’s tantrum. It points up for me, at least, that the documented history of contemporary Islamic fundamentalism is still controlled by London, not by the self-righteous, severe-looking, high-profile, turbanned smack-pushers and pedophiles that we hear about. Did you ever dream that anyone could outdo the televangelists that way?

Iran was on its way to becoming an industrial giant before London shunted Khomeini and heavily subsidized heroin distribution into that region (it’s how Britain built their empire). I think it’s historically consistent that governments which put their main efforts into intrigue, corruption and propaganda, as Iran’s clergy have done for centuries, are mostly incapable of proactive, unified measures the way Israel is. Eight years of ruinous trench warfare with Iraq (another London-managed and BushSr financed conflict), is a good indicator that decisiveness and innovation are not features of Iran’s strategy these days. Clergy are generally just parasites, after all.

The fateful day of mentioning ‘tens of thousands of Hezbollah supporters in Paraguay’ by the Fox News Channel’s goofy talking heads shows the Vril connection to Hezbollah, as several good German research journalists in the 1980s documented the takeover of all of the Mideast secret police agencies by former SS men after WWII, with London’s enthusiastic blessing. The German Gestapo became Interpol then, too. SS is Vril. They also essentially took over Paraguay, then, after the Brits cancelled the Nuremburg trials.

When Fox News sneaks stuff past the omnipresent CIA censors (they call themselves ‘lawyers’ to the news staff) in their efforts to be ‘NUmber One’ in news it’s a wonderful occasional benefit for those of us who look for real news, I think.

When Jeff mentioned to me, on last weekend’s sea-gifting sortie, that he feels that ‘news coverage’ indicates the What To Think Network habit of covering up news, rather than reporting it, I nearly fell out of the boat, laughing. I never heard another mention of 'tens of thousands of Hezbollah supporters in Paraguay–did you?

I’m awfully grateful that this latest Armaggedon attempt fell flat!


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