SCENAR And Zappers: Apples And Oranges

Don Croft
21 Sep 2008 11:45
Subject: SCENAR and Zappers: Apples and Oranges
I got an email from a prospective zapper customer who had heard David Wolfe promoting zappers and SCENAR devices and wondered whether a SCENAR will also destroy the pathogens in the body. She also emailed Dr Irina, who responded with comments similar to mine:

Hi, Kimberly,

Glad to hear from you. Hope, you are doing fine and life treats you well J.

To your question. SCENAR does go through the skin, but not too deep. Not more than 1.5mm. It does not work anything similar to the Zapper, which ionizes the blood. The SCENAR uses electricity only to stimulate the nervous fibres; not to zap the bugs. 1,5mm is enough for that.

Personally, I did not have any experience with the Zapper, but it seems to me that it would work very complementary with SCENAR.

All the best,

Irina Kossovskaia, MD, PhD, DNM

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[Don, here] We got our SCENAR from Doc von Peters, three years ago, and paid three times what Dr Irina is charging for the same thing. Alejandro was quite critical of von P for charging so much and I haven’t taken the opportunity to defend the Doc’s position because, after all, it’s up to the market place to determine anything’s actual value in the long run. In his defense, ChemBuster has been wildly successful at helping our zapper customers get over the hump and finally cure their chronic (mostly chemtrail-caused between 1998 and mid-2002) designer sicknesses over the past five years since he formulated and marketted this amazing remedy.

The price of ChemBuster is quite low so that anyone can afford it. I’m mentioning this so that our readers will know that Dr William von Peters is mainly interested in curing and healing people. HIs rates for personal care are also quite afffordable and Carol and I have successfully overcome extreme beryllium poisoning through his skilled ministrations. His proprietary herbal chelation process is very thorough, fast and harmless, unlike the more commonly sought chelation procedures that other naturopaths and even a few MDs prescribe.

His product site is and his treatment site is . Another of his inexpensive, proprietary homeopathic/herbal formula that people have benefitted from, and which we also promote on our own website, is WakeUp! , by the way. He includes several of his bottled formulas in his treatment plans, which are based mainly on hair samples. We noticed that the company which analyzes his hair samples checks for several poisonous metals that other hair analysis companies don’t include and this is a nice feature for gifters who get poisoned by the $#!+bird agencies, who use the more exotic poisonous metals, like beryllium and lithium, to try to stop us. Other prolific gifters whom the Doc has successfully rid of toxic metals from the $#!+birds reported excessive levels of lead, mercury, etc.

A short-term remedy for metal poisoning and other toxic assaults from the government felons is PCA Rx, which Doc Stevo sells for around $120. We like to keep a bottle of this on hand because we get poisoned a lot. Zappers keep us on the job, of course, but we want more than that. Right now, we’re looking into boosting our overall vitality with more live food in our diet so that the frequent poisoning episodes won’t slow us down as much. I’ll be relieved when this corporation of felons that pretends to govern us finally dissolves through lack of interest and support Wink

The Doc teaches in medical schools throughout Russia a couple of months out of the year and he just got back from his latest exposition, there. He told us that there’s a whole lot of new construction in Moscow and I was heartened to hear that because it indicates that while the economies of North America and Europe are in fast decline, Russia’s is starting to boom. The reason I’m encouraged is because the psychics in the two chatrooms ( and ‘donebydonny’ ~EW) have been seeing that Russia is getting some of the crumbs that fall from Peking’s laden economic table, now; Russia being China’s junior partner in the present shift of the world odor’s center from London to Peking.