Scheduled HAARPicane For Southeast England

Don Croft
07 Mar 2008 16:22
Subject: Scheduled HAARPicane for Southeast England
I hope everyone in tghe area will point their orgonite cloudbusters at the oncoming storm this weekend! If anyone has a Reich cloudbuster he/she can probably kill the damn thing in minutes, even though it’s apparently a monumental effort by teh HAARPies to drive interest and confidence away from orgonite Wink

As I mentioned before, Carol and I experienced a similar big scale effort when we arrived in Florida with the purpose of destroying HAARP in the region. They won the first battle but we apparently won that war Cool

Somebody in England will win that war, sooner or later, by disabling all the coastal HAARP arrays in that part of the country.


Don Croft
08 Mar 2008 07:55
Subject: Re: Scheduled HAARPicane for Southeast England
Dr Reich developed his cloudbuster in order to affect alien craft above the atmosphere during a time when they were sending deadly orgone radiation at his home and laboratory in Rangely, Maine, in the late 1940s. He later discovered that he could also affect unhealthy weather patterns with the cloudbuster and that’s what it became better known for.

Orgonite cloudbusters are essentially balancers rather than intentional instruments. The only way to turn an orgonite cloudbuster into a sort of weapon against HAARP is to point it at an oncoming storm or at a dark cloud formation that’s within sight. You might be astonished how easy it is to ‘disappear’ even an anvil-head (70,000ft altitude) storm by pointing even a half-scale cloudbuster at it, though the only time I’ve done that was when I used a half-scale cloudbuster with succorpunch installed about a foot above the base. In that case, it’s never failed to clear a way through thunderstorms in our path when we were gifting around Florida in our Zodiac. You might know that a thunderhead will empty itself in a fairly short (an hour, typically) time but a cloudbuster ‘helps it along’ in as little as five minutes, also generally prevents lightning by apparently ionizing the storm itself, eliminating the need for the storm’s positive-static charge to ‘ground.’ this is something you’ll need to experiment with to believe, perhaps.

HAARPies are able to temporarily overcome the balancing effects of orgonite cloudbusters in a region, even in some cases when most or even all of the HAARP facilities for hundreds of miles around have been disabled. It may be that they’re doing it from space in this case, or that their alien cohorts are doing so from very, very large ships. I’m sure you’ve seen images of these city-sized, sometimes even moon-sized ships; hopefully you’ve also seen the uncharacteristic ‘stars’ that are brighter than planets and often move slowly and even fade out when you aim your orgonite cloudbuster at it. These are the same things Dr Reich noticed in the late 1940s above Rangely. This is just one of several reasons that it’s better not to bury your orgonite cloudbuster’s base, by the way. You wouldn’t glue your pistol in the holster, would you?

When Carol and I were in Namibia in late 2001 we saw a very large, bright ‘star’ in the sky, which Carol said was one of the ‘unfriedlies’ ships. We caused that one to fade out after it turned red and we only used a Succor Punch to send energy at it right before we went to sleep. It turned from white to yellow to red, then we saw a couple of ‘sparks’ sort of fly out from it, right before it disappeared. Carol said those were the lifeboats Laughing and the entire process took about ten minutes. When we first started blasting it the thing moved slightly, perhaps trying to avoid our ‘tractor beam.’ Cool

We watched the process out our hotel window at bedtime in Windhoek and had grabbed the Succor Punch from the bedside table on a ‘What If?’ whim. This might indicate how far we’ve come in orgone technology since Dr Reich employed a large, steel instrument that he mounted on a flatbed truck and connected to ground water.

This is an experiment you can do, by the way. You don’t need to be psychic. Lots of people are doing it, these days, and there are more these univited fake stars in the night sky than ever, which is probably a last ditch effort by alien parasites to preserve this parasitic global fascist regime. It’s likely that one can accomplish this without any tools. We no longer use tools to throw energy in our international informal chat sessions. If you’re not familiar with these techniques, check out , okay? Carol and I will try it without using tools and I’ll give a report one of these days when winter’s gone and we can lie outside in our hammock again.

Dr Reich’s cloudbuster is a lot more powerful than our version, as you may know, but those are potentially harmful to the environment. DeMeo had been to Namibia ten years before us and had arranged with ‘Baron’ Rostow of Windhoek to build and deploy several Reich-style cloudbusters in the Namib Desert. We found out from Herr Rostow’s daughter that the people who got them didn’t know what to do with them. One of them, who had a cattle ranch, set up a cloudbuster by the watering hole and just left it running. The deadly orgone radiation from the atmosphere continually drained into the watering hole and the cattle wouldn’t drink the water, so were dying of thirst. I think it was the fellow’s wife who finally dismantled the cloudbuster, then the cattle would drink the water again. Orgonite cloudbusters, while not as potent in the short term, are harmless.

Carol and I have the impression that as the world order continues to lose power they’re relying more and more on ‘out of towners’ to do their weather warfare work. The alien parasites are less and less enthusiastic about helping because, after all, it must be apparent even to them that it’s a bad investment in light of humanity’s increasing awareness and the subsequent loss of parasitic control by a few old families. This might explain the very intermittent nature of violent storms in the vicinity of orgonite cloudbusters.

It wasn’t until the very end of our gifting campaign around South Florida that the aliens made a large-scale stink in the atmosphere and that was during and right after Jeff and I gifted the final stretch of Gulf Coast along the Everglades National Park, which apparently hosts a very ancient underground base for draconians, apparently like the one they abandoned under Death Valley. The day started our mostly clear, except for some small thunderheads over the center of the Everglades. As the day progressed and we tossed out more orgonite the thunderheads expanded and consolidated, getting very dark. There’s only a little orgonite in that park and only along the paved road from the northeast corner to the southern tip. To drive the parasites out from underground one would need to drop a lot of earthpipes, as we did in Death Valley.

Csonfirmation that the storm was not natural came as we were driving home that evening and then watched the TV coverage. The entire southern half of the state was uniformly blanketed by dense, dark thunderheads and torrential rainfall. Local news channels covered it and remarked on how phenomenal and short lived it was but the Weather Channel’s radar imagery for the period showed no storm at all, nor was it reported on that national TV channel, which we had dubbed, ‘The HAARP Channel’

Another confirming feature of the storm is that it stopped abruptly, at the coastline, east south and west. This was the only time in 8 months of frequent sea gifting that we got rained on, by the way, and that only happened at the end of the run and within a couple miles of shore. We felt the storm ‘pushing’ at us for several hours before that, though, and we experienced a singular presence of Sylphs in the enduring, explicit form of a mother and juvenile dolphin in the clouds, right at the sea edge of that induced storm.

The largest HAARP facility we’ve gifted is south of Miami. There are a dozen or so assorted weatherballs and perhaps twenty HAARP towers there. It’s apparently the ‘Hurricane Tracking Facility’ but we dubbed it, ‘Hurricane Direction Facility.’ Jeff had thoroughly gifted it but Carol sensed that much of htat orgonite had been found and removed, so we gifted it again, including earthpipes this time. Military bases are kind of like icebergs these days, after all: what’s on the surface is usually just 10 percent of the whole thing Cool

I’m writing this so that you’ll take some care to observe the features of dark storms when you have a cloudbuster. YOu’ll likely see dark lenticular clouds at several altitudes and these likely hide alien aggressors’ ships. I hope you’ll point your cloudbuster at them because the more (appropriate) aggression we apply to these murderers, the less inclined they’ll feel to molest and exploit our species. It may be that this will speed the demise of the old world order.

I hope this has been helpful! I want you to be amazed and awed by how easily you can affect ‘bad weather.’


12 Mar 2008 13:40
Subject: Re: Scheduled HAARPicane For Southeast England
12 March 2008

In addition to this sceduled British haarpicane (Holland is east of Britain, so “under wind” of Atlantic storms), the Dutch KNMI (main weather forecast institution) announced a severe weather alarm for the upcoming storm at 05.15 AM last night. This was rather late, compared to the mediashow they made of last years January haarpicane: European storm Kyrill. Since Don mentioned the upcoming storm in his post above, I especially watched the news and forecasts for it, but no alarm or warnings were given untill last night. New tactics of the weather manipulating losers, to be on the safe side when it all deflates to nothing?


Anyhow, the alarm was withdrawn by 14.15 PM this afternoon and there wasn’t much damage this time, at least not compared to the Kyrill haarpicane last year. So I am looking forward to reports of gifters who have aimed their CB on this storm. I wasn’t able to join in with my CB (our courtyard is too enclosed and small for that), which I am sorry for, for it indeed will contribute to the data gathered on orgonite and its effects. I almost wish for a next opportunity Cool and sure will join the disabling of offcoast arrays – with the help of cetaceans for sure!


Don Croft
13 Mar 2008 05:28
Subject: Re: Scheduled HAARPicane for Southeast England
Thx, Carolien–Holland is very well protected by CBs, etc., and apparently so is Southeast England by now. When the HAARPicane came to shore it suddenly died, this time, which may indicate that some intrepid English gifter(s) did indeed disable those coastal HAARP facilities.

Most of the English gifters don’t tell anyone on the web about their activities. I think it’s important to repeat this fairly often becuase there are English people who post prolificly on some discredited forums and do NOT represent this unorganized movement.


13 Mar 2008 11:28
Subject: Re: Scheduled HAARPicane For Southeast England
Bit of a damp squib, pointed 2 CBs South West, had 2 nights of strong wind over 3 days, but didn’t do anything around here.

I did read of £1 billion worth of damage due, but nothing in todays paper that I can see. Bit on net……285859.stm


Don Croft
13 Mar 2008 19:55
Subject: Re: Scheduled HAARPicane for Southeast England
Thx, John.

Here’s an update from the woman in SE England:

> Dear Don,

Yes. someone must have disabled both the Tropical Storms on Monday and Wednesday. There were some trees down in exposed places and the powerlines down in the south and west, but there were no coastel flooding or evacuations as was expected as the government had special cabinet meetings to bring out the army as to rescue many people.

However, there was not even an injury or death caused by these two HAARP storms. My area only had strong blustery winds touching gale force and heavy rain and only a few loose fences were down. I pointed the cloudbuster at the storm as suggested. There are no more storms predicted at this time.

Thank you.

14 Mar 2008 14:40
Subject: Re: Scheduled HAARPicane For Southeast England
Here where I live now (north dorset), the morning of what was apparently the height of the storm, all was calm (there were barely any leaves knocked of the trees, let alone twigs!). There were some strong gusts in the night and a few during the day, but nothing more. There were some strong winds just east of bournemouth, where there are higher cliffs for the wind to channel up off and the channel was quite choppy, but the reported destruction seems to be largely media fuelled hype.

I have gifted alot along the coast, a little in brighton, then the isle of wight extensively, southampton (needs more), bournemouth, poole, dorchester and between the latter two, weymouth, portland and exeter. Plus there are two of my cloudbusters in Bournemouth, two in the isle of wight, one in Verwood, one in Poole, one in Weymouth and mine here in Stourpaine north dorset (though I am unable to point mine for the same reason as Carolein).

Additionally, Kelly, Cesco and I ran right along the south coast from south east of london to Land’s End, gifting vortices, a couple of years ago now, when we looped around England and Scotland.

Also I know Tim learnmont has done alot around cornwall etc in South West England, but more is always welcome of course, and, likely much needed. Plus it would be great if someone with a boat wanted to daisy chain a few thousand along the channel (If I wasn’t up to my eyes in debt just now I’d be happy to fund some of this, should it happen).

John summed it up for me, a damp squib (or a gifting victory).


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