School Shootings_More CIA Black Op's

My gut was telling me that the cia was going to rev up the fall school shooting

black op program again this fall and lo and behold this is exactly what is happening.

What better way to instill fear in people by triggering the many monarch, cia mind controlled

people to go out and senselessly kill themselves and innocent little children ?

Coincidentally, todays shooting in Amish country PA took the headlines away from pedeophile

and republican florida representitive Foley’s outing as a hungry homo luring teenage male pages. The details of which are exposed at

It’s all over the tv, the talking heads now are calling for mandatory psych exams for EVERYONE.

Do you suppose it will be the cia trained mind controll experts that fill the child neurology departments at the teaching hospitals around the country which will administer these

new DRACONIAN psych evaluations ?

Other than exposing these lone gunmen,seriel killers for being mind controlled by the CIA

black op brainwashing programs, I really don’t know how else to prevent more lives being taken by this very evil and insidious group of sociapaths masquerading as do good neurology professionals.

I suspect we will all see more rather than less of these triggered personalities go off on others as the world odor loses more and more of it’s control on people.

At least some of us are not so fooled by the hype and that we understand the very real nature of these events.

The why of it is that these school shootings folks are ALL cia special op’s and all are part of the brain washing and dumbing down of america.

Fritz Springmier was right all along about how pervasive the agency mind controll apparatus is in the us.

Footnote: sometimes my hunches are like psychic impressions, so that is why I posted this

under general psychic Intel instead of under miscellaneous.

See for intel on the nefarious cia/nsa black budget mind controll programs.

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The Amish have really irritated them recently as none of their (unvaccinated) children have autism, as Dan Olmsted found out, one of the things you don’t read about on the WTTN

Just this one fact could blow their vaccine programme completely out of the water.

I have not seen autism with the Amish,” said Dr. Frank Noonan, a family practitioner in Lancaster County, Pa., who has treated thousands of Amish for a quarter-century. “You’ll find all the other stuff, but we don’t find the autism. We’re right in the heart of Amish country and seeing none, and that’s just the way it is.”

I rarely bother with the Establishment’s Propaganda, euphemistically called “The News”, so I didn’t hear about this until my wife told me about it last evening. I immediately had the same thought, Eric… Mind control black op. Probably a desperate measure by the alleged president to institute a gun-grab, or justify some sort of martial law. How pathetic! A real shame though… the blood of how many innocents on these wicked hands?!?!

Cloak and dagger mentioning today that the Amish shooting linked to FBI Division #5

I’m not sure SEWER RATS sufficiently describes this Vile Scum!

BINGO! , problem, reaction, solution.

Here it is folks in black and white.

It’s amazing how fast the whitehouse reacted to the latest school shootings by announcing a

special school shooting summit only hours after the Amish school house shootings.

This so called summit is exactly the kind of “reaction” one would expect to see if the

school shootings were the work of a cia Black Op program.

More evidence pointing to the monarch/mind control assasin training program is that

the man was in a healthy and loving family situation for years and all of a sudden he just snaps.

Give me a break, the implants and the trauma based mind control is what was triggered to set him off. People don’t snap for no reason other than that they were programmed by goons to act out violently and to kill for no reason.

RENO, Nev. - The Bush administration, alarmed by recent attacks at public schools across the country, is bringing education and law enforcement experts together for a conference on coming to grips with the problem.

The goal would be to discuss the nature of the problem and federal action that can help communities prevent violence and deal with its aftermath, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino told reporters as President Bush made a campaign tour here Monday.

Three schools have been hit by deadly attacks in the past week. A gunman killed himself and five girls Monday at a one-room Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania; on Friday a 15-year-old Wisconsin student shot and killed his principal; and last Wednesday a man took six girls hostage in Colorado, sexually assaulting them before fatally shooting one girl and killing himself.

“The president is deeply saddened and troubled by the recent school violence and shootings that have taken place in different communities across America,” Perino said. “It breaks America’s collective heart when innocent children who are at school to learn are violently taken hostage and cut down in their own schools.”

Perino said the conference was still in the planning stages, so a specific date, location and other details were not ready to be announced. It was not clear whether President Bush would attend.

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Bush’s domestic policy adviser, Karl Zinsmeister, met Monday at the White House to discuss the conference. They met while the president was on a cross-country flight to begin a three-day fundraising trip for Republican candidates in the midterm election.

Perino said participants on the education side would include groups like the National Parent Teacher Association, school principals and teachers’ unions. The Federal Bureau of Investigations would be among those representing law enforcement, she said.

At the following link is an audio briefing from Cloak and Dagger/Lenny Bloom with Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb. A little past the half way point of the briefing Stew Webb discusses MKULTRA, Monarch and the school shootings.

i think john has struck the nail on the head here as the first layer reason for choosing the amish. the thimersol laced vaccinations of the 90’s and the antecedent mushrooming of mercury poisioning touted as add, etc, is about to bust wide open, but not before the drug/murder cartel passed legislation holding them harmless from litigation and culpability.

the second may be the pedophilia rampant in the hollowed holes of gubmint “elected” officials types. i

it may be that this treasonous regime is now so far gone that they are sacrificing their own to provide amusing (but(sp?) disgusting) distractions for all the sleepyhead minions lining up for what to think next.

the public schools are suffering more because of this, as cell phone weilding students routinely call parents in alarm at some new rumor and the silly parents, in an endorphinous lusty rightous rage are demanding ever more “security” from school officials. who would have ever thought this hysteria would travel from the bottom up?

i am personally starting to feel ashamed of some of these folks, in fleeting moments.

this is really their last chance to get our guns, too, which will never happen. just how will they pull that off? make everyone line up to hand them in? they tried an incentive program here a couple of years back- turn in your guns and recieve free movie passes and mcdumbalds coupons. about sixteen people out of two million went for it, and, amusingly enough, a valuable antique firearm that was handed in in a mindless grand gesture of complicity with the nazi lightening rod, turned up missing. thugs. i guess they stole the unused coupons and passes too, which is actually perfect.

i for one will be glad when the average person gets " fed-up" (now there’s a pun) with slavery and makes an uproar.

jeff mckinley

speaking of busted gubmint types, i just heard that the honorable and offable mark foley has apparently taken up residence in clearwater fla. at the world hq of the church of scientology, the narcanon program, wherein he is going to be rehabilitated. how’s that for a double negative?

talking of school shootings, just been reading the Australian one, more cafe in fact, where some government killer offed about 35 including women and kids. It looks like he also did away with many of the perps as well, as they usually do, one guy lept up and said “not here”, to promtly receive a few bullets, so some justice there.

oops–I just found this thread and I’m kicking myself because we probably could have stopped this global agenda weeks ago in the chatroom. Scheiss.

For future reference, if anyone picks stuff like this up, please let us know in a timely way, okay? I think most of us ignore the What To Think Network, and that takes us out of the loop in terms of keeping up with some of the World Odor’s sleazier agendae. The only shootings I noticed this fall, for instance, are the Amish ones but I just chalked it up to ‘more of the same in Amish country’ along the lines of the Amish crack gangs that National-Socialist Public Radio reported a few years ago: typicxal MKid stuff and Amish kids are largely blond and blue-eyed, so prime Monarch Program stock, of course.

Younger people, throughout the western world, are conditioned to believe that humanity are prone to senseless violence because they’re literally surrounded by it in public schools but this is due to the vast Monarch Program and the Brits’ Tavistock neo-global counterpart, of course (administered by Sigmund Freud from 1936, then by his daughter until the present), not to any intrinsic human quality. This really, really needs to be exposed now, though in the wide view it will fall along with the rest of the World Odor.

Jeff is the only one in this thread who has done something substantive about this problem: he heavily gifted the previous high school where he taught and even teh principal remarked on the sharp reduction in gratuitous violence after that. I look forward to a time when there are so many gifters that each secondary school in the West

I don’t think I’m out of line to remind our readers, here, that EW is solution-oriented, so when problems like this are discussed, so should we focus on what we and others can do to solve these problems now. Very powerful resources are at our disposal, after all, so why not exploit these opportunities?


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