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There’s been some talk about starting a science forum for orgone enquries that go beyond fighting the $#!+bird agencies, undermining the corporate/occult world order’s old families, clearing DOR out of cities, restoring the earth’s natural and ‘assisted’ energy grids, and healing the wounded fellow warriors, which are certainly the activities that EW is set up to foster.

We’re apparently at the threshold of finding entirely new applications for orgone production and DOR transmutation so it would be a shame if any of that were lost on account of being promoted on this forum without adequate support and encouragement.

Whoever will take responsibility for a science forum will be faced with all of the challenges that this forum has been plagued with, of course, and it’s going to be an exercise, often, of ‘flying by the seat of one’s pants.’ I like that term because 1) I love to fly; 2) the ability of the $#!+bird agencies to adapt their strategies to ever newer social dynamics is pretty daunting, so you don’t always see the attacks coming.

Their first effort has always been infiltration and working on the character flaws of the participants to create dissension and suspicion. I think that’s easy enough to see happening on every forum, including this one.

We all have character flaws, of course, but it takes a little humility to recognize our own, so when ego is out of hand we become blind to our own faults, so easy to manipulate by the $#!+bird psi operatives. When I lived and worked among the wise and wonderful black folks of Southern Louisiana, in my youth, I was taught, ‘Don’t let the devil ride! If you let him ride, he’s gonna want to DRIVE!’

Another trap to avoid, which can be done by simply looking at the history of this forum effort, is the de facto relegation of authority to one or another energy sensitive. The only way around that, if one is inclined to put the subjective findings of an energy sensitive above general observation of environmental/emotional effects, is to get several reputable energy sensitives into the act. So far, the psychics I work with have been reluctant to get pulled into these evaluations in a public way, though they often pool their observations less formally–mainly as a way to have fun and hone their group dynamics. Also, no matter how skilled or perceptive one individual is, he/she can’t be expected to make exhaustive, conclusive evaluations that could compare with the collective observations and evaluations of a large, unbiased group of experimentors. It’s the practical effects that concern us, after all, and lead to applications. Whether something feels good or bad to an individual is only part of that larger equation and has even been misleading in the past. This is another good reason that the psychics we work with are so reluctant to be put in that position.

I recommend that general observation and an expanding collection of empirical reports is preferable to leaviing it all up to energy sensitives. That’s how the accelerating spread of the use of the basic gifting tools and orgonite cloudbusters has been happening for 8 years and there’s no reason to assume that the same organic process can’t be applied to a science forum. This would take a lot of pressure off of any energy sensitives who want to join the process–certainly a kindness to them if they’re not seeking to have arbitrary authority. I can’t speak for our psychic associates but if the forum operator can achieve this, then I think the psychics would be pleased to participate in a public way.

Maybe the main challenges for a science forum effort are to keep speculation and ‘authority’ at bay. Reich certainly disliked arbitrary authority, after all, and reminded people that his own findings should be expected to be superceded, eventually, after newer information came to light. Orgonite is generally a ‘next level’ of exploration beyond orgone accumulators, for instance.

Notice how our work is built on his basic findings, though; nothing we do has negated any of what Dr Reich contributed and if we were motivated to ‘disprove’ any of his findings or to somehow knock him off a perceived pedestal we’d be travelling ass-backward, which is no way to conduct research

If I could be bold enough to draw a parallel to an ongoing, persistent current dynamic, if a science forum involves efforts to disprove or disquality any of the very basic orgonite tools we all use then I think the only audience and supporters will be the sort of people who make websites (now offline, apparently) like; professional snipers and clever malcontents. I think anyone’s practical prescription for happiness involves avoiding folks like that.

I hope that a new science forum will rather attract readers and eventual participants who have the same quest for integrity that the general membership and readership of this forum do. As long as someone can keep their active interest a forum effort will succeed and grow, as Etheric Warriors has done.


Etheric Warriors is small and relatively obscure but we pack a pretty big punch on account of our commitment to constantly seek integrity. A science forum can certainly achieve that, too.

If EW were large then it would be suspect. Most people are repelled by accountability and integrity, after all, so our small numbers aren’t due to being ‘exclusive.’

Je in Spain is growing his viable forum effort the same way, which is why I believe it’s going to have enormous impact on the Latin countries the way EW has had on countries where English is commonly used.

If you look at what Je and a few trusted associates have been accomplishing in Spain and Alejandro & Javiera and a few coworkers are accomplishing in Chile it’s not hard to see that it only takes a few people in each country (or a region of smaller countries) to heal an entire continent with intelligently-placed orgonite.


The research forum is up and running now.

I preferred the term Research rather than Science, because it is targetted more towards genuine perception and operation.
Nevertheless, it is intendet to kepp as close as possible to empiric standards.

You are welcome to the:

If you want to participate, please read the introductory post, and then contact me.

Thx, Manfred

Good work, Manfred. I’ve asked Alejandro to set up a prominent link on EW to and I’m going to refer people to you who seem, to me, to be genuinely interested in advancing R&D. I’ll do you a favor and not refer the chest pounders, armchair scientists and Croft-haters, all of whom will no doubt try to crash your gates as soon as possible.