Scientists Behind the Learning Curve re: Dolphins ;-)

Edgar, a new gifter on Roatan Island in Honduras, kindly sent me the following:

On the face of it, the scientists are offering encouraging evidence of dolphins’ intelligence but it also shows that institutionalized scientists are choosign to ignore much more dramatic signs of dolphins’ actual superiority to humans in many ways.

Meanwhile, the CIA and US Navy had explored the latter in a thorough way in an apparent effort to learn how to destroy the dolphins at sea.

Gentry Smith, who shared the mobius coil information with me in 1999, got the information from Patrick Flanagan when Gentry worked for him, underground, in Tucson, Arizona some years previously. Patrick was engaged in a project to translate dolphin speech via computers, also translating human speech to dolphins at the same time. The underground base was property of the US Navy.

Gentry had encouraged my notion of making a cloudbuster with an orgonite base. When he was a high school student he had built a miniature Reich cloudbuster and demonstrated it at a state-wide (Pennsylvania) science fair, taking first prize. That evening, the feds broke into his hotel room and stole the cloudbuster–go figure [Image Can Not Be Found]

The reason he quit working for Flanagan and the US Navy was that during a feeding session a female dolphin swam faster and faster around the pool and then leaped out of the water toward Gentry’s outstretched hand, which held a fish.

Instead of grabbing the fish, the dolphin took his hand in her teeth for a moment and looked into his eyes. Gentry said the surroundings disappeared in that moment, which stretched into an extended viision of the then-probable future of our world–full of destruction and death. When she let go, the vision abruptly ended and she resumed swimming around the pool. He immediately left the facility and didn’t return.

I’ve told this story a few times but the forum has been destroyed by CIA hackers so often that it’s not likely still in here [Image Can Not Be Found]

The CIA and US Navy aren’t hampered by institutional, myopic fake science like those goose-stepping, bitchy materialistic academics are but I suppose we wish they rather were, under the circumstances.

I’ve encouraged Edgar to toss as much orgonite as possible to the dolphins around his island because the last genuine HAARPicane to reach land was in his area–Belize/Honduras–and the dolphins know exactly where to take orgonite to prevent that occuring again. All they need is more of it.