Sea Gifting and Much More: From Paddy in Northeast Scotland

I got the following from Paddy Imhof in Scotland. The hackers apparently didn’t want me to get his email because he tried several times to send this, then a copule of weeks later, after more attempts, I found it in my ‘spam bin,’ which is apparently where government-payrolled hackers are sometimes able to put stuff that they’re not able to entirely block [Image Can Not Be Found]; . I get a lot of business email that way, for instance, so I check that bin every few days.

I’ll ask Carol to track the orgonite. I’ll ask her to post her remarks, this time. She recently reminded me that it’s somehow better when we can toss the orgonite ourselves over a distance (as Paddy did) and that the mass dumping of towerbusters, etc., in one spot for the dolphins and whales to distribute ought to be done if one is simply unable to do it from a ferry boat or one’s own boat.

Apparently, the cetaceans value our participation that way. I think I was a little bit off track advising people to just go to the sea and throw a bushel of tower busters from a pier. Legwork pays off in several ways, of course. I’m grateful to Dan in Bali for experimenting with the mass dumping, though, because it more clearly demonstrated for our psychics, at least, that the stuff does get distributed widely by dolphins and/or whales.

On our sea gifting sorties we got a lot of benefit from interacting with the dolphins; we’d have missed most of that if we just spudgunned TBs out past the surfline, which Jeff and I did regularly, a couple of years ago, until our boat was ready. Lots of dolphins showed up at that beach, afterward [Image Can Not Be Found];

Some of the best sightings happen after the gifter has long left the area. This happened in the sea between Italy’s mainland and Sardinia, for instance, after Igor and John left a line of orgonite from the seagoing ferry. In that case, there were immediately a lot of orcas and they (the orcas) made the national news. It may be that if Paddy will persevere with the sailboat he’ll meet some dolphin and/or whale friends, as some of us have done on account of persistent gifting visits to the sea.

The finest confirmations, of course, are seen in the transformation of our characters, countenances and outlook, though it’s always terrific to make blue holes in the sky. When a dolphin or whale approaches your boat and looks you in the eye that’s pretty confirming, too <img src=“……” alt=“Smile” title=“Smile” /> .


Hi Don,

I hope you’re going to get this one. Here’s what I wrote on December 31:

I’ve been in touch with you before on a number of occasions quite some
time ago. Right now, I would like to nicely ask Carol if she would check
out whether my sea gifting is effective.

I live in NE Scotland, have been gifting for over 2 1/2 years (see my
‘report’ below) and have just been out on the sea yesterday (Dec 30) and
over 200 TBs just off Arbroath, on the east cost, halfway between
Edinburgh & Aberdeen. I’m in touch with Dan in Bali, whose reports
inspired me to go sea gifting, even though I’m a water-weary land

I would just like to know that my TBs are being taken up or whether we’d
need to go further out. We were limited by falling darkness and the
harbour gate shutting.

Can I also humbly ask you to post my report on EW? I don’t have the
intention to post very much but I figure it’s time for me to put down a
marker and say I’m here. You can check me out with john, I correspond
regularly with him. You can also ask Kelly; he, Rich and Cesco were here
at our place in June 06.

I have been ‘infected’ by your optimism and have not looked back, thank
you and all the others for being there!

All the best


[Here’s Paddy’s earlier email to me, which was entirely blocked. ~Don]

I have been a gifter in the Northeast of Scotland for the past two and a
half years. I came across orgonite on Educate Yourself while searching
for something completely different and within weeks built my first CB. I
started reading Don & Carol’s adventures and was soon hooked.
This was
real stuff going on in a dimension that I knew is there but did not
think was quite so readily accessible to everyone.

I began making TBs in paper cones and cups and whatever else I could
think of until I finally found the right kind of muffin tray. Rather
than using crystals I used quartz chips from nice white quartz stones
gathered on the beach and broken up with a hammer. I checked with Don
early on that this would be ok and he said it was, the simpler the
better in some ways. This was confirmed by Laozu when he visited last

To date I have gifted around 2300 TBs, which is not much compared to
what others have done, but my travel opportunities are limited on
account of my work. However, there are now 6 CBs operating in our area,
soon a 7th, and I frequently give away muffins to people and quite a
number report later that something has changed in their lives or that
they sleep better. The latter was especially striking for someone who
lives near a big array of masts/towers.

I am not energy sensitive as such but I go by what my heart says, which
is ‘You’re on the right track, get on with it!’ Like
many budding
gifters, I was really unsure of myself at the beginning, but confidence
comes with practice. With hindsight I find that one of the biggest
obstacles I had to overcome was the acquired world view baggage
accumulated over 50+ years. At first, this was embarrassing but now I
know that this is part of the growing pains, clearing out the attic.

A joyful moment came yesterday when I went out to sea in a friend’s
sailing boat and bulk gifted over 200 muffins. I am very much a
landlubber and was looking forward to this occasion with some
trepidation but it all went well, in fact, it was exhilarating. The sea
was calm and there was a gentle swell that felt like a sleeping
chest moving up and down, so this was friendly training for what I hope
will be many more occasions in the future.

Until February this year, I did not believe that we had chemtrails in
Scotland, but we do, though nothing on the scale of England and the US,
judging from photos. Recently, an American friend said that over here
‘they are at least more discreet, in the States they don’t
give a damn
about hiding anymore.’ What I have noticed is that chemtrails often
appear before a weather front and its associated cloud cover so that
they can’t be seen.

Also, the Haarp activity has dramatically increased this year, there are
mackerel sky, herring bone patterns and striations every day and at
every level, I’ve got hundreds of photographs to prove it. This
occasionally enrages me but I have come to the conclusion that we just
have to put up with what is coming towards us without fear because I
know the tide is turning, it is unstoppable.

While I don’t seem to get confirmations on the scale often
described on
EW, the biggest confirmation to me is that my outlook on life has
changed dramatically, I am still gifting and want to do much more.
Though when I put up my first CB, on a windy cloudy day, there was a
large hole appearing above me; at one side the clouds melted away only
to reappear at the other side of the hole. This lasted for about half an

Laozu later said that there was a friendly elemental living in my CB,
that to me was confirmation enough that I was going in the right

I just would like put down this post because it is important to me to
read daily of other gifters’ and warriors’ success and
persistence, I
find that so encouraging and uplifting. I just want to add my voice to
swell the choir.

Nice report and reflections Mr Imhof [Image Can Not Be Found]

This brings to mind something which was rather significant, to me, about when Kelly, Cesco and I visited Scotland.

The year before we did the trip encompassing England and Scotland, my girlfriend and I spent a few days around the highlands, which I will repost now;

April 25th 2005

Thursday my girlfriend and I flew up to Glasgow, from here we got our hire care (after negotiating due to my booking one from Glasgow international rather than prestwick where we actually flew!).

Targets for our visit were Dolphins in Moray Firth (140 resident bottlenose, UK’s largest school), Fortingall Yew and stone circles, Grandtully – St Mary’s Church, Dull – Celtic stone circles and Rosslyn Chapel.

At this point I must say a big thank you to John, who gifted me with 15 dolphin balls (of which I took 11, along with 77 Earth Pipes or so, and a HHg), we were a couple of KG’s over our combined luggage max, which was a good guess (the only clothes we took were hand luggage), but only £9.40 surcharge so no sweat.

We set off from Glasgow to Inverness (moray firth), but along the way on the A9 there was a signpost for Grandtully, so we went and had a look, after much driving around and asking we eventually came across St Mary’s, a small church which has been rebuilt I believe on the ruins of an ancient site, with the time around 8pm and nobody around I immediately went to work burying 12 Eps around the grounds and surrounding field, elated we wondered back to the car and up to Inverness by around 10.40 we were at our hotel.

Bright and early the next morning we went immediately out to nairn which is a good sighting spot apparently for our ocean going friends, we stopped in around 6 shops looking for a rubber dingy to buy to row out on as we were not comfortable with going on a dolphin cruise or hiring a boat with driver whilst we unloaded 11 chunks of resin and metal! No joy, so we went further east to a marina that was suggested but the only dingies they had were wooden slatted and would not have been suitable for taking back, and, they would only hire us one for the bay (where dolphins aren’t seen), so back we went to Inverness, sure that we would get a cheapish dingy, we went to Caley marina, but the only ones they had started at £400+ ($750ish) which was abit of a shocker, so we again set off into the city centre to look around shops, Blacks, Milletts, Woolworths and local outdoor shops were all checked to no avail. By now it was approaching 2pm and we had to drive back to Edinburgh by mid-evening, so tensions were running high. Now I pondered buying one for £400, but living in a studio flat without a garage and a costume designing girlfriend means space is at a premium!

So back we drove to Caley Marina to decide what the best means was, out we came with £40 spent on a body board and some shorts, I had decided I was going swimming in the sea! Back we went to Cairn (firing myself up with some of my fav adrenalin tunes on the way), we loaded my backpack with 10 Dolphins balls and I changed into the shorts and headed for the beach, once there I started to bottle it somewhat as I reolised it was near freezing in the water and the time was nigh, the tide was out so there was a 30M or so area of water before another section of the sand was still above the wave line, in I went! The current was a hassle, but I was a lifeguard in my early working life so knew I would be OK. Awkwardly I swam across to the secondary area and got out stomped across to the next bit and just waded in with 2 Dolphin Balls as I had reolised carrying 15kg on your back on a bodyboard was a little tricky! About 20 yards further I stopped and tossed the first 2 as far as I could, then waded back and grabbed the rest on the backpack still, as I was a very bright red and worried about hypothermia!(SP) after again wading out and chucking the next 6 I was distraught to notice that one a them was so low in the water the rope attached was still showing L by now I was too cold to wade/swim out and grab and throw further, this was such a blow to moral I felt sick to the stomach.

So with one still left, I waded back and swam back to the beach and changed ASAP and got back in the car with heaters full blast, wasn’t overly cold to be honest as the adrenalin had kept me OK, but I almost had an innie (not my belly button either!). Then in typical fashion on the way back we stopped about 4miles before Inverness at a beach we had seen, which was much better than the area I had swam from! Tossed the last two out from there as best I could (sorry John, I did try my best!), then we drove down to Edinburgh, via lock ness (the girlfriend said it was only a little bit out of the way GRRRRRRRRRRRR! About 1.5hours more like, covered in salt water, I was more than a little irritable), tossed 4Eps into the lock for nessie and hid one at urquhart castle, eventually we got back to Edinburgh at around 9.30pm, did I sleep well that night!

Beautiful part of the world by the way!

The next morning we again rose and headed straight back up to the southern highlands, stopped at the perth visitor centre to get a detailed map, then headed straight towards Fortingall (Pontius Pilate’s birthplace it is claimed, and, multiple lay crossing area very near the centre-point of Scotland) along the way we passed Dull1/4mile so headed there and asked a local who kindly pointed out the stone circle and mass, which were duly gifted with 12EP’s. Then we immediately went to fortingall, the yew there (purported to be europes oldest) has seen better days and is walled off for protection, this area was too busy with visitors, so 4EP’s were buried around the grounds of the church, and another 5 in hedgerows, then in the churh we found directions to some stone circles we had passed, so we doubled back and buried another 6 there (close enough to also cover the yew area).

Things were going better than planned! Next to Mt. Schiehallion (fairy mountain), this is where the first meeting of the Scottish rite took place, and many other worldly beings have been seen etc. Again it is a centre point and is suggested there are openings to the underworld hidden in it, today I was not feeling as energetic, so we only climbed a couple of hundred metres up, and about 600 along and buried the first 4EP’s, then back to the car, along about half a mile and buried another 6 around a 1/2mile or so, then again back to the car and stopped off at various points burying 2 at a time in another 5 areas, making it a total of 20EP’s there (if ‘they’ want to come out from there again it will be past a big blast of POR!!!). By the way I read that lots of countries have these ‘centre point’ anomalies, might be worth looking into in other parts. We made such good time of it that we stopped of for a drink and some carot cake and got back to Edinburgh by 7pm and decided to head straight to rosslyn for the final target of our trip, the chapel was closed and has a corrugated roof ontop were work was being done, this meant it was quiet and easy to bury the final 15EP’s all around the area, and the HHg.

Job done, back now needing a break to recover from the break! 920miles driven (1200miles flown at a guess), through lots of wonderful countryside and lochs, all in all a lovely, productive break.


Now, when Kelly, Cesco and I were in northern Scotland the year later, we again travelled to the north and covered some of the same ground. As we got to Inverness, Kelly was rather intriegued, as there was a votex which was open and positive, which just happened to be within a mile or two of where I had tossed the Orgonite into the Moray Firth for the Dolphins, and, right on the edge of the river itself. I recall feeling a great pleasure as Kelly (if I recall correctly) said he hadn’t seen any (or many, not sure his exact words) open vortices before he had visited them! I gleefully said how I would claim credit for this vortex, though maybe it was a little selfish, claiming credit for something the cataceans have likely done, with maybe a little help from me and John (much like the work Kelly does with some driving help from other gifters).

This was two days before we had the very great pleasure of spending a day with Paddy and his warm, caring family. So, reading Paddy’s report brought the memories right back and I thought it apt to reprint the report and add the comments from the trip the following year.

Best Wishes


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