Secession Chats

The first of these was in early February as soon as we found out about New Hampshire’s August 1 resolution to stop letting the feds terrorize them.

So many state legislatures are following suit that we’ve lost track but in the latest chat session the psychics got the impression that most of these legislatures are creating this stuff just to stall it. It’s sort of like how the sewer rat agencies infiltrate every progressive movement in the early days in order to subvert and incapacitate the movement. They failed with the unorganized gifting movement, of course, but only because enough of us knew how these Langley and MI6 fart hammers operate and took steps to disable all that. Most progressive movements die a quiet death at their hands after having been infiltrated by clever professional agents, then overrun with their armies of malleable bornagain chumps or Theosophy freaks.

Dooney and Stevo took a break for a couple of weeks after having spent almost four months working at disabliing the ‘top o’ the dungpile’ Illuminati families, then spending a week in daily chats to prevent the blowing up of Washington, DC, with O’Bomber in it.

After a couple of tries, Dooney got into etheric time travel mode & discerned that New Hampshire will be free and independent of the Federal Government by this summer with a second state soon to follow suit–perhaps Arizona.

She’s still examining the new time travel protocols, which are one of the outgrowths of efforts to access higher/finer dimensions (worlds within worlds?) and is finding that there are usualy several tunnels leading to outcomes, depending on relative probability. The brightest tunnel, in this case, was the one leading to successful secession of New Hampshire. She and Stevo had the impression that the work we’d done over the previous weekend, boosting the process of secession, added to the liklihood of New Hampshire’s eventual success. I’m pretty sure other groups are also working toward this goal, only not publicly as we are.

Secession is a wonderfully peaceful, even productive way to neutralize the corporate world order by taking away their keystone, the United States Government.

Notice that the G7 corporate cabal met in Rome and boldly stated renewed efforts to overtly dominate the world through controllling the economy. They’re even again using that dated term, ‘New World Order,’ which BushSr had so thoroughly discredited through his, Clinton’s and cruel-moron-boy’s global-scale terrorism activities since 1990. Conspicuously absent from that Rogues Gallery was China, who actually owns these people by now.

That said, these people are still dangerous to humanity and we’re going to keep doing what we can to prevent them from nuking cities, etc., in their desperate effort to regain what they lost to China some years ago.

I think the Chinese people will take care of that murderous regime in China in a timely, peaceful and organic way as soon as a few of them figure out what orgonite can do [Image Can Not Be Found]

We can imagine that the state of the world, today, wouldn’t look as bright if a few thousand people hadn’t been disabling the new death towers and weather weaponry. Four years ago, Carol and I weren’t yet sure whether the bad guys were going to achieve much of their old genocide agenda; now it’s pretty clear that if the Illuminati rats will ever succeed with a false flag attack it will just speed up their exposure and demise–sort of like how their latest, large scale false flag attack (Spain, 2003) backfired on them but if there’s a next time the internet will immediately be full of damning evidence of the corporate world order’s culpability. It certainly wouldn’t take two or three years for it to come to light, as was the case with their controlled demolition of the World Trade Center.


I just want to reiterate what Don said about our subjective impressions about what is happening with the secession movements. I’m still figuring out this time travel stuff, which I am feeling is really just a way to project my awareness into the future or past. I mean, my body is not traveling….I’m still sitting in front of my computer in 3D when I do it and Stevo is there talking to me. So when I go in the “future” and look at what is happening with secession, I feel I am tuning into the most likely scenario via what we are calling time tunnels. I’ll go out on a limb and make the prediction that New Hampshire will secede before the end of the year. It might not be as soon as this summer, although Carol, Stevo and I all see something significant happening in June/July and also end of August and early to late September. So maybe I’m wrong…but this is the likely scenario I see when time traveling.

The interesting thing to note is that I am doing with my heart and energy what CERN and Fermilab are trying to achieve with technology. This is what the NWO will never, ever understand! This is why we will prevail, as bleak as things might seem at times. There is no power greater than the heart. If there were, we’d be dead by now. I hope some other folks will try the time travel thing and email me at [email protected].

While Stevo and I were taking a break from chatting, Carol and the chat group set up a energetic structure to enforce the positive energy of the secession movement. It’s essentially a giant wheel, much like the ancient energy wheels we find in the earth, with a smaller wheel that represents each state. We spend time in each chat reinforcing the positive spin of these wheels (clockwise, like a vortex) to help keep the momentum of the secession movement going forward. Great work on the part of Madame Carol and the chat groups!


It’s also important to point out that Stevo and Andy have both questioned whether this secession movement is real or simply a distraction to keep liberty-minded people busy and churned up about an emotional issue. I wonder about that also. Why would state legislators want to cut themselves off from federal funding? Have they all suddenly grown a conscience? As far as I know, there have not been massive demonstrations by the people, demanding that the states secede. I haven’t researched enough to know exactly how the secession movement started, but I wonder about these things. Maybe someone could post a bit about how this all started….


Dopney–Carol and I went to a public meeting this week that confirmed your notion that the secession movement isn’t all entirely on the level.

That meeteing was called a week after the ‘Committees of Safety’ meeting, apparently in order to zero in on the ‘instigators.’ The speaker was allegedly a member of the county government’s version of FEMA and was clearly a fed–FBI sort. The big fat guy in cop shoes who showed up with him and stood at the back of the room was a little more enigmatic [Image Can Not Be Found]

The fed droned on and on about flood alleviation, evacuations in cases of toxic material spills, etc., and skipped over the agenda topic: civil unrest and terrorism. Since most of the crowd were folks from the previous Monday’s meeting he was obviously just playing us and of course the rest of the meeting was about the public notion that the gov’t is going to fail [Image Can Not Be Found]

I got bored early on and wanted to leave. it didn’t get interesting for about an hour. Meanwhile Carol was reading the fed the whole time and was having a ball–refused to leave. She was ready to leave after she figured the guy and his game out. The news about the Big Fat Homeland Security Pig came the next day from Holly–a bonus!

Dr Holly, Carol’s acupuncturist who tells her about this stuff, and Brad, who publishes a local conspiracy newsletter that has a lot of popular appeal, took the speaker to dinner after the meeting and he told them that he supports the local networking effort but that the fat guy who was with him in the meeting (and was signalling/directing him from the back of the room) is a state official–Idaho Homeland Security Bureau, and that he’s not very happy about it.

That FBI-type guy was just schmoozing our friends, of course [Image Can Not Be Found]

There’s a followup meeting, tonight, to discuss the feasibility of joining a national ‘organization’ for survival issues. The consensus doesn’t favor it. I sure don’t, since organization is death, these days [Image Can Not Be Found]

This is pretty cool! Carol and I will call a local meeting next month for our fellow Athols.

I mention this because the fed told the crowd that every state now has a Bureau of Homeland Security. Carol has the distinct impression, especially on account of the Bigi Fat Guy’s menacing presence, that the corpoate world order is tryingi an end run by sponsorring most of the state moves to secession so that they can keep all those state governnments fascist and opporessive. They’ll fail, of course, and I personally beleive that New Hampshire’s secession move is legitimate.

The fact that they’re making such desperate preparations in the face of the imminent demise of the corporate federal government is encouraging, of course.

It won’t be over until all those corporations are dead and gone and their toxic underground civilization has been neutralized with orgonite, I think.


Meanwhile, the chat group efforts to reinforce the public desire for genuine freedom and economic independence, which secession represents, is producing results in my opinion.

The parasitic world order primarily wages war on humanity from the etherric realm, which is why they’re so heavily vested in the media, clergy and education, all of which are institutions for carryingi out non-physical, massive-scale mind control processes. There never were enough bad guys to rule strictly through intimidation, after all. They have had to induce the Pajama People to love or at least ignore their malefactors, instead. The Vietnam War was probably their crowning achievement: an entirely unpopular war that the American PJ folks gladly sent millios of their sons to. The other corporate mind control success of that period was typified by Woodstock, the cynosure of the prototype phase of the Monarch Program.

The fact that the agencies’ psychics and ritualists throw up barrierrs to hide their sponsors’ activities and plots from other psychics indicates that the corporations themselves are vulnerable to counterattacks in the etheric realm. Those barriers always fall, by the way, thansk to the skill, experience and interconnectedness of our psychics. We’ve been doing these sessions for almost seven years and it keeps gettting better and more interesting. is the clearing house for what we’re all learning to do.

Exposure of these heinous organizations is also undermining their parasitic powerbase. That’s mostly being done by legitimate research journalists, who have to sell books to make a living, by the way. ‘Free information’ is not always free in the sense that it often cloaks disempowerment, which is also an etheric process [Image Can Not Be Found]

I wish that the other groups and individuals around the world who are doing this essential, timely work would also adopt a public profile.


No matter how progressive a new movement is, the sewer rat agencies will do their best to infiltrate and/or ‘own’ it. Note, for instance, the array of well-sponsored and supervised fakers out there who pretend to be the vanguard of the orgonite movement and only mention and/or Carol and I in a slanderous way, if at all. This sort of manipulation might also be what’s behind a lot of the state legislatures’ tenth amendment moves, which may mostly be just posturing.

There’s a very small town in Maine, though, that’s already decided to stop letting the corporate freakish feds own them. I have the impression that this was done without corporate manipulation. Liz in Colorado sent me the following:

Maine Town Passes Ordinance Asserting Local Self-Governance and Stripping Corporate Personhood
by Chip

Maine Town Passes Ordinance Asserting Local Self-Governance and Stripping Corporate Personhood | Press Release

Today the citizens of Shapleigh, Maine voted at a special town meeting to pass a groundbreaking Rights-Based Ordinance, 114 for and 66 against. This revolutionary ordinance give its citizens the right to local self-governance and gives rights to ecosystems but denies the rights of personhood to corporations. This ordinance allows the citizens to protect their groundwater resources, putting it in a common trust to be used for the benefit of its residents.
Click here to read more on our site

A family friend and neighbor in Concord, New Hampshire, in my previous life, contacted me last week after he saw Carol and I on YouTube. He’d been reading my old journal reports, etc., for a couple of years and was also reading conspiracy books, wondering if I was the same guy he knew back then. If I were him I’d never imagine that I’m the same guy he knew [Image Can Not Be Found]

I asked him about teh secession move in NH and here’s what he told me:

Well, the sponsor of the NH bill claims that he was inspired to author the resolution because he was preparing to reinact the role of one of the founders in a performance. I was struck by his fluent knowledge of “conspiracy” issues. His intent aside, I would not doubt that more is going on than meets the eye. After all, those who want to see the NWO implimented have always wanted to see the US map rearranged. What better way to accomplish this then to let the states think it was their idea and only hope.

But like you, I’m not expecting the worst even if things get worse for a while. I’m expecting a fluid situation to create the potential for organic change unlike anything we’ve seen before.


Relating to this thread, I was reading yesterday how Chuck Norris was considering running for President of Texas (albeit, apparently tongue in cheek I later found) … geId=91103

Thought it post worthy, as it shows the traction is growing, if nothing more.

It might or might not be tongue-in-cheek, I think, Rich, but I sure agree that Norris is congtributing to the ‘traction’ (great word for it!).

‘Dr DeMento’ keeps unwittingly increasing our numbers with his international campaigns to discredit ‘Croft-style Cloudbusters,’ no matter how he changes his tactics, which includes laughing at us. Let’s hope the Talking Heads on the idiot boxes will start laughing at secession soon!

Patrick Timpone, who has interviewed some of us from a prominent radio station in Austin, Texas, told me that he was going to challenge Ron Paul to run for governor in an upcoming interview with him. Patrick later told me that Ron Paul categorically refused [Image Can Not Be Found]

My friend in New Hampshire offered the notion that the feds may be taking the initiative on some of the legislative secession moves in order to condition us to accept their other alternatives, such as the unification of Canada, US and Mexico &/or the carving up of the US into six districts.

In any case, the clear trend is away from excessively centralized power and I bet the feds are really running around like headless chickens, only pretending to be in control.


Speaking of chats; it’s 10:59 AM Sunday and I can’t get in the chat. I get this:

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Hacked again???

I’m getting this as well. Do we meet at Dooney’s?


This is the same thing that happened to my chat room when my provider upgraded the php software to version 5.0. Perhaps the EW server was upgraded. The chat software is not compatible with php 5.0. I was never able to resolve it so I switched to Maybe Ale or the EW server genius can figure it out. [Image Can Not Be Found]

We can use my room as a backup…if you are a regular chatter and don’t have my chatroom URL email me right now at [email protected]


Same happening to me, folks. Last Sunday I didn’t manage to enter the chat in Italian as I usually do, but succeded in Spanish. This time it doesn’t open at all.

I’ts the same for me, this evening.
i cannot enter in the chat by direct link and also from home page of EW.

need boosting!! [Image Can Not Be Found];

Two Sundays before this, I couldn’t enter the EW chatroom. I thought it was just hackers on my end of the line. The Sunday after that (a week ago), I got an error message – forgot what, something about a line missing for dutch language. Since the chat’s in English, I just clicked the British flag as usual. Then the error message disappeared and I could enter allright. But this error message was different from the one last night.

Hope this is of some help fixing the problem.


this is the message of failure chat, maybe ale need this…

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We´re on this, this should be fixed pretty soon, thanks for the heads up!


The Chat is back up again, just in time… You may need to re-register.


Thx, Maestro! Good work!

We did, indeed, spend some quality time in the EW chatroom on Sunday, kicking parasitic corporate butts [Image Can Not Be Found]


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