Self-Help Gifting Run

My business has been too slow, come December. November was great, as soon as I posted that information my business turned-off like a spicket.

I did a map dowse from my home and found a strong source of DOR or something negative, being directed at me from a north-west direction. I got in my car and drove West a few miles and dowsed again. Now I could detect the crap coming from north. I got out my map of So California, and immediately saw that the two lines of tracked nastiness crossed at Mt. Wilson, which is covered with antennae of every decription. All the local radio and TV stations broadcast from there, also lots of microwave dishes are located there for all sorts of communication and OTHER PURPOSES.

I did some light gifting of Mt. Wilson a couple of years ago and I know Don Bradley gifted the heck out of that entire area a few years ago. Knowing all that, I still felt I needed to go back and hit them again. It’s personal, you know.

I took four of my big, four-sided, enhanced HHG’s. They were “seconds” that were made for customers but kicked to the shelf because of minor cosmetic irregularities.

I rode my motorcycle up to Mt. Wilson, parked and headed off hiking all around the giant array in my backpack, bearing the HHG’s and my Glock, break-down shovel. I tried to bury them on a diamond-haped grid, north, east, south and west. This was Thursday, there was no one up there, cept a couple of cars, probably belonging to the tech-dudes that work there. They are probably so irradiated they wouldn’t notice if the place caugh fire. It was not fun, it’s treacerous terrain full of briars and rattlesnakes and not a level spot anywhere. I got it done.

Two orders have come in since the gifting: a Powerwand and a seperate order for two Dolphin Balls, but that’s all. Picture the irony in that.

I feel lighter but that may be because I’ve lost about 20 Lbs on my diet. :O) If I don’t get some more order soon I’m going to wonder if I got all those thistles in my socks for nothing. Like I told Don, I nearly kicked my boots-off riding home on the freeway, I was itching so bad!



I mentioned in another thread that when the psychics started to work on Andy’s business problem on Sunday (this regular business interference directed at Andy has usually been by way of radionics assaults by the CIA and their Vril friend), Carol discovered that Andy had already put the hurt on the assailants’s effort by gifting that transmitting facility, so it was just mopping up when we dodecked the offenders. I think the latter is just gravy and that Andy’s biz would have remained free of this assault even if we didn’t smack those freaks on his behalf.

I personally believe that if one doesn’t go after these felons it only slows them down or inspires them to find newer and stranger ways to get to us; doing the offenders thoroughly not only discourages them from harming us again but is a public service, sort of like disabling a government-employed torturer. We have lots and lots and lots of predators in government in the US, now–makes me long to live in Eastern Europe, where there’s more real freedom, now.

Anyone who’s seen Mt Wilson or the Hollywood Hills, for that matter, has noticed the sudden proliferation of death transmitters since right after the feds blew up the World Trade Center on the other side of the continent. It looks like a bad haircut on those hilltops, now, and no doubt they doubled or tripled the number of towers due to Bradley’s thoroughness in gifting them, three and four years ago.

Notice that when the camera pans the ‘HOLLYWOOD’ sign in movies that were made in the past four years the ‘bad haircut’ just uphill from teh sign is either digitally edited or is not shown at all. Compare these films with films made before the WTC massacre and you’ll see a distinct improvement in LA’s atmosphere, too, in the films made since Bradley did the bulk of his gifting in LA.

There are a lot of miracles produced by the work we’re all doing. One miracle is that the people and media of Los Angeles seem to be completely oblivious to teh fact that the smog has been essentially gone for years and the mountains are green instead of parched brown. I don’t think this has been witnessed in living memory. LA was smoggy right off the bat for some reason–even back in the 1930s when there wasn’t much industry or population in the Basin.

This ‘miracle’ is also evident throughout the American Southwest and into Northern Mexico, where the deserts are apparently reversing thanks to a lot of systematic gifting by a few people, some of whom are not in touch with us much. In the case of the media, I remember that in the spring of 05, a woman TV reporter from Las Vegas took a film crew to nearby Death Valley to show how gloriously that area had come back to life after a period of intense drought and on the way back to Vegas she was killed in a crash, nor was there any mention of Death Valley’s uncharacteristic verdure. Carol and I personally worked on Death Valley over a period of three years, before that.

Early on, Andy took responsibility for gifting in areas northeast of the LA Basin. John Horrocks has been mainly responsible for the glorious results up the coast from LA, to Santa Barbara and beyond, Rick Moors has done a lot of gifting, sometimes with DB, and there are a few others who have done good work in SoCal but no individual on the planet, so far, has matched DB, yet, in terms of prolific gifting. Doc Kayiwa might pass that mark before long in his international efforts and Steve Baron has produced, by now, probably more than 20,000 TBs and other devices, mostly for the massive Toronto area.

Georg Ritschl has done the most, mostly by himself, to reverse a large desert–the Kalahari, in this case.

I like to put these reminders of individuals’ accomplishments out in the ethers from time to time.