September 11th, Manhattan

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September 11th, 2007

Today might be a good day to post about the Dutch 9-11 conference my man and I visited at the WTC conference centre in Utrecht, Holland, on September 16th 2006. It seems like ages ago, for my expectations at the time were high. Too high, I am afraid.

Since we regarded the Dutch WTC conference centre as a respectable setting for big mainstream events, we assumed many disregarded questions might finally be featured in national media.
The conference was organised by this foundation called (freely translated “this-can’t-be-true�). Don’t bother to find the website, it doesn’t exist any more.

To subscribe to the event, we had to order tickets (€ 9,11 each) by email only, submitting our personal data. I guess that should have been our first clue for the infiltrated scene that followed. The public was young. Computer freaks mainly, by the looks of them. Some elderly people, who probably were on the Internet a lot too. The couple of hundred people gathered, were closely watched by camera teams on the side of the conference room. A big film projection screen at the front stage.

A lot of people seemed to be networking, shaking hands and getting acquainted with equal spirited minds in 3D for the first time. Many strangers exchanged smiles and eyed each other friendly. In all, there was an atmosphere of relief and cooperative coherence. It was even more remarkable how the chitchatting went on, during the first sequence of 9-11 documentaries that were projected on screen. For sure, everyone present had seen them all before on Internet.

Introduced by the “Dit-kan-niet-waar-zijnâ€? foundation volunteers, several famous 9-11 insiders held a lecture. Among them, Andreas von Bülow, German ex-minister of Research and Technique (1980-1982) and writer of “Im Namen des Staates” and "Die CIA und der 11 September: Terror and role of secret servicesâ€?. Robin de Ruiter, author of “George W. Bush and the myth of Al-Qaedaâ€?, lectured about the new world order. DaanSpeak, a Dutch freelance journalist. Jim Hambourg, explosives expert. Rick Siegel, filmmaker, with his sound recordings of the several explosions witnessed before the tower collapse. And more high profile guests.

Unannounced, the husband of Dutch royal princess Margarita: sir Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn, showed up to lecture and criticize the 9-11 investigations too. In Holland, he is known for publicly accusing the royal family and queen in particular, of secretively ruining his marriage, reputation and career. Though surprised, the public reacted with reserve to his presence. Somehow I could sense this public’s reaction wasn’t expected.

At some point during the conference, everybody’s attention was requested to view a music embedded collage of 9-11 Internet images. The public suddenly went silent and a strange kind of serene atmosphere arised. Like in a religious ceremony. As if the people present celebrated a higher cause. I remember this moment very well, for instantly feeling alienated. The spokesman wiggled his body at the music’s beat, like a priest to the hymns….

The conference ended with a discussion forum, represented by some of the lecturers and two mainstream tabloid journalists. The scene contributed to my alienation, when the two colleague journalists – claiming to have opposite opinions – succeeded in finally litting the public’s emotions. My man and I decided to leave the hoax.

The event never was covered in the news. Not even in the tabloid of the supposed journalists. Nothing, nada…. As for me, the experience opened my eyes to the serious game of herd control and media disinfo. It is not my intention to discourage you with this story and I do trust Eric has met some honest people at But I wish you to not let down your guard on making up your own mind on 9-11.


Thank you Carolien for posting about the 9-11 event you attended.

After 5 years of making and gifting Orgonite I’m getting very good at spotting phonies , MONARCHS, MKIDS, HONEYPOTS and even reptilian shapeshifters.
I’m not as good as Don, Carol, Cesco, Jupiter Jeff and others at seeing them, but I’m much better at it than I was when made I
my first cloud-buster.

I have personally met the founders of at the Ed and Elaine Brown Live Free or Die
Concert and gave them tb’s and the short version of how Orgonite and Orgone energy work.
They were more than EXCITED about Orgonite. They may have had a life changing experience meeting me and my Orgonite creations. They have the love vibe going and are not MKIDS or monarch programmed zombies working on some psyop to hoodwink people or prevent the mass awakening of people.
They are the real deal just like the folks who make Orgonite for no material
I like the fact that they are huge supporters of Ed and Elaine Brown’s. Now the Browns have millions of supporters to expose the criminal FED and the IRS with. The Browns would probably be dead by now if it wasn’t for, Danny Riley,, Alex Jones and of the course the Operators. My 100 plus tb’s enveloping their property is helping them alot too. I do understand what you were getting at with your post and the event being abit suspicious.
There are many ringers out there, just in place to hoodwink you and blindside you
to waste your time, energy and play mind games with you not to make Orgonite.
If Orgonite wasn’t so powerful and healing and above all destructive to the reptilian global agenda then why
do you suppose LOSERS like
Rense, Icke, Swerdlow and all the others ignore it all together
or go out of their way to
bad talk it ?