Severe Drought In American Southeast Is Apparently Genuine

Don Croft
10 Aug 2008 21:19
Subject: Severe Drought in American Southeast is Apparently Genuine
I’ve been corresonding with Jonathan in Western North Carolina, who asked for advice about busting the drought. I asked him whether the drought is real or is fake, like the one STevo and I investigated in Western North Dakota and here’s his reply (my comments follow):


Since I grow my own food, I intimately know about the drought first-hand. (I don’t watch the newsJ) My landlord is a 60 year old farmer and says this is as bad as he’s ever seen it. Everything is super brown! This is a continuation of last year’s drought, so it’s been a couple years since we’ve received normal rainfall. Most all the towers in a wide radius are now gifted, and I have a CB in my garden, but something still seems to be preventing rain. From reading the forums, I’ve learned that many people experienced abundant rain after busting underground bases. I have the feeling like something underground needs attention around here.

If it’s possible, do you think one or more of the psychics could look at WNC and see if there are any major sources of DOR that still need to be taking care of? Also to check on the success of my work so far?

I have heard faint noises in the middle of the night many times over the past year or so, like a large truck that’s accelerating and decelerating and moving around, but it never gets any closer to my house. It sounds like a construction site far away, but I notice this in the middle of the night when there should be no work of this kind going on. I just read about someone else reporting the same thing and they thought the noise was from work being done on an underground facility. If so, I guess I need to make some EPs but it would be great to know where to best place them.

And if you have any tips on how to tweak a CB to encourage rain, I’d love to hear them.

Much Gratitude to you,



Jonathan, all the tweaking in the world won’t make a CB bring rain if the appropriate weather weapons are not gifted. I think that Georg Ritschl most clearly demonstrated that in early 2004 when he busted all the HAARP facilities along the Indian Ocean Coast, finally causing abundant rain throughout the Kalahari to the west, where he and a friend had strategically placed around 20 orgonite cloudbusters the year before.

It’s possible or likely that the cloudbusters guaranteed the continuing periodic rainfall after that.

Thanks for letting me know that the drought is genuine. There are not many persistent gifters in your region, yet, as far as I know. If you’re being called by The Operators to end the drought you might need to put a lot of miles on your car and buy a lot of resin.

HAARPies take advantage of prevailing winds when they place their weapons so I’d focus my efforts ‘upwind.’ In Georg’s case, the weather normally travels west from the Indian Ocean across Southern AFrica so it was easy to figure out but I think your weather comes from further inland. Maybe you can determine where the drought’s boundaries are and then focus on the upwind edge of the non-drought?

We haven’t found that underground bases are connected with droughts, per se, though we busted some extensive undergound facilities north of Grand Bahama Island and west of the Everglades (Gulf of Mexico) and got visual confirmations that we stopped the HaARPies from generating any more storms in those areas, at least. Before, there were constant ‘rotors’ of storm clouds being generated in those two areas, as seen on the daily satellite imagery, regardless of what other weather events were happening in the region. After, we saw no more of those storm spirals in the two areas.

This month, the psychics are spending most of their group time looking for mass murder plots by the terrorists (US, British, Israeli and Chinese governments) because this is their favorite time of year to try to start World War Three so I hope you dont’ mind if I put off asking them to look for info about your drought, for now. I can do it in a couple of weeks but by then you may have already figured it out, of course. You seem to be pretty intuitive and can trust your hunches.


louis onder
11 Aug 2008 17:51
Subject: Re: Severe Drought In American Southeast Is Apparently Genui
Well I’ve been gifting in and our area for over 6 years and we thought we were done about 3 years ago so we visited and gifted many areas out of our state including Washington DC, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and south Alabama as well as many other places. Last year we were hit hard by the drought but this year most of the residents agree we are guaranteed rain atleast every week instead of every month or so. This year you do not see all the dead grass on the side of the highways in Alabama. Several reservoirs that were almost dry last year are fine this year. The thing that made the difference was when we traveled to the surrounding mountains and hit all the HAARP paraphanelia. Last year we had 6 weather radars within 50 miles of each other and we gifted them all thoroughly. This year (in March) we noticed 2 new weather radars on the mountain of a nearby army base, and a couple of days ago I saw another one on an unfamiliar mountain not too far from where I live. This makes a total of 9 weather radars, 3 have yet to be gifted by myself! My goal has been to restore natural abundant rainfall. But one factor remains constant, towers and weather radars keep on popping up all over the place and big brother is determined to extend the desert region of the USA from Arizona eastward. But the key is that even 2 to 4 additional determined gifters (willing to do a little driving as suggested by Don) would make quick work of the sewer rats agenda and then we could all go to the house. One will be amazed when they hit the open highway and witness all the beauty as well as all the activity going with these towers! If we are proactive we can end the drought for good. The other day I gifted a weather radar and triggered an instantaneous rainfall that dropped 2 inches of rain in north Alabama and this why I’m convinced these devices are responsible. Nevertheless I’m in this one for the long haul and nothing will discourage me from helping out my friends and neighbors from having to worry about a man-made disaster that will cause useless harm to innocent people. (Oh, and by the way I love to gift during the day but I prefer to gift late at night all by myself) The best thing I can tell you is that the end is indeed insight for the towerbuilders because they are running out of space. They are operating on finite not infinite space and so are we. So it’s just a matter of time when we catch up to them here in the southeast.

I am always ready to jump in this fight as long as I’m still breathing and able. Plus I have alot of fun letting them know that I know atleast some of their open and closed secrets.


louis onder
12 Aug 2008 16:57
Subject: Re: Severe Drought In American Southeast Is Apparently Genui
If one were to view the intellicast website:……rrent.aspx you could see the entire state of Alabama has received rain for most of the day today. I will make sure to watch the rain as it moves toward North Carolina to see if I can pinpoint where the devices are located that are responsible for the drought there. As I watch the radar on my computer screen, I look for recurring gaps that should be receiving rain due to the rain’s trajectory but the rain never seems to make it to these places. This is how I was able to find numerous devices that remained hidden from us for so long. Remember, some of the newer towers have been made much shorter so they are not seen from a distance as opposed to the older one’s we’ve been seeing for years. I understand we have improved quite a bit since last year, and we could stand to improve more so I will keep banging away at these devices with as much orgonite as I can because it’s the only reliable weapon we have.

Please take a look at the NOAA doppler radar locations on this site:
By looking at this I would say the unit in Knoxville is adding to the problem as well as the 3 locations in South Carolina and North Carolina if they have not been gifted. If these units have not been gifted, they would definitely spell trouble for the region. I have personally busted 6 in North Alabama 5 of which are not shown on the map, plus the one in Atlanta as well as the one in Branton/Jackson Mississippi and the one in Mobile alabama. The one (weather radar) in Columbus AFB Mississippi was difficult and I would have to say we probably did not get close enough to say it was safe. But the only units we gifted in Tennessee have been all types of towers and microwave antennas but no weather radars which includes North and South Carolina because our funding has been too limited. if I could do something to increase the business on my website then we might be able to afford a trip further to the southeast. But don’t count us out because anything could happen and if I can afford it I will not hesitate to help extend the orgonite field because it will definitely bless any place you put it!

One more thing, the US drought monitor has recently been telling a different story than the one my eyes and other people’s have been seeing. The truth, is the only story worth telling, the motive of the powers that be is obvious.

This evening, I plan to watch the intellicast US weather radar and make an assessment before I retire for the evening. Right now, you can easily see how abundant rainfall is permeating the entire state of Alabama in comparison to the surrounding states:…ocation=default


Don Croft
12 Aug 2008 20:43
Subject: Re: Severe Drought in American Southeast is Apparently Genui
Louis Onder, you are a Gifting DYNAMO! Alabama is a big state and as far as I can tell, you’re the only person in the entire region who is taking on the large-scale weather healing projects right now. Hopefully, our readers in the South will get inspired to gift more than just the towers they see from their kitchen window and the ride to work.

I’m very happy that you’re keeping track of your confirmations via weather radar, etc. This distinguishes orgonite’s effects from weather cycles, especially in the Southeast where the world odor is trying so hard to maintain the very last of their droughts on the continent.

Doc Dirk in Holland sent me the following advice to pass along to the North Carolina gifter (Jonathan) whose note I posted above:


Don’t know where Jonathan is located, but my attention gets drawn to the lake west of Goldsboro, that can do with orgonite for sure. He also might just check where the nearest military base is located of course.



I can’t stress enough that water gifting solidifies our successes and makes it doubly or triply hard for the HAARPies to generate any effects at all. To do it adequately requires getting on a boat, though, unless one is able to drive around a large lake and toss the stuff in from the road. If that’s so, a big slingshot or spudgun really saves time and steps.

Those lake cruise boats are appropriate. I think there are some old-style paddlewheel boats in the South, for instance. If you guys in the shrinking drought-assailed area are lucky, your water gifts will get more bang for the buck than in other regions. YOu never know when that will happen.

Apparently, the Sylphs concur with my water-gifting assessment becuase the most startling, extravagant Sylph displays that we’ve witnessed have accompanied our water giftging sorties over the years. Some of us feel certain that the presence of Sylphs is the definitive visual proof that the energy matrix in a region has turned irreversibly positive. I don’t use the word, ‘proof,’ a lot, either Cool

Not to take away from Louis’ strategy, of course–it’s absolutely essential to disable all the weather weaponry, at least until the Sylphs start showing up; then one can slow down. Ever since I busted the 8 (five of which weren’t yet gifted) mountaintop death/HAARP arrays I could get to with a tankful of gas with my plane, last May, the Sylphs have literally shown up in our skies every single day. That too-soon-expired aircraft is about to be reborn as an Affordaplane, by the way Wink (hardware, landing gear, engine, instruments, controls) .


Don Croft
12 Aug 2008 20:47
Subject: Re: Severe Drought in American Southeast is Apparently Genui
Eric Carlson drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway (the highway along the continental divide in the Southeast that runs through South and North Carollina and part of Georgia, if I’m not mistaken) and gifted all the death arrays and weather weapons along that route. He posted about it a few months ago. I’m sure that what he did is helping dramatically.


louis onder
13 Aug 2008 04:00
Subject: Re: Severe Drought In American Southeast Is Apparently Genui
Eric is definitely a Godsend any way you slice it, he’s always helping us out day and night.
After viewing imminent rainfall designated for North and South Carolina this morning I cannot say I noticed anything conclusive, but it usually takes viewing the radar a few more times when rainfall is imminent to notice trends in the weather patterns. The rain seemed to go there quite naturally, but time will tell. I also understand the people responsible for weather modification like to read what we have to say about the problem and tend to alter the manipulation agenda accordingly to make it look like we don’t know what we’re talking about. Who wouldn’t do the same if they could hear what their opponents were saying?
I like to overlay intellicast and the NOAA map of the USA to see if I can detect the problem areas. It helps to utilize local and regional radars too especially by zooming in on the image gives you the ability to see things that do not normally show up on the national radar. I also have to mention google earth is also a good to use as suggested by my good friend Dan who has worked miracles on the isle of Bali as most of you already know.


Don Croft
13 Aug 2008 05:42
Subject: Re: Severe Drought in American Southeast is Apparently Genui
I bet you feel responsible for stopping that drought, Louis. Stevo and I felt similarly responsible for reversing the officially-alleged drought over in North Dakota but when we got there it looked like a dripping jungle Wink We made a lot of rain, anyway, and there was a subsequent Sylph invasion. The N Carolina drought is genuine, of course–the last remnant of evidence that the HAARPies had intended to turn our continent into a desert.

Sure, they edit all of the radar and satellite imagery and that, too, can be a confirmation of the world odor’s guiding hand (and digital airbrush Cool ) at times. I’ve posted about specific instances a few times and should probably do it some more but our region is in such good shape that we’d have to travel a long way to find an area that still needs work. It’s a nice problem.

When Googleearth was new you could see some interesting stuff. I was directed by an emailer in New Mexico to study the White Sands area, for instance, before the felonious feds, who own Google, blurred it all out. It’s a perfect circle of white sand, fifty miles or so in diameter, and there are enormous ‘Nazca Lines’ throughout. It’s one of the areas where the $#!+birds detonated a lot of atomic bombs in the atmosphere in teh days when they were perverting Dr Reich’s technology to ruin America’s environment. In those days, they detonated nukes in teh atmosphere in 17 states, including Mississippi, apparently.

I think HAARP weather weapons were eventually developed and deployed in the 1970s because too many Americans openly objected to those atmospheric detonations, which were obviously makking lots of people sick and dead.

They apparently donm’t have a huge staff for altering satellite and radar imagery online, though, and if it’s like CNN’s censorship process, they don’t show up before 9AM, so maybe the best data can be viewed in the wee hours. I think censors work bankers’ hours. I wonder if they take two hour lunch breaks. At CNN they wear expensive suits and are called, ‘lawyers,’ by the corporate chelas there. ‘Chela’ means ‘slave’ in Theosophy’s regurgitated Hindu-speak.


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