Severe Drought in France?

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a former war correspondent in Paris who asked me whether it was possible to do something about the murder of her husband, another war correspondent. He was evidently killed by the people who operate the prostituted media. She and her husband had eventually figured out that all the wars she was reporting are dirty and unjustified. I referred her to Dooney, of course (, to learn how to hit back effectively.

When she said that France is experiencing desert conditions I was startled because I know that the surrounding countries have plenty of rainfall ever since coordinated orgonite-distribution campaigns were carried out in the past. I’ve gotten no news from people doing this work in France, except from a Dutch farmer who is a very prolific gifter in Languedoc.

I’ve discussed this with a couple of other Europeans and Carlos sent me the following link about the 2015 drought, also sent data indicating that 2014 saw record rainfall for the country. The current drought seems similar to the apparent ‘reprisal drought’ that California has been experiencing ever since March, 2013, when I dropped orgonite all along the area where Dr Reich identified and temporarily neutralized a ‘desert-creation’ zone in 1954. When Carol and I went back there a year later and I dropped more orgonite from a plane we were told that in the desert east of that barrier, which some call,‘The California Sahara,’ there was record rainfall at the same time that the California drought to the west of the barrier had been initiated. Nice confirmation. It’s also the first time we ever saw green plants in that eastern California desert and we’ve been going through there regularly for the past 14 years, which is how long we’ve been working on reversing the American deserts.

In Carol’s travels in France she saw very little evidence of busted death towers in the countryside, though Paris is obviously well done, judging by the clear atmosphere and the abundance of Sylphs. I witnessed the same positive signs in New York City a few days ago when I was visiting my daughter, Nora, and Geoff, the talk show host who posts here. The people we encountered in Manhattan on our little walkaround generally seemed happy, too. I remember when that city was a miserable place. The woman who contacted me is in Paris.

Carol and I have been privately suggesting to Californian gifters that it might be possible to quickly end the drought by tossing orgonite in the sea for dolphins to deliver to the apparently seabed weather weaponry array, about 500 miles southwest of Los Angeles. Somebody, someday, will get it done.

Otherwise, coastal gifting usually produces wildly phenomenal results across a continent and beyond, as Francisco demonstrated in Europe along the Spanish coast in the Bay of Biscayne some years ago. A German gifter whom Habibi knows got similar results in Morocco after gifting the sea along that coast and Habibi later extended the initial greening effect across Algeria to Tunisia, then resumed his systematic work in Germany. After Francisco and Carlos thoroughly gifted the Canary Islands rain was produced across North Africa and evidently generated unprecedented flooding in Mecca, though in the case of Mecca this may have been made possible by the towerbusting that Jane Ngugi of Udanda had done there previously.

I bet that if someone will get in a boat and do the same along France’s Atlantic coast the drought would be immediately stopped. The 2014 rain in France might have been largely the result of Francisco’s coastal effort. Last month, Silvio shared statistics that show record, abundant crops in Lombardy, which is in Italy but is pretty close to Southern France. Coordinated campaigns produce real, easily confirmed results, as we’ve seen here over the years.

Hi Don, please alow me to clarify what you wrote as I was involved and I know the wheather conditions well.

Lets begin with the weather:

There was a draught in Germany with few rain and extreme weather conditions. The rain from today stopped it by the way. I think that the draught wasn’t that extreme in France, but it was very dry for sure. I do not think as dry as it was before Francisco, me and others stopped the draught in a couple of weeks by busting the golf of biskaja. While the rain was already there in northern Spain which indicated the success of Francisco, western France and central Europe was incredibly dry, drier than it was until now. I saw brown grass like in Morokko in France. I decided then to make a “blitz” distributing 300 tbs in two days, hitting about 150 towers, making a coastline of about 100 km including streams going into the ocean and the ocean itself.

One day in the afternoon it was dry, dry, dry and the next day in the morning the front glass of my car was wet from the rain. The rain didn’t stop until I was back in Germany and there were two fronts moving this day, one from western France (Golf of biscaja too) reaching Bulgaria and Rumania, the other from northern Spain (Golf of Biskaja) heading south and reaching the desert parts of Morokko, Algeria and later, indeed, Mecca, but not from this front. But I’m sure that all this, including the gifting of Jane, is interconnected.

What I want to say is that France is already busted quite well, Germany too. It might be that the countryside in France needs some more orgonite and it might be that the coastline needs more, but as far as I know a lot has been done. Braikar sold 20.000 tbs in France in only one year, for instance, if I read correctly. Braikar, please correct me if I’m wrong.

This draught had been stopped by Francisco with a little support from my side and others. Then there was another drought developping two years earlier that I stopped early and unintentionally, it just happened. This was my Dresden and surroundings mission that resulted in stopping a draught in central Europe as early as Easter holiday, until then there was no or really few rain for the whole year.

Now to what I think happened just now:

“They” learned that when they spray too much, the result is chemclouds transforming into real clouds and then the rain will come. This happened last summer many times. This time they sprayed only sometimes, not too much but managed to manipulate the big pressure systems, thus creating eastern continental, dry and warm winds from Russia going to northern Germany and another lasting wind coming from the central Sahara, going north-west in the direction of Morokko, then turning north-east towards France and southern Germany. The result is a relatively humid and very hot air, but “they” managed to stop the rain, it just wasn’t humid enough. They worked more with HAARP, I could see “haarpy” clouds or skys again after a long time, though not as horrible as it used to be in 2005 when I became fully aware or this, but considerably worse than the last couple of years.

It is possible that “they” could do this because the Thyssen family, one of the satanic blood lines, is just building a huge tower in our well busted region. It is a lift-test-tower, about 200 m high, hugh?! Suspicious to say the least. The tower is not jet finished ,I anyway decided to gift it now. I already pregifted it, today did more together with my two-year-old daughter, and only 30 minutes later the rain was finally there! On the way home a red cross car overtook me, stopped somewhere and had a short talk with a 666 car coming towards the tower, driving along very fast as I came closer again. And 2,3 minutes later an ambulance rushed in the direction where I came from way too fast with sirens on and nearly crashed into my car…

Anybody who likes to is invited to look into this, I would like to know if I have to put more orgonite there!


That’s exciting about flipping the Thyssen monster and getting immediate rain and intimidation & thanks for posting it, Habibi.

Braikar did also toss an immense number of towerbusters in the sea from the ferry that runs between France and England and when he asked Carol to look at the results she tracked most of it being taken by dolphins toward the Baltic and toward Iceland. That was some years before Francisco did the Bay of Biscay campaign. He did indeed get a lot of logistic help for that Spanish coast job, including donated orgonite from you and others. It was all in his report but I neglected to mention it above, sorry. I’m trying to persuade him to also do the French coast of the Bay of Biscay Cool. I think that someday all of the world’s continental coastlines will be done, along with the ley lines that cross the seas. Azti has even suggested an aircraft that would be suitable and would be happy to pilot it. I have no doubt that someday this effort will be capitalized by wealthy people of conscience. Meanwhile, we relatively poor folks are generating the initial grand-scale miracles and we can feel rightly proud of that.

Dirk in The Netherlands knows a prolific gifter in Belgium, by the way, who suggested that it may be important to find and flip a major weather weapon array in Toulouse–maybe something like the Thyssen horror. We still see those HAARP hatchmark clouds over us, even though we’ve flipped all of the weather weaponry within hundreds of miles. Our weather remains balanced and unaffected, so seeing HAARP markings in the sky need not be alarming to anyone.

When I travel with Carol around the USA she sees that the death towers and weather weaponry through vast areas of the country are inadequately gifted (except major urban areas, which all seem to be smog free and have Sylphs over them much of the time}, presumably with very weak orgonite from the vendors whom Google/NSA sends enquirers to. That indicates to us that people have expended a lot of effort to disable the weaonry but that disinformants are having some success by selling them orgonite and alleged orgonite that has too little metal in it or, in some cases, no metal at all.

The scam in this case is that the less effective their products are, the grander their claims for it and most people lack the discernment to question grand claims. A common claim, for instance, is that a dab of resin with plastic glitter in it can flip a big death tower. This does nothing at all, of course, but Carol’s sense is that there’s some actual, weak orgonite by those towers but it doesn’t have enough metal in it and there are too few pieces. Next time she goes to France she’ll probably spend more effort examining the still-functioning towers along the roadside.

We’re quite conservative with our claims for basic, unadorned orgonite but this stuff can be credited with nearly all of the documented successes in this unorganized movement. It’s the profound accessibility and inclusiveness of our collective effort that keeps attracting accountable, sober and balanced people to commit to this effort. Charisma junkies (who swallow false claims) and mystics never seem to get much done so the fakers are welcome to have these people in their flocks.

An objective approach pays off. In well-gifted areas there have been some reversals but they’re exceptions. The Kalahari had been greened for instance, and remained that way for many years but it’s reverted to desert, again. Somebody needs to commit to followup action in and around that desert and I doubt it will require as much effort as the initial reversal did. California’s enormous San Joaquin Valley, which was a desert that was reclaimed by irrigation projects in the early 1900s, was only green in plots of land that were irrigated until that valley was well gifted some years ago. By 2013 grass had displaced the desert flora and I saw cattle grazing on green grass throughout the valley in the non-irrigated areas, even along the highway. I probably mentioned that above (sorry) and also the recent reversal back to desert of that valley by 2014 but in most cases when we do a regional job with orgonite the results remain positive. Most of the weaponry in Southern California is probably well busted. I haven’t gotten wind of any massive, new weapons in America like that Thyssen tower Habibi mentioned flipping in Germany.

I think that if I had a boat and a couple of buckets of towerbusters in California, right now, I could end this reprisal drought in a couple of days. At this point, there are so many committed gifters in that state, though, that I’d feel a little dirty doing their easy work for them.

On reason this forum has been successful is that it’s not based on charismatic personalities or grand, mystifying claims but our reputation is rather based on reports like Habibi’s that are sufficiently objective. I assume that the Google/NSA fakers get a lot more traffic than this site does and that the majority of humanity who are attracted to their glamorous effort are still chumps for charisma, extravagant claims and silly mysticism, so they gravitate to the fakers but we’re obviously making progress in the world with simple orgonite and many of us care very little about national boundaries when it comes to defeating the weather warfare (global warming) agenda. We’re certainly making clowns out of global warming doomsayers by now.

Also, rational people who commit to this work will certainly be treated to a feast of genuine mystical experiences when they also commit to following through on intuitive hunches, dreams, etc. I often hear from new gifters who mention feeling that they’re being protected and guided by benevolent, unseen entities in this work. Since this forum is free of sociopathic trolls who populate every open forum on the web many of the contributors even mention this in their reports. It was several years after the start of the forum in 2004, though, before anyone but one or two of us got the courage to tell about this sort of thing. That’s a good indicator, to me, of how thoroughly the NSA/CIA/MI6 army of sociopaths on the web have affected people’s willingness to communicate freely in a public format.

In my personal experience, smoking dope or taking other psychotropics is a cheap, unsatisfying substitute and that’s mainly why I’m not attracted to any of the that since committing to independent examination of reality in early adulthood. I did agree to smoke a joint with my older brother in 2000, by which time I’d already been under constant surveillance and the psi corps were attempting to stop me from moving ahead and that experience was kind of horrific under the circumstances, nor could I handle power tools for a couple of days afterward. I could also mention that ingesting psychotropics eventually puts big holes in one’s protective etheric barrier and those are open invitations to ambient parasitic entities and especially the psi corps to turn one into a meat puppet. Carol and the other trusted psychics who can see this stuff say it takes about a month of abstaining from psychotropics before those holes will close again.

I haven’t mentioned this in awhile but at this stage of ‘the war’ it seems to be more important to attract sober people to this effort and to impersonally ask whatever pot users remain as members to withdraw from participating in this forum effort until they can get clear of external control. I don’t think the sewer rats will stop trying to undermine this effort until this cancer which they represent has been ‘cured’ and humanity are free. It’s the agencies’ ‘long con’ campaigns, lately based on infiltration by dope users who are also prolific gifters, that has always gotten the best results for them in terms of shutting down gifting networks in entire countries and maybe I’m too concerned about that–if so, I’ll take the hits and learn from it. On the other hand, taking a stand against this sort of piracy has paid off in the past and, in a few cases, has prevented large scale abandonment by otherwise reliable people on this forum whom the troublemakers had gotten into their confidences. I don’t even mention it in posts after the fact because I think goading me to name them is part of the con.

Being on dope doesn’t stop someone from being an effective and prolific gifter, though most potheads can’t organize their lives enough to do anything worthwhile, of course. This is just one of the aspects of how inclusive this effort is. Nor am I in a position of authority in this unorganized effort but a lot of damage was done, often unconsciously, in the past by pot users on the forum who were good gifters and if I won’t protect the integrity of this website by keeping it clear from the direct influence of agencies there won’t be any reputable public record of this amazing work. Nor will newcomers find a convenient way to get past the army of Google/NSA disinformants and get busy with basic, simple orgonite in order to earn the requisite, powerful and empowering confirmations that keep us all enthralled by the results we each produce and committed to this effort.

Thanks, again, for the very thorough and informative descriptions of the present weather dynamics, Habibi. It’s going to be good to finally see regular rainfall in France, again, however it’s achieved.

Did I mention that this monster is still under construction?

That’s why I waited, but I wanted to give it a hit, to be more precise it was the second hit. The first time there was rain too, and about the same reaction, but only one car with a 666 coming fast, but too late, not several ones. This time the reaction was more agressive, probably because they were warned but couldn’t stop it…

Fancy orgonite isn’t very successful in Germany, for France I don’t know. Too few metal might be a problem sometimes, the main problem is, as I see it, that people are too lazy to go out and flip the towers, they just buy one nice HHG (Which is, of course, a good thing), but normally stop it there.

France is a bit centralistic, Paris, a couple of big cities, a lot of countryside. In Germany in rural areas you can still find lots of industry and a good infrastructure. Probably thats why those areas are better gifted than it might be the case in France, but thats just a guess. Regarding tha coastline - There was a big storm about 7, 8 years ago that killed 50 people in France and 5 in Germany. I read in the German forum, which was still existant and well alife then, that the coastline in France is done, but there was sort of a hole between La Rochelle/Rochefort and Bordeaux, not until Bordeaux, but until the river La Gironde in Royan.

When I decided to go to Morocco about two years later for a big hit I wanted to close this gap on the way, which wasn’t a big detour, but was only partly successful because I would have lost too much time going in the wrong direction and there were also huge sylphs above La Rochelle which made me think it was alredy well busted. Possibly a misunderstanding. And therefore I did only some coastline busting then and some medium-sized cities on the way and some more along the road towards Bayonne, which is at least not too far fom the ocean.

Leaving a deed partly undone is something I do not like and thats what motivated me, along with the first rain that Francisco had achieved in northern Spain, and the fact that it would fit into the “Bay of Biskaja” project, to finish the job and do some France inland busting with the remaining material. The result was fantastic because the material was enough to do all what I wanted to do, and the last TB went to an antenna which I had to leave unbusted in the far south-west of Germany south of Freiburg. I had been perfectly guided because I woke up under one of those very important water castles with towers on them, followed my urge not to go to Bordeaux but to use the remaining tbs for the way back instead.

What I actually wanted to say is that the coastline is done, but not from a boat! This would and will make things better and someone will do it one day. I discouvered something new about the artificial draught that, in fact, isn’t completely over in France yet. There’s a block in the ocean north-west of Galizia, west of the Bay of Biskaja and north-east of the Azoren. I didn’t find an island there, but it might be that it comes from the Azoren who are not too far away from the block.

A friend of mine is just there and I gave him 20-25 tbs, but later I kicked my ass not having given him more. Better than nothing, of course, and for now it’s too late anyway.

I don’t know why you wrote so much about dope. I never buy it, but might smoke with someone if he wants to share. I hate loosing control and thats why I would never smoke too much. Thats why I also don’t like to drink too much, but a beer now and then is a nice thing - at least for Germans who seem to be addicted to beer…

Regarding California, why not doing it together with one of the gifters there? It should be done, why do you wait?


Weather update in the north west Italy, very abundant rain for the last 2-3 days, but without violent phenomena.

One article is titled, ‘The Atlantic is in very good shape, fabricates one vortex after the other’…i-pioggia/

Rain this morning, over La Spezia, Ligurian border region with Tuscany

50000 lightings last night and this morning

This is exciting and great, really great!

This vortex is right at the place where the block has been. Thank you, Rasmin, thank you, dolphins! They brought tbs from the Azoren to this place, or whereever they were needed most to stop this. Thank you, Silvio, for calming down potentially devastationg weather conditions - the typical result, just many lightnings without damage and a welcome rain.

This is a nice excemple of weather warfare being reversed and in fact the result is something positive at the end of the day.

The result here in Germany, again good and longlasting rain without any extreme weather conditions. The still relatively dry soil could recouver more today.