Sewer Rats' Signal-Blocking Exposed and Countered

I think Carol and I just got yet another confirmation about the timely nature of the new info’s discovery. Lately, we’ve been having a hard time getting online in the house, where we connect to the Wild Blue dish through a repeater in teh hangar, where our office and shop also are.

Yesterday it sort of came to a head for Carol when it took her three hours to get the PayPal orders offline–a 30-minute task. We’ve been a little lazy about hunting for CIA signal jammers in the neighborhood because the slowness of the connection didn’t seem as pressing as it does, now, but two days ago I discovered that my TV/VCR remotes stopped working in the office, which is just below the little dish where we pick up the Wild Bliue signal from a satellite. Carol said, ‘Check the batteries–when they beam cars or equipment it usually fries the battery,’ and, sure enough, when I replaced the batteries in both remotes they worked again;

She reminded me of the only two times in our gifting history when the feds managed to stop our car, which they apparently did with beam weaponry. Both times (on separate gifting sorties in Yellowstone National Park) the circuitry in the car went crazy, then failed. Thankfully, it only lasted a few seconds and we were able to keep going. Two other times, when Carol took some trips abroad and left her car in the airport’s long term parking lot, she returned to find the battery had been killed (would no longer take a charge) and had to be replaced. Both times, the battery was fairly new.

I’m posting this in case something similar happened to you (assuming that you, too, are causing grief to the world odor by disabling billions of dollars worth of their weaponry) and you were afraid to consider that the felonious feds or other criminal agency did it to you

To test our hunch, I tried this morning to get online in the house and failed, though my computer indicated a full strength signal via the repeater. Right now, a few minutes later, I’m in our office, with teh computer sitting right beside the broadcast device. If that were to fail, I’d have plugged the puter into the receiver box.

It’s working better than ever right now, so I guess we’re on track. Maybe in a chat session this weekend with Dooney and STevo we’ll go over to Langley and/or Ft Meade and do a little ‘touch up’ on some of these murderous freaks to teach some basic lessons about lawful, personal privacy…

Last night, I asked Carol to take a moment and look for where the jamming is being done by the feds (actually, I think the National Voyeur Agency–NSA–does most of that) and she immediately said, ‘It’s right across the runway, just beyond the road.’

I asked if it was getting done from the underground base, nearby in that direction at Farragut ‘State Park,’ which is right beside the not-so-secret, secret submarine base in Lake Pend Oreille, and she said, ‘No, it’s really close.’

So, we’ll get over there later today and slingshot and/or spudgun some orgonite around the place. I’ll post an update after we see whether this has enabled us to get online in the house, again. Carol doesn’t like sitting in the hangar’s office (which is also the zapper factory) to do her internet stuff. We’ll nail these criminal federal buggers, one way or another, of course. We always do [Image Can Not Be Found]; and so should you!

If you experience this sort of interference by the feds, which isn’t hacking, by the way, why not take your own creative approach?


Hei Don,

since I am activelly participating in this orgonite movement and in the chats, I have had some trouble with electronic devices and batteries, too. I have already written about it here:


“The third experience is not only an experience with orgonite, but also an experience with tossing “heart energyâ€?. One Saturday, I wanted to meet a fellow gifter with onother gifter, who wanted to meet up with me before we proceded to our actual destination. When I got into the car, its battery was empty. Without any visible reason. Well, things like this can happen every once in a while. Even in the summer, even if your battery isn’t that old. The thing is, that I had these kind of experiences before, coincidently, when I wanted to attend a meeting that turned out to be important for my personal growth. Luckily, my friend was able to pick me up with his car without bigger delays. Meeting with our friends, I told them what had happened. My friend laughed and gave me this advice: I should mentally erase all „interfering programs“ from my battery. I tried this when I got home later. Nothing happened. Later, we realized that the battery was empty, meaning that we wouldn’t have found out if there ever was a „program“, because my car insurance could later reload the battery without any problems. As a matter of “chanceâ€?, the battery of my phone also dropped out. I brought it to the shop with the loading cable after trying out things like leaving the battery out of the phone for a while and so on. The clerk there told me the battery was damaged after testing it. I was really mad. Of course, there was no such thing as warranty on batteries. The phone wasn’t even a year old. And a tiny battery was supposed to cost 50 Euro, about 35 $. I wasn’t really happy with the expectation of spending this money. Some of you might guess what I did next. I had nothing to lose. I picked up a big piece of orgonite and placed it on the phone. At the same time, I loudly asked all interfering programs to leave and tossed some heart energy on it. And wow, when I plugged the loading cable into the phone again, it started loading as if nothing had happened. Of course, I can’t ultimately prove the causal connection between my phone and the POR energy directed to it. But for me personally, this is a valuable “orgoneâ€? experience. Maybe, there are more people who can contribute similar experiences. Who knows if we can’t sort of unveil just another aspect of orgonite this way?”

Christmas Time is Christmas cookie time in Germany. I have an electronic scale to weigh all the ingredients for the dough. It started showing weird numbers that were constantly changing. I changed the battery at first, which didn’t change a thing. I used the same “trick” I described above, demanding all noxious interferences to leave. It got a little better when I first used my little routine. I used it another two times and it now works beautifully again. Of course, there is no proof for a causal connection between my routine and the “repaired” scale, but I can say that this was the second time I tried it and it “worked out” for me.

For a couple of weeks now, I have also had some trouble with lamps. The light bulbs seem to be sensitive to something right now. Light bulbs stop working with a bang unusually often withing the last month or so, no matter how new the bulbs are. I was wondering, if this was some kind of resonance to energetic phonomenons. One lamp is particularly interesting. It started jittering all of a sudden. I checked on the position of the light bulb, but everything seems to be o.k… Again, I tried out my routine on it and it worked for a while. Today it started jittering again and I said “will you stop” (more in a boared tone) and it did. Stevo once mentioned in a chat that ridiculing the nwo is about the most effective approach to attacks and things are really going easier this way!

I know this sounds really peculiar and strange. But Don asked us to come up with “creative approaches” to problems in his post above. So this is my experiment! Since I started doing the triangle meditation about twice a day, I feel my overall development is beeing pushed. But I also noticed these unusually frequent irregularities with my electronic and electric devices. Don mentions that beaming attacks also fry batteries or disturb electronic devices, giving me some degree of confirmation that they were trying to “work” on me. Nothing that affects my determination, though…


15 december 2007

I’ve had a similar experience, Katia. A few days ago I decided to finally engage myself to finish a computer task. I was pretty tense about it, because I had postponed it far too long, yet it will be fun when things are done. For support and balance, I connected to these new found higher energies.

But at the very moment things seemed to be working out fine, all electricity went down for a couple of seconds. My laptop screen went black, the bureau lamp faded, I heard the central heater upstairs restart, I could feel a nasty pressure in my ears and my cat anxiously meowed downstairs.

Thinking it was a general electricity failure, I went downstairs to check. But everything worked well. And the brief fall-out had only to do with the electricity group my laptop (and lamp and central heater) is connected to. For the time-display on my CD-player downstairs wasn’t blinking as it usually does when electricity is cut off.

My husband says these experiences remind him of Wolfgang Pauli, an Austrian quantum physician (1900-1958), in whom’s presence sensitive electronic laboratory devices broke down or went crazy all the time. “His ability to make experiments self destruct simply by being in the same room was legendary, and has been dubbed the “Pauli effect”, so I read on the Internet later. Wolfgang Pauli studied synchronicity as a phenomenon also.

So I was thinking: maybe it aint the rats, but it’s us using these energies?
Btw, this pressure in my ears I felt, I’ve felt often since practising the triangle exercise.


Ladies, anyone who is in the ‘front ranks’ of the battle gets this sort of electronic interference and it’s sometimes prudent to take some orgonite and go hunting for the source, which is always nearby.

Often, the sewer rat agencies just give someone a heart attack and then buy the empty house if they really, really want to get close and not be detected but a little dowsing can help us find these houses. Put enough orgonite between that one and your house to stop the beam weaponry from that source.

More often, the sewer rats simpy park a van with the weaponry in it, aimed at your house. In that case, just walk by there and toss a TB under the van. This is kind of fun and the looks on the sewer rats’ faces are priceless when we do stuff like that.

Carol and I have had to do this more times than we bother to count, each time we moved, and sometimes we had been unable to even get online until we canvassed the neighborhood and did enough surgical gifting. Problem solved, then!

We all tend to mystify this stuff, of course, and there’s nothing wrong with mysticism but we’ve found that taking care of biz in 3D will produce more lasting results than merely taking stopgap measures in the etheric will do, even if our etheric solution is to chase down and neutralize the criminals who are doing this to us. The world odor has a lot of people to waste, after all, and each one is as stupid and arrogant as the last, apparently, though we’re starting to see some positive signs of attrition (also desertion?) on the sewer rat side. When the countless millions of Monarch assets in the West are factored in you can see why the world odor is so casual about ‘using up’ their human resources. Maybe they programmed all these walking, dumb assets in anticipation of the present developments, by the way.


This morning Carol wasn’t able to log into the chatroom for our weekly international session, so we excused ourselves and gifted two nearby areas where electronic interference had been coming from. It took us a half hour or so, then when we came home she got logged in just fine and was able to stay in most of the time. There’s apparently a small army of NSA or some other sewer rat agency’s hackers and psi corps who watch what we write and/or read our thoughts, then jam up our browsers when we try to post our comments [Image Can Not Be Found]

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t need to use the spudgun, by the way. The modified slingshot was useful, though. I can get a TB far into the woods with this one from the passenger side of the car. When the car’s moving fast the TB goes a lot farther into the woods for some reason–as though the added velocity of the air causes the flying TB to generate lift. I got a slingshot that’s used for throwing tennis balls for dogs and made a much bigger ‘pouch’ to hold TBs without cutting my fingers. I also modified one for STevo. It works okay without making a bigger pouch but not nearly as well.

Sometimes, when the psychics catch on to a really significant target, usually predators in hiding, a half dozen people get booted out of the chatroom at the same time and all have to log back in. It’s kind of fun to play with the $#!+birds this way and it’s only a minor inconvenience for us, of course. It’s also fun to consider that even though the Psi Corps can read our thoughts, they nor their slavemasters really understand any of this, so can’t defend themselves or the world odor’s dung heap’s hierarchies against us.

Thank God the nature of warfare has improved!


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