Sewer Rats Throw Down the Gauntlet

Carol and I are about to go south for an extended trip (living and working in our motorhome) because the state government has fired a shot across our bow and intends to board ;-)

I’ve mentioned this as side comments in a few posts over the past couple of weeks but this is my formal announcement. Look up ‘throwing down the gauntlet.’ I’ve been expecting this for eighteen years, since I first saw what zappers can do but we’re fairly certain that it’s really about orgonite and not zappers.

We’re always grateful when the sewer rats telegraph their punches and they usually move so deliberately that it’s easy enough to stay out of harm’s way. The parasitic order tried for over two years to destroy our trade with dirty juju and when that failed our trade increased to a higher rate than before and has remained pretty steady. This is the first overt assault and the growing popularity of orgonite probably precipitated it. The assault feels unbalanced to us and in Dooney’s chatroom, yesterday, the psychics got the impression that the brunt of the attack will arrive around the end of this week and they might give up within a few weeks after their punches fail to connect. The psychics have been pretty accurate over the ten years that we’ve been doing this work together. The sewer rats train and employ thousands of psychics to spy and to harm activists so we’d be foolish not to also use our own psi assets in this war.

The future is always up for grabs, of course. Carol and I have had the impression that the sewer rats did this to themselves by tampering with the time continuum in August, 1943. Before that, I think they were getting most of their chaos wishes granted. They sure didn’t see orgonite coming. We’ve also assumed that more refined agencies allowed the sewer rats to tamper with time and also inspired us to make and use orgonite to undermine this ancient parasitic order. By the 1980s it was pretty clear that the old corporate order was failing at an accelerating rate and it looks to me like the more they fail, the louder they shout about ‘terrorism’ and other dead agenda. Now, they’re ignored more than dreaded.

Today, Carol observed that our best advantage is to keep them on the edge of desperation without pushing them over into blind rage. If they tip over the edge they could probably just kill us but while they’re desperate they know that directly coming after us with federal warrants would expose them too severely and backfire on them. We really don’t want to have to take our business abroad but we’ve been prepared to do it for long time.

Successful people who are threats to the corporate order usually make the mistake of becoming or remaining fixed targets; easy meat for the corporate grinder. It takes some streetsmarts to survive as a healer and educator, these days so time will tell if we’ve made the grade. Meanwhile, we feel more protected and guided than ever.

I’m taking my little yellow Kitfox airplane and the parameter on a trailer to do some intensive desert-reversal work. I’ve got enough aviation experience by now and Carol will be with me so I’ll probably acquire the most productive targets for aerial gifting. I doubt we’d be doing this, now, if the sewer rats hadn’t given us a little push ;-)


Hi Don,

I sent you an email and got a reply back from the server that your email had been disabled.

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

[email protected]

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [2607:f8b0:400d:c02::1a].

The error that the other server returned was:
550 5.2.1 The email account that you tried to reach is disabled. nh12si77072307qeb.4 – gsmtp

boosting the situation and the best of luck to you and Carol.

let’s all us EW’ers send positive vibes, we know how helpful it can be.


Sending highest energy to Carol and yourself.

I agree that they are desperate, as this is a breaking of cover on their part. Which, fortunately, has a bright light shined on it, here, thanks to this forum. What impact, as, person by person, these posts are read, and shared?

Reich was jailed, and his books burned, and he was killed in prison. What a grand coup for those whom his work so threatened! But now, thanks to Azti and others, we have a highly hack and crash resistent forum, riding on a world-encompassing internet that the scoundrels built, themselves, as a military tool and societal control vehicle, and can’t turn off. I urge all who read this to tell a friend this story, keep turning the lights on. And boost.

“And then the Crofts embarked upon even more assiduous desert reversal work.” It’s just magnificent.

It’s John Belushi in Animal House saying “when the going gets tough, the tough get going! Who’s with me?”

Finally got registered in…

let Us All pray/boost Don and Carol to be safe and productive

through and above the deserts…

Not to worry, guys!

Please note that [email protected] is not active. From now on, [email protected] will be my address so please make a note of it if you’ll be sending emails to me. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience if you’ve been trying to reach me this week. We’re safe and on our way south to do more desert reversal. Note that the San Joaquin Valley and the Navajo Reservation, for instance (accomplished through the efforts of a lot of people, including us, since 2001), are now mainly green pastureland. Before, you couldn’t find a blade of non-irrigated grass in either region. Our goal, for the next couple of months, is to bring that verdure to lower elevations east of the California Sierras, including,’ The California Sahara.’ In this case, we’ll be building on the initial but temporary ‘greening’ success of Dr Wilhelm Reich in that region in 1953.

I brought along an airplane, this time, for systematically dropping orgonite along mountain ridges and peaks in an experimental way. I’ve always favored a systematic approach in order to observe specific and consistent results and the sudden attention of the Idaho government on our (fortunately portable) business prompted this extended campaign away from home. I’m quite excited and feel like I’ve been in training for it for six years, since my first solo flight. Carol will be spotting and directing me and will also be doing her annual shopping for gems for our orgonite trade, meanwhile.

I hope to soon join the ranks of esteemed associates who have achieved dramatic and more sudden desert reversals: Georg Ritschl in Southern Africa; Dave Dewhurst in Australia, ‘The Kikundi’ in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya, Alejandro Mailer and crew in Chile and Peru; ‘Habibi’ in Morocco and Tunisia; Francisco, Carlos and Victoria (‘The Iberian Kikundi’ ;-) in the Canary Islands and across formerly droughty Spain, the Mediterranean islands and some of coastal North Africa; Je Torres who initially generated a lot of rainfall across nearly-desert Spain in 2006.

The reason I switched addresses is because I was unable to access my wildblue account for four days, due to a cascade of surreal events, including an entire day in the middle of the week that the server itself was offline. This reminds me of the time we had to abandon our addresses in May, 2002, when earthlink suddenly began deleting all of our business emails and leaving the personal ones. I had just posted instructions on my Yahoo forum for ‘flipping’ the then-new, ubiquitous death towers with simple orgonite. Earthlink shares a gated facility with the murderous, parasitic NSA’s west coast hindquarters and I think all of the major American servers are branches of the NSA, though some were probably started as legitimate businesses, then were eventually purchased by the feds and degraded.

Wildblue was terrific when the company was new, seven years ago. After a series of sellouts it’s now just a sewer/playground for NSA hackers. I really should have switched a long time ago but I was being lazy. Our orgonite forum’s intrepid host, ‘Captain Azti,’ who is professionally adept at internet security, feels that the only NSA-owned email that is relatively secure from gratuitous federal hacking is Our international forum was destroyed by the NSA and MI6 four times before Azti began hosting it in 2009.

By using my new email address I intend to promote Coach Dooney’s phenomenal service work on, hosted by her local server in Montana, and she’s been instrumental, over the years, in teaching hundreds of targeted, beleaguered activists and individuals to protect themselves from the NSA’s murderous, insidious psi corps. Our forum was destroyed by the NSA and MI6 four times before Azti began hosting it in 2009. She and my wife, Carol, also work closely together in subtle energy tech R&D, too. Check out her phenomenal aura bracelets and the accompanying aura evidence photos on, for instance.

Thanks again, Coach!


My feeling about gmail is that they are, of all of the Cabal owned resources, the most competent. If you are going to use Cabal company assets, you might as well use the best of them. Addtionally, they are the largest, and therefore the busiest. If they are going to spend efforts to disrupt and screw with our efforts then we have to be a REALLY big PAIN IN THE ASS for them… The Cabal is just too busy to generally screw with our stuff unless its worth their efforts… I also think that the very competence, and security, that google employs makes it harder for them to screw with us, even on behalf of their masters… yes, of course they can do it, but its not as easy as with some of the other, less technically thorough providers.

In any case, Don, its cool you are using Dooney’s email domain. However, you should not let the other accounts we set up for you languish. If you aren’t going to check your gmail account, maybe we need to forward it to dooney’s account. I can forward your and ew account to dooney’s myself but your gmail I can do that for you if I can login as you. I am waking up earlier now so you may be able to catch me on Jitsi if you remember to turn it on when you are on your mac.

Also, I am starting to feel better. I REALLY got nailed by a chest cold/bronchitis. I felt so bad, and was so low in energy I couldn’t even make an CS… After a couple of days of zapping I think I started killing off the infection and was finally able to make some CS to finish killing it off (I really need to keep inventory…). Regardless, it has taken almost a week to clear the sludge out of my lungs, regain my strength, and get rid of the nausea… Today’s the first day I am beginning to feel back to “normal”…

Happy gifting in the Desert (soon to be grassland, lol)


Hi Don

Sorry for loosing your life long address i know many people are going to miss you but i trust they will catch up very well for you have posted in the forum. We are boosting you together with Carol

Mrs O