Sex Science to create and project orgone for specific

Hong Kong John and I have corresponded for some time about the use of sex to create and project orgone for specific, constructive uses. Dr Reich did a lot of similar research and was eventually crucified for it but I’m confident that society is no longer as repressive and fascistic as they were in Reich’s day, nor are we in the throes of the rampant, misogynistic ‘free sex’ infantilism that characterized the hippie days. I don’t think many people stop to recognize how far humanity has progressed toward maturity in the past few decades but I like to mention it from time to time, hoping that others will also begin to verbally acknowledge it. This utttered recognition is a form of self-empowerment that’s more universal than gifting is.

Carol and I haven’t felt inclined to explore the practical use of sexuality, much, though I think it’s going to be developed after we (humanity) have gotten past the stigmas that the corporate world order has sort of successfully glued to the whole subject of sexuality. There are a few other corporation-spawned social issues that are still sacrosanct. For instance, it’s still tough to get people to listen to how contrived and cynical the Global Warming agenda and ‘overpopulation’ are [Image Can Not Be Found]

I asked John to be a little circumspect about how he presents his findings, here, but for the record I’m encouraging him to keep exploring it with his beloved mate and to keep a record, posting as much as he feels is advisable. I hope you’ll keep an open mind and will reserve judgement, belief and denial for now. His observations have a lot of clarity and he’s been very busy, otherwise, changing the death energy matrix of Hong Kong and the surrounding area into a vital, life-enhancing energy matrix. Progress is easiiy seen in the films that have been made in Hong Kong over the past five years or so.

As you probably know, John has also overseen the translation of literature about orgonite, including illustrated instructions, into Mandarin and Cantonese for the Chinese internet. The Chinese government has been blocking access to that material by Chinese mainlanders but we’re confident that the info will spread on the mainland in a timely way.

Here’s an email I got from John:


An orgasm when stuck in the lower centres of the energy body is “toxic” as you observed and this aligns with my experience…this “toxicity” actually becomes confusion/fear food for the ghouls and they like to keep us there.

An orgasm however when raised up into the heart and out the crown becomes a “POR neutron bomb” that blasts the ghouls with such beauty that it clears the “space” or the target or infuses that POr into the Earthpipes etc.

The problem is that many folks think you are talking about “lust based porno sex” or “shame based religious sex” when addressing this topic. The ghouls realized (I think) a long time ago that they need to cut us at the knees in this topic and area otherwise we’d start to use this very powerful POR weapon to clear our planet and infuse our lives with immense POR.

Having orgonite in the environment and at the target is a tremendous breakthrough in this area.

Thanks for pushing me in this area to articulate it more clearly so that I am coming from the heart. This is happening more and more…hkj

An idea:

For some folks, the idea of underground bases, off-worlders, a conspiracy of any kind, time travel, bigfoot, whales that appear and disappear, as well as orgonite’s ability to transform negative energy into positive is completely far-fetched. I can appreciate their doubt. It can all get a little strange.

So, is it any more far-fetched that two people deeply engaged in the art of OPEN-HEARTED orgasm can generate a pure radiant blast of effervescent energy that shakes the ghouls to their core? When directed at various targets and through the surrounding orgonite and CB’s can it really pulse a massive vibe for positive transformation? Maybe yes…maybe no? My experience tells me yes.

So, here is an idea I have to propose: I don’t feel a need to get into the details of any “sensuous boostingâ€? techniques anymore, as that has been covered in previous posts anyway and is done. The IDEA I have though, is for all you couples out there reading this who are going to be making love anyway. Simply take the energy of pleasure that you are engaged in and run it into the orgonite that you have gifted. ALSO and this is a big ALSO – run it to the targets that Dooney, Stevo, Don, Carol etc. have mentioned in their posts…like the time tunnels, CERN, Tavistock the Tavistock computer etc., even your dead Grandpa. The love-making is an activity you would be engaged in anyway (so it technically doesn’t draw you away from your current gifting and boosting activities) and could very well cause a substantial boost. It’s an idea…an experiment of sorts.

My experience tells me that we get a LOT of Operator protection when we engage in this. The ghouls get a substantial boost that they can’t track due to this Operator protection. Also I find the Operators rather fun and playful and are rather delighted to see and feel two people coming together in an open-hearted manner and directing that energy for healing, boosting and planetary cleanup. I must say that I am still, blocked and kinked and dysfunctional in this area but despite that – shine through and direct the energy as best I can…

I hope this makes sense. I feel we have a very powerful way of boosting at our fingertips that could very well tip the scales substantially.

Happy boosting.

All the best…Hong Kong John

P.S. The dark lads use these techniques in a very nasty “lower energy center� way. Perhaps it’s time we turned the tables and used it in the beautiful open-hearted, innocent and high-vibe manner in which it was intended. The CIA kidnapped and poisoned Osho. Although Osho wasn’t 100% clear there were certainly some very empowering ideas he came forth with and of course the ghouls didn’t want the muppets to get a taste of them. Just my perspective and of course as always I could be dead wrong. Enjoy.

P.P.S. Amazing Fact:

Did you know that President Obama signed the stimulus package at the same

desk where President Clinton got his package stimulated?