Silver Orbs In Pedro's Patch Of Radiant Spanish Sky

Don Croft
20 Nov 2008 13:17
Subject: Silver Orbs in Pedro’s Patch of Radiant Spanish Sky
Dear Carol & Don:
As subject shows, this is a not programmed email since I still have to answer your last one (which is almost done)
Anyway. Yesterday, sunday, 16th, has been quite strange or rare day in my area. At noon sky over our heads was so, so dark blue as I had not seen for years. In fact there was a tremendous hole over this area. Humm! When I say ‘area’, I’m not very sure about what you may understand because I don’t know how much could be the concept for area in English. Let’s say it covered completely and a little bit beyond this small village. Another thing rare was the thick concentration of orgon in air. There were so much of those funny whity twisty sparks in front of my eyes that I had to make an effort “to see” ‘‘through’’ them.
Finally what has worried my a little bit because I do not know what it represents, were ‘¡orbs!’. I have read about them but never had seen one. In this case it was not ‘one’, but about 6. My wife, my two kids and my have been watching their “erratic” flights, appear and dissapear for +/- 15’. We were helped by both binoculars 10x and 20x magnifications. Silver shine spheres … … Hardly a little bit of wind … …
I’ve read it is “not good” to have them ‘flying’ on you … … Is that true?
Thx a lot for you both for your time
Warmest Regards


I told Pedro that I’d CC his note to Carol to get her take on it. I’ll post her comments but I told him that if the energy field is that radiant, my guess is that the orbs are good guys’ ships. The $#!+birds’ craft feed on the energy of decay, after all, not on healthy orgone. Carol and I watched a silver disc flying along high tenions powerlines next to Interstate 5 in Los Angeles in the years when LA’s energy matrix was still decadent (before DB and others had busted thousands of death towers, etc, in the LA Basin). It was apparently sucking some death energy from the powerlines, then.

In those days, too, right after we delivered Las Vegas’ first orgonite cloudbuster we put some HHgs at the entrance to the underground base (US Air Force Hive) outside the city and a silver disc showed up over us, spewing a dark cloud of deadly orgone radiation in an apparent attempt to find the HHgs. Carol said their attempt failed Cool and that was some months before we figured out how to disable a death tower with a muffin TB. The towers were still being thrown up, then.


Don Croft
21 Nov 2008 16:03
Subject: Re: Silver Orbs in Pedro’s Patch of Radiant Spanish Sky
Last night I told Carol about the silver orbs that Pedro and his family were watching. I didn’t prompt her with my opinion but she said, ‘Of course they’re good guys! How could the bad ones stand to be in that nice energy field? They’d have spewed a dark trail behind them if they showed up.’ I asked her if they were Lemurian craft and after a moment she said, ‘Yes.’ I’m a pretty good guesser, apparently.

These folks are Basques, if I’m not mistaken, which makes them sort of related to Carol, half of whose ancestors are also Celts, but from Ireland. The guitar player with the Chieftains, who are a traditional Celtic music band in Ireland, is a Basque from Northern Spain.

Carol and I went to my brother’s house the other evening because my mom had come to visit. Melody (my sis-in-law) lent us a book about Welsh (Celtic) legends because there are several references in there about ‘the Lizard People.’ I’m going to post those references, just for fun. The book was written in 1871. Carol said that some of the other references about giants are regarding the ancient guardians of sacred sites, some of whom the psychics have been meeting regularly in the chat sessions during our weekly planetary healing expeditions. Actually, it’s usually a combination of predator-hunting and vortex healing Cool

Our psychic champs are The BEST! Wink