Simple Defender

This is a random discover that from a mistake turned in something useful for blocking and reverting some effects of energy attacks, as a passive orgonite device, cheap as few TBs with addition of a pipe and 1 piece of Obsidian stone and additionally quartz points.
Back in December I bought some resin at the local color shop, but it was for too dense for pouring, I mixed the resin bit by bit using a spoon with the metal, I also added various chips of rose quartz for the crystal element of orgonite. Luckily the metal was not too coarse nor too powdery, I noticed that I obtain only 7 TBs from 1 kg of resin, so I estimated that the ration of resin happened to be higher than the metal than usual, but it still work.

How this is made is just a round cake of 2 inches tall and 5 inches of diameter with a aluminum tube long 1 foot and of the diameter of 1 and 2/3. diameter. Weighs about 750 grams.
In the pipe I inserted the Obisidan which is tight fit so it is stucked in the bottom of the pipe and touches the orgonite part. Lately I also added 3 chunky quartz cystals points inside the tube, initially I did it to charge crystal, in fact I feel they emit more orgone and perhaps can be used for boosting.

The usage was done by making sitting the orgonite base over a chackra, usually over the navel, but can be out next the heart, the head, at the feet, or anywhere next to the body while sleeping. I have used it with boosting during half awake sleep most of the time just passively kept in position with the hand and after a little while the disturbance will let off. I sort used it now therapeutically every day since I have have no other devices like PW or SP, and it sort of washes off some bad energy gets pick up in the day or at night time when some attacks are occourring.

I guess anyone can do mods on this, I feel the Obsidian in combo withe the orgonite and the pipe cavity effect can disrupt the negative energy focused. It could be the pipes creates cycles, actually I could not explain it just try yourself. It can still be used for gifting a lake or planted, or reused to add more orgonite and a longer pipe for a cb. [Image Can Not Be Found]

PS. do have other orgonite in each room of the apartment and EP in the basement.

I asked Silvio to post about this because it’s a good example of the sort of creativity any of us can engage in, productively, to protect ourselves some more… Silvio has more energy sensitivity than most, as you can probably tell by the nature of his reports and his choice of gifting targets, but I think that anyone who feels inspired to experiment with combinations of subtle energy elements ought to do so and to observe the results, as he’s done in this case.

Sharing the information is tricky, though. I don’t mean to keep hammering the alpha dogs but when an alpha personality shares stuff like this there tends to be a backlash of blind imitation by people who crave to be in the shadow of charismatic individuals and there’s no escaping this dynamic in any group effort, at least in most of the countries/cultures where EW members live. Some of the African cultures have more creative ways of dealing with this problem but they’ve been at ‘democracy’ much longer than most of the rest of the world. I’m talking about the local level, of course.

From what Silvio shared with me about this in email I can take a couple of principles for our own experimentation. The obsidian piece in a pipe, for instance. Since I lack his energy sensitivity I’ll ask for Carol’s help in exploring the parameters, of course.

Self protection is a concern for a lot of us–perhaps most of us. Without the 108s on our property over the past three years our lives wouldn’t be nearly as pleasant as they are. This allows us to focus more energy on protection from the concerted assaults, which of course never stop and they keep changing. Everything that makes us harder targets also makes the sewer rats concentrate more human resources toward taking us down. Right now, they have bigger problems than us, too. Rising general human awareness has gotten completely out of their control, for instance. An example of when it was under their control was the mid to late 1960s, which produced a massive army of mind-controlled, stoned and amoral chumps for them, most of whom became part of the present tyranny.

Typically, people who blindly follow any dominant personality’s recommendations aren’t under attack in the first place, perhaps because they’re useful tools for the agencies that are doing the attacking. See how it works?

Thanks again for sharing that, Silvio, and I hope my gamble pays off here. I have a lot of faith in this forum.


There are countless ways to achieve any desired effect and blind imitation short circuits this creative process. I think EW has moved past the blind- imitation phase that still existed a few years ago and that’s why I asked Silvio to post about this.

Right now, there are some folks (former associates) who are conducting a slander campaign against me and this is also something that doesn’t happen as much as it used to. Keeping this forum clear of being identified with an individual really pays off in the long run. When I say stuff nobody is blindly broadcasting it, for instance, so this is definitely not the Don Croft the Dictator Show, as our detractors claim [Image Can Not Be Found]

We need to feature the substantive folks, here, who are not inclined to chest pounding and grandstanding and that takes some coaxing and it also requires keeping the arena relatively clear of the alpha personalities, at least for now. I’m not alone in this effort; readers and EW contributors alert me whenever someone is p!$$!ng in the well. If I were a censoring, egoistic, intolerant dictator as my detractors have been insisting for many years, I’d spend time reading all the postings but I have to earn a living and also develop other interests, just like any other genuine person so I only have brief moments here, most days. EW runs smoothly without my participation, most of the time, because a lot of folks, here, share my vision for this forum effort. Thanks, fellow warriors!


Thanks a lot Don Croft,

we need this forum, the reports and the simple tips from gifters, its very useful to be able to exchange experiences and observation. (beside some countries is also useful for the the local law can also check us out on the net after they ‘got us’ in action gifting ). [Image Can Not Be Found];
The one tricky thing is also not to present a new device as a the panacea solution, it seem that all the invention can complement, the emphasis is about gifting reports with simple orgonite. I buy that! If we also describe that each environment where we are fighting attacks is useful, the environments variate and are different, for example with increase orgonite in the area the effects differs from a small area, so also the types of nuisance from negativity.
Beside the disturbance, one example is that with about half a tonn of orgonite, it is not productive to attack an area with ‘conventional’ EMF,because clouds can form in minutes and even literally move over the affected target and start rain. It may sound exaggerated but I am starting to take notice if things are changings, beside the usual blue hole above a gifted place whilst being amidst the not gifted territory. If is someone new would like good rapid visual confirmation, maybe go to a city that’s is about 100000 people which is perhaps easily 20-30 towers.
Btw I have now tried pointing the quartz downward, so to direct the benefits of quartz toward the body. Just a suggestion overall this is just a very simple and random device.

We must thank those who started gifting before us, and we build over their tips, their techniques, and the work they have done. I need also to thank Dooney for her articles, same as Madame Carol, Don that wrote so many testimony history with the adventures book.
One last thing, I can see from my window that the big trees in the street are grown higher than ever and now in May are about a floor lever higher. This is because the orgonite that stop the draught. Their is absolutely no compensation adequate for the value of gifting, when all the power that be are only occupied in pursuing vested interests that undermine the entire life on the planet. How someone wants to be against orgonite gifting movement is just vile and sad.

Thank you

Black obsidian is powerful stuff. It works a little like black tourmaline to block negative psychic energy, but it is also extremely good to coax bad energy out of the body. Using a device like this over any of the chakras will definitely help to move stagnant energy from that area.

I think it is largely down to opinion as to whether something negative in this life is internal or external, but it is my belief that the bad things inside us are what attract bad things to us and working with black obsidian and the body will have a direct (and generally positive) effect on the things and events which appear within our awareness.

I’ve found that another good crystal for a cheap passive defense is Kyanite. I have 4 small “fans” of black kyanite that I tape to my body for protecting my weak spots, specially during sleep. I’ve noticed that most psy attacks enter through an “entry point”, always in the surface of the body, them crawls and forces its way inside the body, like an earthworm in the soil, towards a the “target area”. Like for instance an attack entering through the left side of the belly (entry point) and them crawling upward along the left edge of the ribcage, towards the solar plexus chakra (target area). The entry point can be easily spoted by localized muscular pain in a spot in the surface of the body.

By taping kyanite alongside the attack pathway, with the kyanite “fans” spreading against the attack trajectory, one can protect its weak spot. This expels the bad energy from the attack a makes harder for the attackers to push their way inside the body. This is specially usefull against chakra chords. By blocking the entry point this way, one can protect its weak spots in the body aura, which the attackers must use to gain entry to the body and cause real damage. Implants also seems to be able to be used as attack entry points in the body. Other gemstones surelly can work in the same way, like lemurian quartz crystals. Just try whatever you have in hand and pay attention to what happens.

Simple orgonite can also be used this way, with a varing degree of succes, just point the TB or HHG toward the entry point, attack pathway or target area and watch the results. Even if it doesn’t neutralise the attack completely, it will make harder for the attackers to get results. Passive protections won’t stop attacks, but will make the attackers get more tired trying to do real damage. Try to move an object in your desk without touching it, with your sheer willpower (some people can do this, psychokinesis or PK, like with a psywheel). After trying this for a while you will get tired. It’s the same with psy attacks. Make harder for them to hurt you and they will drain their power more quickly trying to do it ( if you’re confident you can even taunt them into trying it and they will waste themselves with little results ).

Another simple and cheap defense I’ve found to be a lifesaver is ginger. Eating raw ginger quickly seems to fill the stomach and bowels with a warm energy that will expel negative attack energy from the stomach and bowels. After doing this you will probably burp and fart for a while. Just chew 3-4 small pieces of ginger with some water in the mouth, until the taste is too bad. Them swallow it all. It’s very effective against swollen and bubling bowel attacks. It never fails!