Sion Castle (Switzerland) Gifting II

After a first gifting of Sion Castle in which we planted 4 Earth Pipes and placed TBs, which was not enough to disable the underground base, we are back.

Laurent and I went to Sion Castle again. That was quickly done after the 1h15 drive to the place. We walked up that rocky hill where cacti and prickly pears (in French: figues de barbarie) grow.

We planted 4 wide EPs (surrounded by 3 TBs) close to the castle, on the hill. That time Laurent had 50 cm iron bar that helped a lot to plant in an easier way the copper tubes.

Aftewards, we visited the chapel on top of the hill. We saw some funny symbols (the double headed eagle and a variation of a christian sign resembling a snake as well as a dollar sign). See the picture here.

On the way back we we had to stop as we saw a street covered with GSM antennas on one side (3 apartment buildings each with its set of GSM antennas) and a huge antenna on the other side (on top of a police building). We dropped a dozen TBs all around.

Let’s hope this base is disabled now!

PS If anyone knows or grasps what the triple barred S means, please reply. The number under is looks like a year, something like 1554 or 1355 4 (and here again 13, a fave of the illuminatis)

PS2 here is a link to the original intel and first gifting