Sirens wail. Early this evening

Early this evening about 7 pm while I was working out I heard a faint sound that didn’t register with me right away. So I went to the front door and opened it and that’s when I realized it was the severe weather siren alerting the residents to the possibility of SEVERE weather conditions. This is the first time in a pretty long while I heard these sirens. I turned on the weather channel and the radar showed a couple of RED blotches passing through Huntsville. At that point I knew exactly what to do and went outside. All I did was adjust a couple of my CBS one to the south, and the other to the west which took less than 5 minutes before returning inside. No sooner than when I walked up the steps of the front porch the sirens were shut off. The only thing that happened was I saw a little lightening and it rained moderately for 20 minutes and then drizzled and stopped. That’s it. Just more confirmation of the wonderful attributes from orgonite. A few years ago, we would have had to leave and go down the street, and hope to find room in one of the neighbor’s storm shelters.