Skunkworks On French Forum Handled With Panache--Thx Kass!

Don Croft
11 Mar 2008 14:31
Subject: Skunkworks on French Forum Handled With Panache–Thx Kass!
Hi Don,

Here are the translations from some of the posts on the french forum I told you about.

When I deemed it necessary to put things in context, I [Kass Debellefuille] added my own comments too… I hope this gives you an idea of how Alex [Alexandre Emard of which hosts the original French orgonite forum. ~D] and I have been dealing with obvious subterfuge and “chest-pounding” lately. If anything, it will serve to demonstrate that this nasty phenomenon doesn’t just exist on the genuine english-speaking sites.

The original post and subsequent replies can be seen at
Please be aware that the original post in this series is pure poison. The only reason I’m taking the time to translate it is because I feel the original message and the following chain of events put in light some very interesting sabotage dynamics… So here it goes:

“Murder of Christ by Wilhelm Reich”
Posted on Feb. 15, 2008, 09:06:08
by Energamancien

Hello Everyone,

The more I surf the net and read (what the) “orgonauts” (have to say), the more I feel that the theory of the orgone isn’t always properly understood. The work “Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich is, according to me, a complete “oeuvre d’art” which explains the foundation itself of Cosmic Vital Energy theory as presented by Reich. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it. Orgone is more than a simple mystical “subtle energy”, in fact there is nothing mystic in orgone. Mystification of God, mystification of Christ, has always cut us from this feeling of Life we all have, it’s always separated us from our divine potential which should, normaly, flow freely and naturaly and which we should recognise as a part of us, not as an external inaccessible element. External divine intervention (such as pity) is a magical and chimerical thought which only serves to widen the gap between action and desire.

Where man constantly fails is when he claims ownership of the feeling of Life and strives to possess, control and master the flow of vital energy. In paralel with the philosophy of electricity, in order for energy to flow freely the circuit must be open and it’s the same for our ideologies and beliefs. When man tries to own ideas, he makes them stagnate and they weaken and lose their vibratory strenght.

Sex act + orgone energy = free feeling of life. The orgasmic libidinal discharge reaching through perfect pleasure is an end in itself… and not a synthetic precipitate aimed directly at express intercourse of denaturated Life. The question is: is orgonite as developped by Don Croft an egoistical system? Is cosmic vital energy being vehiculated to its full potential? I believe the answer is no. The “oeuvre” of Croft is incomplete, and we shouldn’t satisfy for so little. I’ve been observing orgonite for over three years with the eyes of the heart and it seems to me that orgonite retains too much cosmic vital energy.

Earth’ humus doesn’t absorb water with the aim to keep it egoistically. No, it absorbs and afterwards offers it generously to plants and trees’ roots. As such is the orgone cycle. Beings accumulate it and pass it over freely. In the human body, the root chakra, Hara, pumps vital energy and the heart (coupled with the legs, the arms and the head) irradiate it like an antenna. Well, normaly this is what happens but it is not the case for the human in his emotional prison.

Conventional orgonite has no antenna. It charges and that’s it. Which isn’t bad in itself. But it could be much more effective. As such, I congratulate my brother Starseed for having brough new element to the cloudbuster configuration, the Egide, by doing a synthesis on the works of Lakhowsky. Even my father which had never been able to feel the output or orgonite was positively surprised by getting close to the Egide.

Note by translator: the poster is refering to another wacky thread which had been posted a few days before. The original poster of that silly message was claiming that the cloud-buster was, and I quote, “ineffective” and that by removing the crystals and replacing them with electrical tape wrapped around the pipes better results were achieved. I asked him to corroborate his claims by observations, in the form of pictures or anything substancial. He showed us a pic of his modified cloud-buster standing indoors in his bedroom believe it or not!!! Shortly afterwards the thread was closed by Alex with a note that his contributions were welcomed as long as he has some corroborative evidence to offer. Instead of that, we were offered this nasty post by his “brother” -end of note

I’ve been reluctant to get close to the cloudbusters in my mother’s garden because I felt horribly wrong when I got near. The reason is simple. The metal pipes charge themselves just like the matrix of polymers and the DO NOT OUTPUT ANYTHING, OR NOT MUCH compared to the legs, arms and the head of a living being. Conventional orgonite is an anti-philosophic system.

Simple orgonite reminds me of a kid mistreated by his parents which closes him/herself slowly towards the feeling of Life and wraps him/herself with a though shield.

Please do not kill life, especially not on a forum which speaks of orgone. [Image Can Not Be Found].

To conclude, I repeat myself, I’d recommend you read “Murder of Christ” by Reich.

Olalema (best wishes)

(end of translation)


Needless to say that reading this post made me jump 3 feet in the air! I went and posted a very “heartfelt” response right away. I must specify that both Alex and I were pretty irritated already by the other thread mentioned above with a guy who claimed that cb’s weren’t effective and such. I usually keep myself cool and remain polite and friendly even when someone is an obvious obfuscator, as is the case here. But this time I left the politeness aside and truely “vented” some… So much so, I had afterthoughts after posting the message, thinking that maybe my reply was too harsh… Further events proved that my response was right on though. Here is my initial reply:


This totally substance-less message is a bright exemple of total intellectual sterility coupled with a lack of integrity and judgment. Maybe the heart works fine, but it apparently affects intellectual functions in this case…

I think the line between “free speech” and obfuscation has been crossed here. It is, of course, my personal opinion…

When a visitor drops by on this forum to offer essentially dogmatic theories of a theosophic flavor and on top of expressing sterile discourses, he or she doesn’t add any substance to it, that is to say concrete and validable observations and elements, I can’t help but ask myself if it’s a case of volontary intellectual simplicity or if it is caused by over-exposition to the macro-parasites’ thought-control programs.

Where the above poster constantly fails is when comes the time to offer concrete elements to support his claims!

Of course, anyone who’s had the courage and intellectual integrity to experiment by him/herself the benefits of orgonite doesn’t need my intervention to know that this stranger (who won’t even sign his name!) above is a liar, an obfuscator, a provocator or a sociopath…

Here are a few points which are without the shadow of a doubt, false:

  1. Orgonite charges itself and that’s it
  2. Metal pipes (of a CB) charge themselves like the matrix of polymer and do not output anything
  3. Conventional orgonite is an anti-philosophic system

The person in question even goes as far as telling us, as if of course he tought we are all stupid dumbasses lacking analysis capabilities, that he spent 3 years observing orgonite! Maybe if he had invested that much time actually building, gifting and experiementing with orgonite, he wouldn’t be so absorbed by his pseudo-cardiac mental masturbations.

The point that bothers me the most is this senseless insinuation that orgonite – and our gifting actions – “kill life”. That’s gotta be a joke…

Go see this page by Alex, demonstrating the effects of orgonite on plants during a controlled experiment which was repeated two years in a row, and tell me seriously, while looking at me in the eyes, that orgonite kills life!

Don’t be surprised if I then tell you that you are a stupid blind person devoid of any judgment, or sociopath liar…

In any case, who will you choose to believe? The person who offers nice but substance-lacking discourses without bringing forth any solutions or validable observations, or those who have cumulated together dozens of years of first-hand experience with orgonite “technologies” and who, every time, are bringing forth empirical evidence and results?

The choice is yours, of course.


(end of translation)


Ok, I confess it was a bit harsh in terms of being polite and nice Smile But hold on, it gets very interesting shortly!

After posting my reply, I got in touch with Alex, the owner of the board, to point out the thread and discuss options.

He posted the following:


Here is a great exemple of why is a private forum. You’ve noticed that registrations are now opened to anyone and this is the type of message we wanted to avoid (back when the forum was private).

Even though registrations are open, I remind you that this type of insidious intervention is to be avoided.

The topic is now locked.

Isn’t there anyone wanting to tell us about your gifting missions?


That was it, or so we thought. Now onto the funny part.

Within 15 minutes, Alex received a private message from the original poster. The message was particularly nasty and the guy even made open threats that he would be hacking our forum!

I told Alex that we should post the message into public view, along with some comments.

Here goes the new thread we created:

“Open hacking threats on this forum”
Posted on Feb 15, 2008, 04:24:53
by Kassandria

Following the totally sterile message posted earlier today in the “other topics” area which can be read here…en.html#msg1021 and to which I had decided to reply in a rather direct fashion in order to shed some light on a very insidious dynamic aimed at diluting our work and efforts, Alex sent me a copy of a private message sent to him by energamancien, the original poster of the polluting thread.

Although it is not common practice to publish private messages on the forum without permission, after discussing with Alex we decided to publish this one because, apart from the fact that it contains direct threats towards my friend Alex’ private property (this forum) – and note that this is a criminal action – we also believe it puts into the light a dynamic which our readers ought to recognise.

Here is the message and some of my comments below

It’s innaceptable for a site wanting to do propaganda of life orgone and universal love to let a person like her put me down like this in public.

The idea of this thread was to bring forth a new vision, like any technologies orgonite only asks to be developped further. So why stare blankly at orgonite, i don’t understand we can do better, we can always do better no matter the domain.

Too many negative waves on your site
paradoxal for a site wanting to do propaganda of orgone and UNIVERSAL LOVE

Powe of love, and not love of power

This Kassandria is rotting the forum Alex, I hope you are conscious of it

pfff maybe you are just as stupid as her who know

i dont even want to know
it wont be long until your shitty dumb ass forum will be hacked

promise of energamancien

First I’d like to inform energamancien not to waste time trying to hack the forum, because Alex as several daily backups. It would be a waste of time, unless feeding your ego and calming your repressed hate pulsions appear to be a productive activity for you…

There’s no point in answering the accusations presented in this message, only maybe to specify that neither Alex nor myself (speaking as the original founder of this site back in 2003) ever had the intention to do “propaganda”, much less of “universal love”. The first and ultimate goal of this forum was to teach people how it is possible, with simple, efficient and cheap devices, to stop destructive and otherwise satanic actions perpetrated against humanity since thousands of years by macro- parasites and controlers of this world.

There exist dozens of sterile boards used to debate senseless philosophical universal love theories to submit to those who constantly butt-f**k us and you’ll find on these other forums all the required instructions how to provide them with the pot of vaseline to facilitate their task. You are free to participate there in “light” and “love”. Here, we do actions…

Also note how energamancien quickly loses all his kindness and universal “love”…



Of course, we booted the original poster. Likewise, we banned his IP but quickly found out he was using a proxy server to access the forum anyways. The freak is so obsessed by wanting to “enlighten” us that he even wrote to me again a few days ago. I deleted his hate filled message and didn’t even read it.

To sum it up, it may be possible to have a genuine forum open to anyone, but one needs to spend a lot of time dealing with the endless junk. On the other hand, every time someone posts a doubtful message, I do my best to deal with it AND I also start a new thread which adds some substancial contribution.

Take care,

Don Croft
11 Mar 2008 15:29
Subject: Re: Skunkworks on French Forum Handled With Panache–Thx Kas
The hardest thing to deal with in open-membership forums is that a single skilled and persistent poisonmonger is usually able to intimidate all or nearly all of the legitimate contributors into silence. That’s the hearbreaker. It may be that Kass and Alex can turn even this situation to their advantage. I was never able to do that when I was participating on open forums but, of course, I wasn’t in charge, then.

If they can turn it around it may be a very positive sign of progress in terms of general new awakenings.

I hope you enjoyed the candid response, at least Wink


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