Sky-sludge And Sylphs Above Manila

Gifting is underway in Manila! Up until approximately two months ago, there was a severe drought here – water supplies were at critically low levels and the possibility of water rationing was on the cards… On top of that, the air pollution was bordering on putrid and blue-sky (even the weak pale blue we have grown accustom to) was virtually never seen.

Within about 40 minutes of installing a CB on the roof of my apartment block it began too drizzle and did not stop for 9 days… There seemed to be a cleansing process going on in the sky overhead – the below picture was taken the day after CB installation, and is typical of the dark, sludgy looking clouds that filled the air for about 48 hours following installation…

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Over the course of the next few days, I gifted a mere 5 cell phone towers to astonishing effect. The below photos show a sylph (confirmed by Carol) clearly visible in the sky just in front of the apartment block the CB is located on…

[Image Can Not Be Found]

A close up shot…the heart-shaped rainbow in the center of the picture was far more easily seen “in the flesh” but is still quite apparent, and a face is obvious also

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The skies around remained clear and blue for days following that initial gifting, and I believe the CB, coupled with the few TB’s I used, temporarily tipped the balance of the atmosphere to a positive charge…this charged has subsided somewhat over the last few weeks, but the skies over Manila have remained far, far better than they were prior to the CB being put in place…. efforts will be doubled in the coming weeks – 100TB’s have been prepared ,ready to hit the dirty maggots with both boots!

Hi Kristoffer,

Wow! That’s a beautiful photo of a ‘rainbow sylph’. Very beautiful indeed. Congrats on getting very good confirmations and I am glad another gifter has turned up in South East Asia [Image Can Not Be Found] . I am in Malaysia and have seen dramatic changes as well when I started gifting here, in this virgin territory, for orgonite deployed in numbers. Wishing you, all the best in your gifting efforts.

(Harideran Sivagnanam)

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Welcome to EW, Kristoffer, and I’m very happy for Hari, Dan and Didier for your arrival in that region [Image Can Not Be Found]

The speedy reversal of the energy from DOR to positive in such a huge city is a very, very good sign and I think you’re going to keep getting dramatic confirmaitons. We’ve rarely seen magenta and green tones in the etheric sky phenomenon, which your photos are showing, and it’s always a wonderful signal to gifters from The Operators, I think.

I think there are some cloudbusters around Manila but I’ve never heard of anyone gifting, there. I know that the PHillipines has been victimized by HAARP pretty severely, perhaps including the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, which forced the predatory US Government to abandon their two key bases in that part of the world: Clark Air Force Base and Subic Bay Naval Base. I kind of wonder if it was Chinese HAARP which caused that catastrophe.

Maybe you’re getting such dramatic results because Filipinos are naturally cheerful people, so they can’t be used the way the majority of American, Chinese, Russian, British and other schizophrenic, jingoistic (jingoism: extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy) PJ populations are: as deadly orgone radiation capacitors [Image Can Not Be Found]; . Thank God the PJ folks are losing interest in aggression, thanks to the relative lack of fake terrorist assaults since the US feds blew up the World Trade Center.

To be fair, this movement started in America, so I guess we’re not all beyond redemption. I think we really need some Chinese and Russians in this forum, by the way, along with those nice Brits and Yanks, here, who are doing exemplary work and posting about it. How about it, Operators? I had a long, lucid dream that I visited Russia to tell people about orgonite–boy, did that feel good! I woke up with a big grin on my face.